lundi 6 avril 2015

Sound like conquest is obsolete

I played this for a long time, since bf started. And now with the new mode blood money of Hardline, I think I can say that conquest is obsolete.

Conquest is a lot of fun still. But for a while now I believe that it make no sense.(At least in pubs) Take a spot than move to another one, than come back to take that spot. Do that for years, I feel like we're running around like retards with not clear objective that make sense. To me it make no sense like when everybody camp in TDM. Now with blood money, the game make much more sense. I'm not sure how to explain but the sure thing is, I found this new mode much more sense.

I think I can say that conquest is all over for me in BFH. I think I'm going to play blood money only until I got bored or maybe until I get unlocked so I can play some round base.

Now I don't think that this mode will move to other bf since it's very related to the theme. So maybe conquest will be back for me and bf in the future if no new mode are created.

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