lundi 19 janvier 2015

Another alpha Rust like, H1Z1

Now a cross of minecraft for crafting object and Rust crafting. Sound cool to me. Not sure where is the manual. I guess I need to find the tricks around and I wonder what is this thing, I mean, what is this thing that some tricks are gave by youtubers and forums. Also it appear this game have micro transaction so it is possible to get some stuff with money. I think this game is going to be f2p and is now in early access that need to be paid because they want, according to some rumours, get tester that are really interested in the game. Umm make sense to me but...

The game look good and cool. Unfinish but playable. More food than in Rust. God don't allow me to play it more than 30 minutes so far and we'll see later. I'll for sure play a bit of this and try to find out the stuff in it.

Not sure if this kind of games is new and really in alpha state or they give me this game of games in alpha state only. And why would they do that. I think I could guess for something like not too much pleasure for Matt or just not to rise my status that is fragile I believe.

See you in zone H1Z1 abomination server!

Edit: This game must be another 27 bs. I've been searching for like 20 minutes in house and cars without finding anything at all and this sound just 27 again. Fuck this game than!

Edit2: Even if I understand this is an alpha, imo the game make no sense for now and I pretend that it does not require much to make a lot of sense. This is why I claim this game is another pile of 27. But they have a release a patch today to fix the loot problem and when I've read the update log, I have decided that even with this fix, the loot make no sense so the game make no sense. We'll see later if the game make more sense because they have develop it. Because we're not sure with early access if the game get develop or not. The point of the game is to survive, but trust me, I'm not an idiot, it's impossible to survive; I can't find anything after 2 hours of playing it and you need to find stuff to survive.

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