samedi 27 décembre 2014

About the spawn system of BF4 and a popular post on Reddit

The post in question point to this

There is no problem with this in my book. The point in conquest of bf4 is to take some flag and capture it. Meanwhile we can spawn on the flag we own. So if a flag is about to be capture, it still possible to spawn on this flag. I found pretty normal that this flag was about to be capture and the enemy had the time to spawn on it. I wonder if he meant, by saying the spawn system suck, that the spawn should have been done in another location that is not occupied by the enemy but even with this solution, what is going to happen if there is enemy all around the flag? They want the guy to spawn on another flag or so far that it give nothing to own a spawn flag?

I must admit that it could have a little problem with the bf4 spawn system looking at this gif but the lack of information related to the game of this gif say that we can't be sure if there is a problem or not. Read above to understand what I mean.

Btw, even if the flag was not surrounded just before capture, I don't really mind the spawn of this guy. But some people could argue and say the system is not good, they have the right to do that. Remember, we can't tell if the flag was surrounded or not in this gif and it's what I meant when I said there is not enough info with this gif.

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