dimanche 11 janvier 2015

The talos principle

As I said in the past in the cosmos, I believe some games are not. Today I doubt games like king quest was a game in my sense of the term. I mean something to have fun. While it could be, I believe today these are what I call 27 games. Annoying games that don't bring fun but a pile of bs. It is also good to note that in the past maybe they had a lot of written guide around to play king quest so it is the same as playing a hard modern puzzle game with youtube walktrough which can be define as fun for sure. Also and in the same sub subject I claim that today some games are candy eye enough to be watch instead of play. So it could have been the case with old games because they had tv channel that was showing these. But anyway for talos and some other games I can't recall, I say this is a 27 games. It is not sure because it could be that the game has not been finished enough or the dev have not think about better save or was unable to make it. So this said, with this kind of defect save talos has I rate this game as 27, so a pile. This is unfortunate because the rest of the game was looking cool. I even had some fun for 1 hour before figuring out that this save function make me restart some part again and again and again while it could have had some save in the same puzzle instead than one only for the whole puzzle. Ho and I recall the other 27 games it was deadcore with defect save.

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