dimanche 21 octobre 2018

Hempire on mobile

I got some fun with this tittle. It's a good zero game. Zero because there is no girl. And a game like this in MP would be better for me.

It look simple, but it's not that simple. Plus I claim there is riddle. I think I can say I have finish this game somehow and made a lot of cash.

I think this game could be additive. I don't got addicted I guess because I'm strong but I say people will get addicted. But I have spend 100$ on it to succeed and I say it's worth 30$.

I suggest this game to all. It's not expensive if you want.

dimanche 7 octobre 2018

Tablet games rock!

I think I almost prefer these games to PC games now. They are very good even if I got the cheap one.

They are a bit expensive, but still at low cost somehow. You can pay 5$ for a game.

Plus they work better than on PC. Of course a lot of them doesn't work and got nags but on PC no games work almost.

This is for sure a good market to invest btw friends. I'm sure this will keep rising unless the transport problem get to high. I'm not talking about the stock market btw.

lundi 24 septembre 2018

Spider-man impression

It's hard to not compare it to Knight. Super hero, similar combat, riddle, town exploration and aerial travel. And it does well. The aerial travel is very good but I prefer the Batmobile.

The 3D world of New York have a lot of detail and the stuff to do in it is pretty cool. I wish I could have the 4K graphics to see all this.

I feel Arkham knight is more complete but I only did 10% of the game and there could be some surprise.

I estimate a Mak score of 9

mardi 28 août 2018

Strange Brigade impression

It's a suprise to me for how good are the graphics. Not as good as UC4 but something. The problem is not there, the problem is the price of the game: it does not match the content the other game, so the price is high.

For someone who got a lot of cash or can get the game from another source than Steam, it can be a nice game to play.

I did the level one almost completely and I'm sure I'm going to play some more while waiting for Take point hospital, Spiderman and TR.

jeudi 9 août 2018

The new Tomb Raider of next September will have interesting difficulty level

You will be able to change even the puzzles difficulty. And also the climbing difficulty. This is pretty cool stuff and I think I'm going to put them both at hard. The gunning will probably like the other TR so enough hard at normal for me and my aimbot-less performance.

Check this out:

Thanks to NeoRaider on Resetera.

dimanche 15 juillet 2018

The video games realism

I'm hearing some echo that Uncharted and other great games lack of sense because the parkour has benn to much arrange.

I'm going to say to that that UC4 is the perfect game in my book. And for a game like this to be funny, it need to be arrange.

I hope they will keep making game like this in the future.

Realism can make good games but some type of games like UC can't be. Trust me.

lundi 28 mai 2018

LTTP: Uncharted 4 Review

LTTP: I live a hard life and I'm not rich yet. So I got the game late and this game is important in my book.


GOAT with Batman Arkham Knight. Amazing game with insane graphics; the best.


I have finish the game yet but I'm near the end and I want to point that I got some nags. Some problems with the shooting. Nothing really bad but it slowed me down a little.


-Let's start the review with the graphics. They are simply amazing and the best I've seen. I'm not sure in which resolution I have play but it was perfect. Most of the game is very polished and there only a few place that had problems.

-The hot girl of the game is something rare with the games of my network. The CG model and her voice make the game so good and appealing. What a girl.

-But I hope it's girls that written the girl text; sense. And there is an ugly girl and this suck a lot and hurt the game.

-But there is no sex scene and I wish Nathan would have sex her on the table of poisoned pirates near the end.

-Like for all games on my network, the sound effect are so good. Perfect! But of course, like always the game lack of music a lot even if there is some that is very good.

-The gunning part of the game is fun as Doom 4. I can't believe how the bots are great and challenging; they jump around, flank, use different kids of weapons. 

-The few puzzle and the riddle all the way are very interesting and they are à la hauteur of TR Rise Tomb. I got a lot of fun solving them all. 

-The Stealth is very good but pretty hard. A good player will need to kill a lot in Stealth; especially at late game where some heavy infantry need to be taken out with that: otherwise the shooting could be hard: all the combat almost start with the opportunity to stealth first.

-The climbing is good as TR 2013 and Rise. It's a thrill. What a great game mechanic. Note that I thing I got some nags with it.

-The brother and the girl that team up with the user is very well made. Just around like the user do, fight with the user, solve puzzle. Great bots.

-The story is appealing and the cutscene are cool. But there is some problem of consistency for someone smart as me; not much a problem.

-Physic graphics are well done. Destruction is very impressive. Again they own.

-There is the jeep and the boats, both of these vehicule work pretty good. And the most impressive is that the graphics still awesome even with long jeep ride.

-I think the best part of the game is the truck tank of the trailer or the promotion before the release game. It's sad that it has been spoil for the promotion somehow; good promotion.

-The mp look pretty cool. Awesome graphics and well made menu. But I have play like 10 seconds because of the cheater and only did the good tutorial.

-The French translation is very good but I wish they would swear and talk more like I do.

I want to point that the game is not repitive for me. Such good work and mechanic need to play played more than once. I would even do gunning challenge if it would exist.

I think there is some bugs but nothing really problematic. The game is near perfection on that aspect.

So I give a 10/10 for this game but I have almost give it a 9.9 because of no sex scene and ugly girl.

Congrats ND and Sony