dimanche 7 avril 2019

Cheats are games-fix for me

As we know, as I've said, some games, if not most big games on my network are really too hard. Even me cannot play it because it's too hard. I could do it but it's not fun: It require a lot of tries and it's long.

Let's take Farcry 5 for example. I say the bots are too accurate and too good. They move too fast and are too hard to take down. It would take me a lot of tries to beat them. With a simple game-fix like unlimited health, the game get much more fun and feasable. And there is more, I did very well and passed the first island. Even I cannot buy ammo because it's too expensive. I need to buy some Ubisoft points. Another game-fix give me unlimited cash. Which does not only make the game more feasable but also more fun.

I have use WeMod to fix Farcry 5 and it worked well. There is others and it's everybody that need to make their way to be able to do it.

Next, when I'll be more powerful, mods or cheats or hacks that will make the games more decent for me and maybe my friends.


jeudi 14 février 2019

Returner 77 on mobile

Another gems on our network. I haven't finish it, I did two level. I'm pretty sure the rest will be good.

This is a good game for smart gamers that like tactile games. It's not perfect because the girl ain't hot but for sure a good puzzle and riddle games with a nice story and graphics.

For 8$, go ahead and try.

dimanche 21 octobre 2018

Hempire on mobile

I got some fun with this tittle. It's a good zero game. Zero because there is no girl. And a game like this in MP would be better for me.

It look simple, but it's not that simple. Plus I claim there is riddle. I think I can say I have finish this game somehow and made a lot of cash.

I think this game could be additive. I don't got addicted I guess because I'm strong but I say people will get addicted. But I have spend 100$ on it to succeed and I say it's worth 30$.

I suggest this game to all. It's not expensive if you want.

dimanche 7 octobre 2018

Tablet games rock!

I think I almost prefer these games to PC games now. They are very good even if I got the cheap one.

They are a bit expensive, but still at low cost somehow. You can pay 5$ for a game.

Plus they work better than on PC. Of course a lot of them doesn't work and got nags but on PC no games work almost.

This is for sure a good market to invest btw friends. I'm sure this will keep rising unless the transport problem get to high. I'm not talking about the stock market btw.

lundi 24 septembre 2018

Spider-man impression

It's hard to not compare it to Knight. Super hero, similar combat, riddle, town exploration and aerial travel. And it does well. The aerial travel is very good but I prefer the Batmobile.

The 3D world of New York have a lot of detail and the stuff to do in it is pretty cool. I wish I could have the 4K graphics to see all this.

I feel Arkham knight is more complete but I only did 10% of the game and there could be some surprise.

I estimate a Mak score of 9

mardi 28 août 2018

Strange Brigade impression

It's a suprise to me for how good are the graphics. Not as good as UC4 but something. The problem is not there, the problem is the price of the game: it does not match the content the other game, so the price is high.

For someone who got a lot of cash or can get the game from another source than Steam, it can be a nice game to play.

I did the level one almost completely and I'm sure I'm going to play some more while waiting for Take point hospital, Spiderman and TR.

jeudi 9 août 2018

The new Tomb Raider of next September will have interesting difficulty level

You will be able to change even the puzzles difficulty. And also the climbing difficulty. This is pretty cool stuff and I think I'm going to put them both at hard. The gunning will probably like the other TR so enough hard at normal for me and my aimbot-less performance.

Check this out:

Thanks to NeoRaider on Resetera.