mercredi 17 juin 2015

Fallout 4

At the Microsoft conference, Fallout 4 was one of the game appeared there. So it will be same theme as the 3, I mean we're getting out of a bunker after a major explosion, and we play on a destroyed town. And I see that a lot of things are the same like for example the mobile computer on arm. The most important thing is, it is now a shooter almost. Almost because the fight system of the 3 still there a little: You can pause the fight and choose where to fire?

Today, I just watched a video from the dev about the game and I found out it is also a crafting game. As shown in this video at 2:04. So I can't wait to see that in the game. Crafting is a lot of fun in Rust and Ark. And on a 3A product and from a great studios, I can't wait to see how good it will be.

E3 Presentation

Release date: November 10

Platform: PC XB1 PS4
Genre: FPS and role
Studios: Bethesda Game Studios
Official site:

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  1. Who else here thinks that the worst thing about Fallout 4 is that, when encountering you and your follower, enemies' attention is fixed on you no matter what - even if your companion is standing next to the enemy with an unarmed or melee weapon, 99% of the times in completely ignores your follower. If you have a tough character, that problem with the AI could be to your advantage. I'd say there possibly is no real AI in Fallout. If anything, it's ALI (artificial lack of intelligence).
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