mercredi 5 novembre 2014

AW review

So after like 15 hours of playing the mp I think I'm ready to write this review and this is only good for mp because I did not try the sp at all.

It's good to note that things are not working at his best on my side because of the virus I have and this review could change a bit if things change for me.

So let's start by if I got hooked quickly with AW now I have change my mind and pretend that this is the best COD ever. And than for gaming24, I say that this COD is the GOTY for me and follow near by Titanfall and maybe Mordor than. I will play this for a while for sure until HL.

So why this game is so good: It's the exo suit. I can't believe how this is great. And it work so damm well too. It work perfect just like Titanfall. No bugs, no bs, pure gold program. Yea this game is pure Gold. If Titanfall beated ut2004 for me for the movement now it's now AW that beat Titalfall. It's a lot of fun, it's very fast and it well made. I think they have work hard to make the maps compatible with this new Exo suit and they did their job pretty well because these maps are very good and work perfect with the exo.

This exo can you make a lot of new move. Spectacular move. You can now get kill on some part of the map and get back in less than 15 seconds with this thing if you're good. Very spectacular for a good driver like me. Much better than ut2004 and I don't know why, is it the sound, is it the speed that is greater, not sure. This to not count all the other stuff that come with the exo. Grenade and drone, shield, speed. There is a lot of stuff for play with and I just started to explore all this.

Than come the second best of this game, the maps. They are just great. These maps rocks. Beside one, they are very fun to play on. Much better than past COD. And again they have been made for the exo and it work perfect. For a skilled player like me the possibility are somehow insane. Roof to roof like crazy. Watch my video to understand what I mean.

For the menu, it work well but I dislike maybe just the create class menu. But it work well. It just look like it lack of polishing or something. The rest of the menu is all fine, there is a lot of options. It is good to talk about the new items system that give you some stuff when you take the care package and when I don't know why. I wonder if they are not going to make some sort of buyable equipment in the future and I'm going for sure to buy some stuff there to make me look as I want and pretty. You can now customize your skin and this is a good thing. I can't wait to see the rest of the stuff they could make with this in the future.

The guns are good but not that good imo. There is not enough of it and some are useless. Maybe I'll change my mind in the future about this but for now I think the weapons are not the strongest part of this game. Still the guns are a lot of fun as the other cod was. There is a lot of stuff to attach and I did not try them for now. I guess I'll take like 40 hours to test all this stuff.

The sound of the game is very good too. Feel a bit like bf now and this is for good. When you get shot, it's almost good as bf4. The exo sound is great.

The graphics was not as good as bf4 for me but now I'm used to them and I found them pretty good and I don't run this game at max because my pc is not enough.

So I have give a 7 on meta critic but I think it's because I got sick because the game was not working very well. Now that it work better, I think I can give a 9 for this game.

GJ Sledgehammer!

EDIT: There is a little a problem with the partys. Gold on the aspect of the exo not on the whole I will correct.

lundi 3 novembre 2014

What hack they have in CODAW

I nerfed like at 400%. I mean it require like 4 more times bullet to kill. At long range, even if I shoot 3 clips I can't kill. Ok I use a smg but I'm sure this kill at any range just require more hits. I could be mistaken on that.

They got wallhack, invisible wallhack, this mean, a bot try to let us believe they don't use one by making them look on another direction. I doubt it's them who do that.

On most games, it appear that everything goes normally but sometimes I expect them to teleport so I can't find anybody and teleport behind me.

I pretend that they teleport behind me a lot in any games. Especially when I'm on a streak.

Other than that, we can say that they does more damage than me. They have auto melee for sure.

I say that I never die almost if they don't cheat. That give an idea...


It started at the right time on Steam. Everything goes well beside the options menu that I wasn't able to find until I've ask the forum. Kind of weird options menu.

So the graphics are ok but not at the quality of BF4. I say that BF4 have much better graphics. The sound is better in BF4 too.

The menu and the interface is nice. I don't see a problem about this game being a port.

The maps are cool but again not as good as BF4.

The gameplay still COD with something new and fast paced. Interesting for me. The exo is a lot of fun to use.

If the game was working better on my side, if the hackers was not set that accurate, maybe I'd have a better word for this game. BF4 is more worth the time. But BF4 is getting old, I'm bored to play the same maps again. So I would play some AW for a while and until Hardline is released.

dimanche 2 novembre 2014

Envolve monster guide


I'd not write this guide but God force me to. I'd only keep that for my friends if I could. And as I noticed yesterday and today I think it could be a little possible to hide stuff from the ppl here. And even more if God don't say my mind to his friends.



I pretend that I can beat any hunters and grow to the max level without been hit almost. There is nothing they can do. Of course, knowing the map could be better to achieve that and smart hunters with a good knowledge of the maps could catch me sometimes either by a smart anticipation move or luck. But I keep pretending that most of the time if you do that, there is a no way in hell that hunters can follow you. So, you can do it most of the time without even knowing the map.

How to escape the hunters

First and most important always move to one direction and for a long time. Anywhere but in one direction. If the way is block, search for another one. You can follow roads. Don't ever waste time, just move as quick as possible. Second and the most important here, use the super jump of the right mouse button all the time as SOON as its reloaded. Remember that the monster run faster than the hunters and the super jump give you even more speed. So this way, they can't follow you.

Than how to grow

You take 40 sec to do what I said in the last paragraph. You take out one small beast eat it, and do again what I said in the last paragraph. You take another beats and SO ON. Maybe you could try 2 beats and see if the hunters have the time to catch you. 


Remember the hunters got fuel in their jet pack, the monster don't. So it could be a nice idea to slow them down by climbing on a lot of stuff while doing the how to escape the hunters paragraph. I have though about another tactics to lose them and it's to go in the most down area and than climb as much as possible. On some maps it appear to be possible to do that. Agreed that they should not be able to follow?


If you encounter a hunter all alone, it could be a very nice idea to kill him. If the others are comming than flee if you're not strong. Btw the hunters respawn but it could be good to do that sometimes.

Than if you need to fight the hunters all at once, the best thing to do is to kill the medic first. Than the assault, than the rest.