samedi 7 novembre 2015

Call of duty BO3 mini-review

The review is out at GS and the score is at 7 for the whole game. I was about to give a 8 for the whole game. But for the campaign, I give it a 6.

First it's far from as good as New Order. Without a very well define science that prove I'm right in my score, I can only say that I judge the sp of this new cod and it can only get a 7 technically compare to a 10 for New Order. And the reason why I give it a 6 is because of the story that first does not make any sense to me and second contain a lot of bs tech such as terminator and also time voyage bs. As a remember bs like the moon landing and the terminator movie won't lead us to prosperity.

Now the reason why I give this game a 8 is because of the mp that come with the sp and also the zombie mode. I estimate, because I did not try it, that the mp is good. And also, I give this score because I expect that most players can find a server without cheaters. If this is not the case, than this game should have a score of 5. I did not try the zombie mode but it must be good of what I've seen in the video but it look weird.

Edit: I forgo to mention this was a mini-review.
And than I want to say that after the mission of the time voyage, things get good about the story. And also I want to point that when I give 7 for a shooter, it's for sure a good shooter. It's just that it does not reach the technologies of Wolfenstein New Order.

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