samedi 14 novembre 2015

Tomb Raider Rise Technical Review

First I want to start with what I've posted in Twitter and IGN forum about the GOTY. I though I was at 44% of the game while I was at the end. This is because the game need to be played after the main story is finished. So I'm not that enthusiastic to call it game of the year and I'd have wait end December to make my game of the year. It probably going to be the GOTY anyway because I played 3 games this year and I think it's the best but SOMA and Mad Max are quite near.

Second, I have said in my impression that the game have a major non sense but thinking about it I suspect that it could have been done for me so I don't rate that game, with a female protagonist, very high. I'll know later about it if God give me my team and Rise me more. So I will forget this in my review.

The game is very nice adventure, a cool story, a somehow complete product(I'll will explain later in the review why I say somehow), and a well made game. 

The major good points are for sure technical: How great the program is. I mean, everything work so fine, the bots are fantastic and climbing work so well with the new stuff over TR2013. Of course there is bugs but this game almost reach the bug free great tittle.

The graphics are good but they did not get any better than TR2013. And sometimes I feel the game have not been polished enough. Anyway, I give a good score to the graphics, a 8 on 10.

The sound like most AAA tittle is so good. But despite the cool music at the end on the generic, there is a lack of music like in all games I play anyway.

The gameplay is excellent. It's like TR2013 in a bit, oops I'd say in a medium, better. The climbing is a lot of fun and make a lot of sense if you don't mind the protagonist of the story to be ultra supernatural. The only problem here is the game is suppose to have an easy mode and I doubt all kind of people could be some hard part of the climbing mechanic of this game.

The shooting aspect is as great of the climbing. Which make it very interesting for a great shooter like me. The bots are smart and dangerous. A lot of fun to beat those even with a controller. The guns are fun and reach the best of the best, New Order.

The stealth is a lot of fun and well made too expect for the boss at the end that is supernatural in my version and see what he should not. I would not say it's good as New Order but near; That give an idea how good is the stealth mechanic of Rise.

The tomb and the puzzle are fun and interesting. Some, like I said, are too hard maybe for the mass. It work well and it's, again, a lot of fun.

The perks and the upgrade make the game so complete compare to a tittle like Halo 5. It's not perfect but it's been a lot of fun to stop climbing and gunning to upgrade. This to not count the resource that need to be gather and this add something to TR that is good.

So as good as TR 2013 in a medium better. Great program! 8/10! Because it does not contain a mp and so not so complete game compare to rest of the product on the market.

And also I'm about sure GOTY for me!


mercredi 11 novembre 2015

Look like Battlefront win for the holyday

It's easy to understand for me that games try to be release for the holyday and that some even try to release it before the holyday to get the sale and the cash.

This said, I say that TR and F4 have been rushed and that they are not complete product. Now they are both good product but not 3A and I warn my readers that if they seek for perfect product and so 3A they should wait my review for Battlefront 3 that I expect to be better.

So after thinking about it, I change my mind about Fallout 4 and give it a 7/10 like TR. If it was not of the bugs of both game it would have reach 8 or maybe more!

mardi 10 novembre 2015

Fallout 4 Review

A nice walk in a very well made apocalyptic world. The graphics are very good. I don't understand what is the bs around about those being bad like I said in my impression. The graphics are one of the best I've seen so far.

But the game have problems and I think I can say this game has not been debugged and finished enough. There is bugs and stuff that does not work very well. For example, the trading system has no categories and this make no sense. Than equipping the stuff is not that good either; I could do a lot better. But wait maybe all this is because the game have been made for console: It's a bad port; Not catastrophic but I'm sure I can say it's a bad port.

I did not finish the game and I played 3 hours and I think I can write this review because the rest will look the same. Of course I'm sure there is plenty of more stuff but I think I've seen enough. The reason why I'm writing this review now is because I believe I won't play this game anymore because it give me no fun. And as a side note for my readers, I'm loosing interest in games. I think I could quit unless maybe mp games appear and I get some fun. I have no fun playing major games and things are not like in the past when I had a lot of fun playing games.

So anyway, I think it's a good game. And if the theme and the idea of the game please you, it could bring a lot of fun. The idea of the game is:

A nuke hit the town and you get in a bunker. You than go out because the rad is all over and discover a very primitive advanced world. You can be a cops or be a crook. You gather stuff all the time and there is plenty of guns and stuff to use. All this in a first person shooter that make sense but does not reach the best of the best which is imo New Order. And all this in a open world full of interesting quest or mission to do.

I finish this review by saying that if the game would have stealth kill aspect like in New Order maybe it would have been more interesting and a better game for me and for all.

So no as great as New Order in term of shooter but still a very good game.


If God force me to play, I'll add edit here...

Edit: Where it is said that you can fast travel? There is some gap of information in this game.


Tomb Raider Rise First Impression

I played about an hour and I can say this game is great and for sure will stay great until the end. I'm almost not nerfed, I felt once because of a nag.

I can say that even if things work well on Xbox, It would be much better to play on PC with a close monitor. Maybe if I had a monitor with a audio jack I could play closer with the Xbox but I don't. It's for sure better to play closer than on a large screen.

I'm now back in Syberia after the time skipping story!

Edit: In french, is much funnier for me because I can understand all easily not because English is not good though.

Fallout 4 First Impression

The graphics are all fine. Not sure what is the bs around about the graphics been not good. They are good as New Order but different. I'm not even sure which of both I prefer.

For the gameplay, it's very interesting. The story is hot. I've been in the power armor already and it's fun. It's a good shooter for sure; The feeling is great and everything fine about the shooting aspect of the game.

It appear that the game is bugged though... And it's a bit a bad port: It's been made for console and does not work very well for pc.

This game will for sure get a good score from me. I'll need days if not a week to finish it.

 Edit: I'm confused. But anyway, let's say the game is not as good as New Order mainly because of the AI that is not as good as New Order. Also, the game would have been better with a stealth kill function like in New Order and Far Cry. I think I'd give a 7 for this game or maybe a 7.5 considering the high quality of the graphics and also the interface.

samedi 7 novembre 2015

Call of duty BO3 mini-review

The review is out at GS and the score is at 7 for the whole game. I was about to give a 8 for the whole game. But for the campaign, I give it a 6.

First it's far from as good as New Order. Without a very well define science that prove I'm right in my score, I can only say that I judge the sp of this new cod and it can only get a 7 technically compare to a 10 for New Order. And the reason why I give it a 6 is because of the story that first does not make any sense to me and second contain a lot of bs tech such as terminator and also time voyage bs. As a remember bs like the moon landing and the terminator movie won't lead us to prosperity.

Now the reason why I give this game a 8 is because of the mp that come with the sp and also the zombie mode. I estimate, because I did not try it, that the mp is good. And also, I give this score because I expect that most players can find a server without cheaters. If this is not the case, than this game should have a score of 5. I did not try the zombie mode but it must be good of what I've seen in the video but it look weird.

Edit: I forgo to mention this was a mini-review.
And than I want to say that after the mission of the time voyage, things get good about the story. And also I want to point that when I give 7 for a shooter, it's for sure a good shooter. It's just that it does not reach the technologies of Wolfenstein New Order.