mercredi 17 juin 2015

New Forza 6 gameplay video with gamespot interview

I finally found out a video with some gameplay of this racing game. So I saw some slow and some fast car but unfortunately not the hyper car that interest me the most. I can see that it can rain now and this could be a cool feature. The graphics appear to be not really better than Grid Autosport.

The match making will be skill base: If you're slow, you get slow drivers and if you're fast...
24 players mp.

There is a lot of cars of what I heard. And not as much tracks. While cars of Grid Autosport was cool I guess that Forza 6 cars could be more interesting and more popular but not in my case btw. 

So of course this is for Xbox One only and it come out this september, the 15.

This is another great game I'm going to miss a lot. Anyway, would it work?


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