mardi 23 septembre 2014

How to finish the third level of Crusader King 2

Need to build an army quick and than place it outside so the rival army can't destroy the forest and our facility. Moving at least 10 strong unit for this purpose and this is just a start, as long as the game advance always send some. Always watch this part of the map.

Move the archer so they can take advantage of the centralization of the force. So at all the same place on the wall. Possibly that is better to defend the south with the whole. Make some more for the north and the east. ASAP.

Always keep at least 10 soldier in center of the town to destroy the catapult after the rival soldier army have been taken down by the archers on the wall.

Grow, make money, sell goods for cash, buy food to feed the town. And make as much as solider as possible quickly.

So this is going to be my plan, the rest rally on luck and speed of the player.

Edit: Look like it is impossible to defend the forest from the first attack but maybe it's possible from the second.

No need to make cash until you want to give extra ration. Could be a good idea to do it but I've finish the mission without selling and buying any food. There is enough weat from the start to finish the mission.

samedi 20 septembre 2014

New quake live review

Been playing this quake live for a while now. Now they bring some major change with the steam support. I guess they did this for keeping the game alive and getting more players to the community.

So now you can choose two weapons and spawn with them. One primary and the other secondary. The best guns appear to be the primary like the rocket and lightning gun. The shotgun and the plasma gun are two good guns for secondary.

This new gameplay is good, I like it. I don't really mind the change compare to the original quakelive. You can still get the other guns that are located at the same place on the maps and one thing I forgot to say in the past paragraph is the guns that we spawn with have low munition. So you need to find some quick or kill.

There is also some other cool stuff like the shield, quaddamage, that now have a visual timer to show when they will spawn. I think they also worked a little on the menu. Still a low quality game somehow but it all work fine.

This is a good game for people that own slow computers. A lot of fun.

samedi 13 septembre 2014

An idea for the next bf

I'm not saying this will be a success nor that it will be use a lot or enough. This is just an idea that I want to bring to the table and I'm sure that anyway, I'm not the first to think about this one.

I'm calling it game highlight. It's a demo player that have a lot of good shots ready to be watch. No more need to note the time when the good shots has been done or no more fast forward. A bot mark the shots and the killstreak and with a simple push of a button, it's possible to watch all the kills you have made in a game and all the good shot, streak of other players. Could also be a lot of other stuff like watching again the killcam. It's started in the battlelog but I guess that most of the options should be made in the game or in the demo player.

I'd for sure use this and watch myself playing and others too. This is if they don't hack. So this is important to say that demo are not really good if they hack, no point watching that...

mercredi 3 septembre 2014

The point of bf4

Been playing bf4 a lot lately cuz the game start at least. At first the game was crashing all the time and now it don't. For 2 weeks maybe or more, I'm a little lost all alone without note, the game crashed all the time for various reason; too good, great shots, ect.

Now I see that either I'm always joining the same server, either they all use the same hack; Which is total auto bot and auto mover. I mean they got nothing to do beside running around and getting all the kills like the hero does.

I'm not sure why I kill them theorictly before they kill me altough. Maybe it's God that want to show me how good I am or it's them that want to show me how good I could be.

I pretend that I never die almost if not cheated or hacked. I'm just awesome at bf4 too.

Still the same bs from the French reprensentative and the same in the us: Suck cock if you want to be good.
And it appear that they are furious that girls are more attractive than their games but meanwhile they have beautifull whore, go figure.

We'll see if I get better with time but I doubt in bf because I believe I don't pass the international and I believe that we can clearly see the difference between bf4 and hardline. But it could be because it's a crime game that hardline work.

Tropico 5

I heard about this game a while back with arsenalrobert and I even think I've played that before but I don't remember.

This game is great. Another nice peace that every young leaders on earth should try. Make a lot of sense to me, realistic somehow I believe, this is another I repeat nice product from I believe to be the espagnol.

It's challenging and you got to have a brain, being a bit criminal, some luck and maybe some divine luck to find your way in this complicated game without any help or tutorial almost.

I don't think I can recommend this game to most people unless you watch a let's play or get a good forum to have the info because sometimes it's not really clear and this game contain some or should I say one bug, the road construction, and you got to be somehow I repeat lucky to finish the missions.

I did not finish it, I think I will try to and I think I should be able to. Or enough good to. I think I'm somehow at the last mission and even if I've failed it one time by badluck I'm sure I can finish it.

This is for sure a series or a franchansise that I'm going to follow and play if I can. I give it a 9 on 10. And the music, the espagnol music is excellent!

Congrats to those who made this game!