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Ark Guide, efficiency and survivency

So I'm back in Ark, God force me, and it is not really better than my experience of COD. God tend to make me restart from scratch and it could be the third time that I need to restart: I've restarted two times and now I'm going to see if they have demolish my house or not which I presume is the same lamers that follow me around. Than the graphics are mess up now, and I say it's another hack, the water is green and I perfectly understand what the hacker or God meant. And it's clear why the sky is black too. I understand quite well their bs way.

Use the server browser of Steam. It got history and favorite. View, server in Steam toolbar.

So here the guide to survive and build a nice house. After that, the player just need to rise level and play with the stuff in the game.

First thing to do is to never quit the beach. The beach is most of the time safe because the deadly dinosaur like the Raptor does not come on the Beach. The T-Rex could be on the beach although, so if you see one, flew from that location and far. The reason why it's good to stay on the beach is because it's a good way to don't get lost. Not getting lost is important in a game like Ark, especially because the map is not finish yet. So if you don't leave the beach you should not get lost: There is most of the time 2 way you can go on a beach, so if you go in one way, to find back your house you just need to go reverse. Build your house on the beach and you can find all the stuff you need near the beach: Small animals to kill and get hides, trees for wood and hatch, rock for stone and flint. You can go more far than the beach but I don't suggest to do that unless I presume your overskilled like me. Or you could do a map on paper, kind of hard for normal people I guess.

So than when you found a good site, I mean without T-Rex near especially, you will do that:
  • Make a axepick with one stone found on the ground and wood and hatch took on trees with bare hands.
  • Take some food and fiber from the bush, do at least 15 bush for a start.
  • When level rise, choose weight to carry more. Search for hatchet and make it for woods on trees.
  • Always kill the duck, they're easy and give you precious hides.
  • Search for clothe and make them. Just shirt and pants is enough for now and should give you the opportunity to not get unconscious.
  • Don't forget to drink if you get low but you should find water quick if you stay on the beach.
  • Don't forget to eat if your angry and when you have ate all the stuff, you need to take 15 more bush.
  • On trees, Pickaxe for hatch and hatchet for wood. Same scheme for flint and stone on rock.
  • Search and make 3 spear. If one spear broke, make another one and always have 3 spear imo. Defend with it from players attack but flee is better. Spear kill duck easy.
  • Now it's time to build a little house. Search for base and make 4. Search for wall and make 7. Search for door way and make one. Search for door and make one. If you can't research for what I just said, gather more woods and hatch and make more base to rise level.
  • Now make a sleeping bag and remember this is just for one spawn. So another is needed to be make if you die. If you die without sleeping bags, you loose your base. You could make two. You need to find small animals to have hides that is necessary for make sleeping bags. You can find not dangerous animals if you search on the beach only. The ducks are not dangerous, other are.
  • Than you need to search for bed and find a lot of hide. Bed offer unlimited spawn.
  • Than you good to go to make a bigger house. Can me made with the existing one. Than make a wood house for more security.
  • Than just rise level and have fun!
  • Remember labyrinth base is best. Need base map on paper when big.


  • If you tame big dino, they will follow you and protect you. A lot of food is need to tame and slinshot is need to make it sleep to tame it.
  • Ducks can do damage, don't get too near and kill them with spears.
  • Making box to put your gather is good when you gather a lot.
  • Making more clothe will protect you from getting unconscious.
  • Fleeing animals is far superior than attacking them when you are normal player and just spears.
  • Fleeing bandits is better too, you can't loose your gather that way. If you have nothing in backpack, than you can have fund and kill the bandits.
  • I heard a rumours that you die easy from falling, be aware.
  • Always keep some wood, hatch, and flint in your inventory. So you can repair your hatchet and pickaxe
Good Luck!

Look like you could need to defend the house made with somehow bush. Because it's easy to demolish, it take 3 minutes to demolish a wall. I'm not sure how much time it take to demolish wood wall but I think it's important that bush house is made big enough so the raider will need to demolish a lot. I'm not sure if the bush house can pass a night, maybe it could be hide somewhere.

Edit2: While it could a bit boring, you should keep your ingram points if you are willing to reach high levels(25 example). Because if you waste your point of minor thing like wood sing and stand torch, you won't have enough for metal weapons and tools. Of course I've spend points on a lot of things before level 25 but only things I found very important.

If you found rock that give metal, note this location. The metal resource is rare and you'll need it at level 25 for metal weapon and hatchet and pick.

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