lundi 31 août 2015

Mix of Keyboard and mouse and controller for FPS and TPS with driving

I doubt it's only for me that keyboard and mouse is not good for driving. I'm about sure that most use controller for racing games.

So I though that for games TPS games like Mad Max and FPS games like Far Cry 4, it should have an option to switch to controller when driving.

Controlling car with keyboard and mouse is possible but like I said it's much funnier and efficient with the controller.

Not sure why no games has been done for this yet.

Let's see what they have to say on Gamespot about this:

In the case that it goes how I think it will goes (communiqué 007) (post link by the sense with My FPS)

It won't be a fps that I'd do. Most likely these kind of game will be off and out for a while because the computer won't be the same in communism.

So I'll do a game like civilization(2d) but in much better. Reason number one I'd do this game is for mass education and kids education. Than the reason is because I could have a lot of free spare time because I got no politics to do and in this case I'm going to try to develop games instead of only playing.

Also, it will be good to show how I develop games and how I develop of short for the example to any things of life.


It seams there is a lot of good fps around and a lot of them are not played. I think this statement is right. The reason to that is it appear that leaders of gang exist so the leaders must play and also because the market or the game collection of FPS is overcrowded. So to me this is not a reason for not making a new one which I expect to be better than what we have now. Also, I think it could be populated because there is chance that God does this with me and in this case I could have a club of a lot of players. In the case that God does not give me any kind of power and that I pass with democratie when it will fall than I have my doubt we're going to keep these computers but we'll see than and this post is just to prepare those who I would selected to make the game or those interested.

So my new FPS would be a simulation of what I believe a FPS simulation should be and of what I know and I don't know much about army and weapons so I could change on a lot of points. And it would be similar to BF4 but a simulation gameplay. The game will be a fictional simulation so it will contain all fictional weapons that I think should exist like 2 seat tank with one super commander that drive and command the tank. For now, it will only have a round base game mode. And it's going to be bomb so a rush. As the article goes, I'll explain sometimes why it need to be for example rush: Because we need to rush in the army.

The reason of this FPS to be like this is because I think I prefer simulation and mostly because I need to train myself than because my friends need to be train and than because I think it would be funnier.

Since I believe we have achieve a good quality graphic and since I believe we're enough rich with that for a long while, I think the game could be in perpetual development as long as I stay in power. But an important point about this game is it's going to be on a EA program like the other project on Steam. I doubt it would be on Steam unless I have more info about steam: Example: A bunch of fags. I'm going to be the project lead for this game.

So we're going to make a single map and work on it if things work well for us. And it will be playable by selected players or by all soon. Even if the State of the game is very poor. The map will have a small village in the center and farms on both side of it. It will be the beginnings of summer and it will be day time all the time. The map will be like 2km square but I'm not sure if it could get a little bigger or not, we'll see later.

One of the most important of this game should be the FPS part. So it will be similar all FPS but I think the movement I prefer for now is the one announce by Star Citizen that I did not try yet to know if it' good or not. So you can watch the video about it to know what I'm talking about and of short by me it appear to be realistic as much as possible and the body will angle in the direction it start to go in. Than the weapons will be like this: It will be something similar to ARM3 but without crossair or reticle. Of course it will have ads like in cod but not exactly like cod because you need to aim higher with a red dot. So you can't be precise if you run and shot. Unless you use the ads while running which is hard. You need to stop and aim and gain accuracy by stopping breathing. I'd work a lot of this if I'd be on the project and we'll need to make a huge plan for this one like the rest anyway. Good to point that for gameplay, all soldier will spawn with a modern m1 Garant(picture of the article) and something like rpg. This is because the gun heat in my game and the solider would not be able to do anything against the tank and chopper without rpg.

Depending on the team I'll have, we're going to have maybe a lot of cool weapons for soldier. And at the beginnings the game will contain a tank too. 2 tank by team. The rest, the chopper and plane will be make later.

So that's it for my overview on my FPS I'd made if God give me power and ask me to make a game. The team could be very large and of course 50-50 of men and women. Since it's going to be in EA, I doubt I'll write the whole project at once. I'm probably more going to see if things work well and we'll see than if I write a lot about it or not.

I'll add idea from this line in future edit:

-It will be make so cheating is not possible. Possibly cloud to avoid wallhack. But cloud without SS at the datacenter is useless in my case remember.

lundi 24 août 2015

Amoured Wafare EA

Not sure why God force me to play that cheating crap. First and like I said, they found a way to cheat legit and I'm not one of their fish. The progressive system is plain lame. I just played and the starting tank cannot even perforate enemy tank by shooting them in the back at close range.

So again, I'm not going to play game with such system. Now it's not the nerf, it's alpha tester that got 10x stronger tank for at least 2 month of playing and I bet that when I'll have the good tanks the game will cease to work.

The game is not even good with this gay and noobish gameplay. Auto-aim for the mass, wallhack for the mass and bright skin for the mass. Plain gay gameplay.

For the rest of the game, well it's good but it's not finished. It's EA like I said in the article tittle.

This game is worth 15 cent. Another scam for me. I can't believe they even still my cash in the front of the eyes of the whole place.

samedi 22 août 2015

Batman Arkam Knight ultra mini review

I'd for sure play this until the end. But unfortunately, the game is nagged and let me explain: First I cough them in Asylum to force me and possibly other to use walkthrough. Now I think they just want me to cheat to play games and either they make trap or either the game is nagged; Tell me the smart guy I am cannot beat the very first levels of this fucking awesome game; bs.

For the game, I will start this review by saying that other reviewer around are purely nuts or what could explain it is that they are all double agent working for Russia and China. I've play about 2 hours and I can say this game is surely a 9.9 on 10 and the reason why I took out a .1 is because it's a little bad port that could have been made bad port by any hacker around. So I'm thinking the whole story about this game to be a bad port could be a hack.

We're speaking about what I call the supreme complete game. Of course with time, games will get better than that but for now and compare to the competition like Shadow Of Mordor, this game is huge and so I mean complete. I guess it should offer like something 20 hours of gameplay.

The fighting is excellent, the Batmobile is awesome and whiners about it are plain gay and retarded. The menus, the interface is all great. The gameplay so damn great I can't believe it. I can't believe how this game is well made and complete I repeat.

I'll finish this by saying that there like 50 cool perks that are more complicated from one to another and this is so cool.

So anyway, go fuckyourself faggot if you made the hacks against me but at least Congrats for this great piece of technologies.