mardi 30 juin 2015

PC versus Consoles

It was a time I did not care or know much about it and today even if I'm sure for PC, I still have no friends and this take out a lot of advantage of PC.

So first, where is the forums for console. It sound to me such a low IQ world a world without forums. For now God does not give me the best in term of forums even if I have Gamespot now but if things get better for me, I'll have friends and maybe a society and gaming without forums is just plain retarded imo, sorry if it insult. Forums are good to mental evolution imo. Of course, having a life with real physical friends is a must and a good mental evolution too. But like if 4 friends can come to something close 5 000 good users like a Gamespot forums has I estimate.

Where is the websites? I don't have much on this aspect either and again if I found a society things will change a lot. But even now, how could a console bring my anything on that aspect. No gaming website? You're not going to tell me this is not plain retarded?

Even if I was or I was estimating that hémogénie was good, now I have my doubt for it at least PC look and programs. How can a console reach the PC with only Teamspeak as an option: I'm sure only this program is 10 times better to talk with friends and manage teams; So count than all the other communication programs that can be found and be the taste of some other people. What about the sms and the webcam stuff?

Like if Youtube for streaming and making gaming video is not better than console if you find the good programs. Options less computing is plain lame.

And what about Steam, it is much better than the console downloading crap that have 10 years in retard. Just the refund function would make me go PC.

And most importantly, the mouse and keyboard control that is far superior in most games. And a controller is possible on PC. I pretend I'm 10x better with MNK. And there is not sportive tense on a couch. I need that to be competitive.

Also have a desktop screen is far superior to large screen for gaming imo. I see all the details and I much prefer the view.

Finally the options on pc look bigger and better. Even if some games lack a lot. Again, computer without options is plane lame and for sure an evil scheme.

PC got a major victory in my case. I'll leave the console for the noobs and I must admit that exclusivity on console is something that make me sick and I miss something for sure as an advanced gamer.

lundi 22 juin 2015

Dice tell us about the story of Mirror Edge, for those who forgot it


What would life be like if we willingly gave away our privacy?
What would our world look like if there were no governments, only corporations?
Who would save us from our oppressors? From ourselves?
Could a young woman, without any superpowers, be a catalyst for change?
Meet Faith, a young, carefree runner living on the rooftops of the city of Glass.
She is a fierce daredevil, graceful and elegant, and as efficient as she is powerful.

In a pristine city ruled by a ruthless Conglomerate made up of all-powerful corporations, privacy and personal freedom are things of the distant past. The citizens have become willing participants in their own enslavement, numbed into submission by pointless consumption and mindless entertainment. Anyone questioning the rulers is quietly removed, never to return. Fear keeps people in check while greed and envy drives them on.

Faith is a Runner living off the grid on the rooftops of the city. Proud and daring she takes on the toughest runs, working as a burglar, courier and corporate spy. Her life revolves around freedom and physicality, but when a single reckless choice tears her world apart she is reluctantly drawn into the anti-Conglomerate struggle. Refusing to compromise with her sense of what is right, Faith ends up on a collision course with the authorities, and her path takes her from the top of the tallest skyscraper down to the darkest tunnels below. Along the way she makes many new friends and enemies, and the city is forever changed in her wake.

Arrayed against her stands the Conglomerate and its powerful security arm KrugerSec, led by Gabriel Kruger – a proud man devoted to preserving the current order and to protect it against all enemies, internal and external. To him the ends justify the means, and he is willing to sacrifice anyone and anything to accomplish his goals.
Until now Kruger has ruled unopposed, but along comes Faith, and her journey transforms her into the catalyst for change that the city and its ailing populace so desperately needs.
This is the journey you will get to experience, the rise of Faith, her origin story.

Cool story, nice txt trailer!

vendredi 19 juin 2015

My suggestion to make Ark better

Been playing for a while and I'm surprise I don't not get hacked that much. So I made my way and grow up a lot and even made a tribes with two members now. They're cool but some problems could be fix with feature.

  • Personal box so the tribes members can't open it. This is kind of a must right now.
  • Queu system for all servers. The point of this game is to play on populated servers. And full servers is better. But how to rejoin without a queu system. With estimated time to join.
  • Of course the Dino movement need to reworked a lot or it's my version that is hacked. There is no fun almost for now to hunt dino. They warp and teleport and it make no sense. Imo each dino should have a way to be kill that need to be learn. Example, the turtle could need to be kill with spear in the back. Other need to be dodged and attack on the side like the Raptor.
  • The fence need to be rework a lot. While I made it to the supreme gate and a complete fence around my house, I got a little lucky and it was real hard to do. The fence foundation need to take place over all terrain and first click to connect another fence foundation than mouse move to select the angle and another click to install.
  • Ladder need work, very buggy.
  • Doors lag a bit?
  • Is tamming rewarding in xp? Should be...
  • Name of box, berry only.
  • Sort by kind and put all in box.
  • Double tab on number to craft instead of placing.
  • ESC for craft cancel(Important).
  • Last used in crafting menu.
  • Favorite in crafting menu.

jeudi 18 juin 2015

Ark Guide, efficiency and survivency

So I'm back in Ark, God force me, and it is not really better than my experience of COD. God tend to make me restart from scratch and it could be the third time that I need to restart: I've restarted two times and now I'm going to see if they have demolish my house or not which I presume is the same lamers that follow me around. Than the graphics are mess up now, and I say it's another hack, the water is green and I perfectly understand what the hacker or God meant. And it's clear why the sky is black too. I understand quite well their bs way.

Use the server browser of Steam. It got history and favorite. View, server in Steam toolbar.

So here the guide to survive and build a nice house. After that, the player just need to rise level and play with the stuff in the game.

First thing to do is to never quit the beach. The beach is most of the time safe because the deadly dinosaur like the Raptor does not come on the Beach. The T-Rex could be on the beach although, so if you see one, flew from that location and far. The reason why it's good to stay on the beach is because it's a good way to don't get lost. Not getting lost is important in a game like Ark, especially because the map is not finish yet. So if you don't leave the beach you should not get lost: There is most of the time 2 way you can go on a beach, so if you go in one way, to find back your house you just need to go reverse. Build your house on the beach and you can find all the stuff you need near the beach: Small animals to kill and get hides, trees for wood and hatch, rock for stone and flint. You can go more far than the beach but I don't suggest to do that unless I presume your overskilled like me. Or you could do a map on paper, kind of hard for normal people I guess.

So than when you found a good site, I mean without T-Rex near especially, you will do that:
  • Make a axepick with one stone found on the ground and wood and hatch took on trees with bare hands.
  • Take some food and fiber from the bush, do at least 15 bush for a start.
  • When level rise, choose weight to carry more. Search for hatchet and make it for woods on trees.
  • Always kill the duck, they're easy and give you precious hides.
  • Search for clothe and make them. Just shirt and pants is enough for now and should give you the opportunity to not get unconscious.
  • Don't forget to drink if you get low but you should find water quick if you stay on the beach.
  • Don't forget to eat if your angry and when you have ate all the stuff, you need to take 15 more bush.
  • On trees, Pickaxe for hatch and hatchet for wood. Same scheme for flint and stone on rock.
  • Search and make 3 spear. If one spear broke, make another one and always have 3 spear imo. Defend with it from players attack but flee is better. Spear kill duck easy.
  • Now it's time to build a little house. Search for base and make 4. Search for wall and make 7. Search for door way and make one. Search for door and make one. If you can't research for what I just said, gather more woods and hatch and make more base to rise level.
  • Now make a sleeping bag and remember this is just for one spawn. So another is needed to be make if you die. If you die without sleeping bags, you loose your base. You could make two. You need to find small animals to have hides that is necessary for make sleeping bags. You can find not dangerous animals if you search on the beach only. The ducks are not dangerous, other are.
  • Than you need to search for bed and find a lot of hide. Bed offer unlimited spawn.
  • Than you good to go to make a bigger house. Can me made with the existing one. Than make a wood house for more security.
  • Than just rise level and have fun!
  • Remember labyrinth base is best. Need base map on paper when big.


  • If you tame big dino, they will follow you and protect you. A lot of food is need to tame and slinshot is need to make it sleep to tame it.
  • Ducks can do damage, don't get too near and kill them with spears.
  • Making box to put your gather is good when you gather a lot.
  • Making more clothe will protect you from getting unconscious.
  • Fleeing animals is far superior than attacking them when you are normal player and just spears.
  • Fleeing bandits is better too, you can't loose your gather that way. If you have nothing in backpack, than you can have fund and kill the bandits.
  • I heard a rumours that you die easy from falling, be aware.
  • Always keep some wood, hatch, and flint in your inventory. So you can repair your hatchet and pickaxe
Good Luck!

Look like you could need to defend the house made with somehow bush. Because it's easy to demolish, it take 3 minutes to demolish a wall. I'm not sure how much time it take to demolish wood wall but I think it's important that bush house is made big enough so the raider will need to demolish a lot. I'm not sure if the bush house can pass a night, maybe it could be hide somewhere.

Edit2: While it could a bit boring, you should keep your ingram points if you are willing to reach high levels(25 example). Because if you waste your point of minor thing like wood sing and stand torch, you won't have enough for metal weapons and tools. Of course I've spend points on a lot of things before level 25 but only things I found very important.

If you found rock that give metal, note this location. The metal resource is rare and you'll need it at level 25 for metal weapon and hatchet and pick.

mercredi 17 juin 2015

New Forza 6 gameplay video with gamespot interview

I finally found out a video with some gameplay of this racing game. So I saw some slow and some fast car but unfortunately not the hyper car that interest me the most. I can see that it can rain now and this could be a cool feature. The graphics appear to be not really better than Grid Autosport.

The match making will be skill base: If you're slow, you get slow drivers and if you're fast...
24 players mp.

There is a lot of cars of what I heard. And not as much tracks. While cars of Grid Autosport was cool I guess that Forza 6 cars could be more interesting and more popular but not in my case btw. 

So of course this is for Xbox One only and it come out this september, the 15.

This is another great game I'm going to miss a lot. Anyway, would it work?


Fallout 4

At the Microsoft conference, Fallout 4 was one of the game appeared there. So it will be same theme as the 3, I mean we're getting out of a bunker after a major explosion, and we play on a destroyed town. And I see that a lot of things are the same like for example the mobile computer on arm. The most important thing is, it is now a shooter almost. Almost because the fight system of the 3 still there a little: You can pause the fight and choose where to fire?

Today, I just watched a video from the dev about the game and I found out it is also a crafting game. As shown in this video at 2:04. So I can't wait to see that in the game. Crafting is a lot of fun in Rust and Ark. And on a 3A product and from a great studios, I can't wait to see how good it will be.

E3 Presentation

Release date: November 10

Platform: PC XB1 PS4
Genre: FPS and role
Studios: Bethesda Game Studios
Official site:

mardi 16 juin 2015

From World of Tank to World of Warship

Ho yea, we're going on the water now with the World of Tank world and model. And the video, from a French guy, show a good game. Problem is, again, the gameplay is not exactly my taste:

While the wallhack does not look to be on in this one, I would have much prefer a realistic damage to the energy bar. I know I'm not the only one that complaint about that and the reason to this could be classified if you understand what I mean. Also, the vehicle buying system is not fair like I stated in this post.

So there is no submarine but you can get a cruiser, fast boat with torpedo, planes carrier, planes and of course destroyer class. There is like 80 ship, haha.

Release date: 2015, source Wikipedia
Current version: Beta
Official site:

Présentation du jeux en Français (The plane carrier part appear long, skip it to 12:12)

Amored Warfare, another tank game ala World of Tank and WarThunder but with modern tanks

This game is in alpha or something and it look promising. The problem is, it appear that the wallhack is on for the whole town. So I'm going to try it a little but for sure not going to play long. Anyway, I though it could be good to write a bit about it.

So I'm watching SideStrafe, that Youtuber, for a while playing it. I think the game require some bug fix like shooting through objects but most of it appear to be well finish. Modern tank and all the modern stuff sound to me much better than ww2 retardation. Hellfire from light tank, Tanks on wheel and even good artillery that we can see in the video that I'm going to give at the end of this post. In modernity, tanks are faster and stronger. This can only be good for the gameplay: If something is annoying and boring with WOT and WT it's the slow tanks that are almost all tanks.

The game is like the two others for choosing the tank: So xp point and cash. And you buy them from mercenary black market or something like that. I think I prefer this idea to nation. I don't really like to play Germans until I get German and btw I don't really like to play their weapons either: My tank game would have fictional modern tanks. There is a lot of more stuff to get and buy, gadget and the crew thing(see French video at the end of this post for more info). All this look pretty good. There is not a tons of tanks but I estimate like 40. Which is far enough to play a while.

I'm very sad of the Gameplay chosen by Obsidian Entertainment like I was for those who made the two other ww2 tank games. This is a very bad gameplay for me. Wallhack is a crap. And even if it's possible for my mind to make wallhack in modern tank, I doubt I could start playing a tank game with wallhack. Also I'm not even sure if the wallhack is for everybody. They could try to make me use the hack to kill my clean reputation. Also, I prefer the MWO model for getting vehicle and stuff but if I play the first day it's release than it sound fair to me. But for new comer that come some times after release, it is not fair; That's why I claim that buying model is not good. I also almost pretend that it has been made for legit cheating purpose.

Release date: Unknown
Current version: EA
Official site:

SideStrafe doing some ownage
Présentation du jeux par un autre Youtuber(French)

mardi 9 juin 2015

I wish I could have my private life and make a game

And I'd do Dune HD.

After doing a market study, I could start. A market study, I do that with like 5 social agent that know 30 gamers each and got the forums or the chat. If it pass, I mean if most of the social agent say people are interested, let's go. I'd not make games that don't sell.

The game is quite simple if you played Dune. It require a small team. I'm not sure how much time it will require with small team although. Of course the team could be bigger.

So the project would start by that: All the members of the team need to play Dune 1 and finish it.

The game will look like it a lot. Keep it base but would have a little different story and more stuff in the command screen among with maybe new stuff in the adventure view. (Third view)

It's simple, it's only picture that get draw in full screen. With a story and maybe voice actor. Of course there is the third view control and menu with the picture draw in full screen.

So I need imo:

Me lead project.
One programmer.
One sound artist.
I guess like 4 CG artist. The game is not in 3D, the art would be in CG. Like if you take a ss of Final Fantasy movie.
Could have a voice actor studio for better quality of the product.
Could have a CG video studio. It has a starting scene in CG and maybe some scene in mid story and one end one. For better quality too.

I'm not sure if a visual program studio is made for the task. I expect the change high that such thing exist.
So I'd use that. I could do that in command line, I think, but I guess it will take a lot more time.

Thanks for reading my dreams. God force me to type that.

dimanche 7 juin 2015

Guide for COH2

I'm writing this just for fun because I have nothing to do. I just beated what is supposed to be the bot and at easy. I doubt I have competition at easy and I got competition. I beated it and I did not play for like 9 months. So I'm about sure I was right back when it got released about what it need to be done to win at this game.

Simple math:
Take a vls and hit 100 in 5 minutes.
Take a oil point and get 50 of fuel minutes.

So at 5 minutes, I can almost do a tank. While my opponent got vls point. With a tank, I destroy his troops easy because he got no tank.

Tell me I'm wrong. Must be a troll for sure.

So what it need to be done is quite simple. It's the race for the oil imo. But of course you got to have infantry resource too. But if you got a tank before he got his, the infantry can't do anything nearly. At least if they are the Russian; Because in the case that it is against the German, problem could appear because of the panzerfaust. And than later in game the panzerchreck I think, which is even more deadly and shoot at longer range.

So my plan is to make the tank faster than the opponent. But make enough infantry to not loose the oil depot. When the tank are made and when the tank are beated or not there, it's a win for sure.

Things to do is also to take minor depot or flag for resources. And for the vls, rather take them later if the game is very tight. At some point, it is for sure a necessity to take the vls otherwise it's a lost by vls.

Other important thing to win is use well the grenade of all kinds against the infantry. This is very deadly.

Taking cover when fighting infantry with infantry is very important too. Use the bush all the the stuff that can cover.

Using the house is important too. Sometimes it can save the life of a whole squad when overloaded of enemy. And other times, it can be good to ambush.

Ambushing with covered unit sound good to me. Should work.

As German, the strong point are the panzerfaust. This is a must and need to be use to win. I'm not sure what the Russian get to balance the power of this.

Special infantry units such as MG and Mortar are good in theorie but they are hard to use. So I'd forget them and always take regular infantry and engineer. To not forget to take the infantry with panzerfaust ability.

Cutting their support sound a good tactic to me. Rushing at start could work to confuse the enemy.
By cutting support, I mean taking far away flag so his territory is cut and the oil depot and infantry points depot cannot work and gather resources.

For the kind of tank. Tank with a mg sound best. Topless tank are not really recommended.

Good luck friends. Can't wait to read the comment so I can see if my guide work and also get new tricks.               

samedi 6 juin 2015

Look like that Steam cannot be called scammer anymore

Some days ago Steam made a new feature that let you ask for refund if you bough a pile of shit like Ark.

So I did ask for a refund and after like 2 days or so, I got my refund in my email.

I'm surprise that this feature is even working for me. Look like I won't have problems with games that I was force to try.

Also remember, you have 14 days to ask for refund and you should not have play more than 2 hours. But in my case with Ark, it took me 3 hours to figure out it was a piece of shit and Valve or steam gave me the refund anyway.

vendredi 5 juin 2015

So how my 3D engine work with the software and how they use it

A 3D engine to me is a program that can be call to render form on a screen. So the 3D engine can render a square on x position. And camera, which is another program of the 3D engine can move on xyz location.

So now, I can send a command to the engine. Render square at xyz. And another place camera at xyz. And another, w for moving the camera ahead 0.5 feet for 400ms push.

Now like if I'm going to write this in command line. Now another program that look like 3DMAX will do this job in graphics command instead of using command line. So 3DMAX is a program that write the command line and when it write command line it has receive graphical order such as push on buttons.

Now I'll call my 3DMAX, ENGINEC, for control. All the enginec need to be like I was doing program with visual basic. So when he push the form square on the toolbox, the user than hover over the main screen of the enginec and place the square on the centre of it. So enginec send a command line to the 3D engine and receive than a file in real time that is the directive to render on screen. I guess this real time file from the engine need to be send to the video card and the video card will send a signal to the screen.

Now enginec have another function to program just like visual basic instead of doing some 3DMAX stuff. This is where goes the IA that I just posted on my blog.

And finally all this is compile by the enginec to make an installer for the client.

Man this is easy to say I know.

How I would program the bots or the dinosaur in Ark(From someone that barely know what if else mean)

There is categories of dinosaur. There is the huge one and the raptor size for example. An AI that I call a script need to be made for each categories. Of course with some change on each dinosaur.

Let's start with the rule for all of the dinosaur:
I will with the map maker, put marker-structure around all stuff that cannot be enter in. The rock and trees for example. The maker are some kind of line that would like to be use like the laso in photoshop. The reason of these marker is if the dino go near that it will turn around or go back. Sound easier to me to make the pathfinding that way.

Than come the ground. They need to place their foot on the ground. So on this, the ground will receive colour first on the map maker-terrain. These colour can be switch on\off of course when the mapper work on something else. Green would meant normal ground and red impasse. These colour are marker again for the AI program that expect I'll need. Now I'm not sure how I could make the foot on the right angle with the angle of the terrain. Sound like there is always a xyz for the dino and xyz for the map. I mean, anywhere you can go in the map, you have a xyz. So when the dino is in a region it first check, the program first check, what angle the foot need to be by checking the xyz location and value of this location that define the angle of the ground. I will for sure need to work on this a lot. I'm not even sure if foot need to be that accurate btw.

For the Trex:
There is maker on the dino. Marker one is on the end of the face and some other on the foot and tale. If maker1(end of face) touch marker red-structure than turn random direction and move until you find another structure marker. The first if of the AI program is always the foot angle. So if maker green can go, if map xyz angle 30 degree, foot 30 degree. If marker-terrain red, random turn around or direction, move until marker-structure or maker-terrain.

It's not that hard imo. I'm sure I can do it.

For the house, use the marker on the dino and if maker-dino is 1mm of marker-strucutre(house), turn random: turn around or direction.

Now the problem with ark is teleportation, no clue how to fix this. And for the animation that is kind of messy when he turn, I don't undertand how to do that. I guess that the program need to say that when x happend use module dino move(another program that has command line for directing or facing a 3d model on a map) on x direction.

When I do a program like Ark, it come with a 3d engine? I guess this is module that can be call with command and switch?

jeudi 4 juin 2015

Steam refund

This is the new thing from Steam. What a great feature. More than that, I think that Steam win in reputation with this thing. Can we say that Steam is now scam free? I think yes!

Does it work? I don't think my current try of this new system(Because Ark does not work) can represent the whole user base but it could give a bit an idea. We'll see if I get this refund...

I really think some studios could close because of this and income of steam could lower. When I was saying that being more at the left lead to less income for the rich or the dominant class, does it get clearer now? Are we seeing a change in the administration of the towns?