samedi 14 novembre 2015

Tomb Raider Rise Technical Review

First I want to start with what I've posted in Twitter and IGN forum about the GOTY. I though I was at 44% of the game while I was at the end. This is because the game need to be played after the main story is finished. So I'm not that enthusiastic to call it game of the year and I'd have wait end December to make my game of the year. It probably going to be the GOTY anyway because I played 3 games this year and I think it's the best but SOMA and Mad Max are quite near.

Second, I have said in my impression that the game have a major non sense but thinking about it I suspect that it could have been done for me so I don't rate that game, with a female protagonist, very high. I'll know later about it if God give me my team and Rise me more. So I will forget this in my review.

The game is very nice adventure, a cool story, a somehow complete product(I'll will explain later in the review why I say somehow), and a well made game. 

The major good points are for sure technical: How great the program is. I mean, everything work so fine, the bots are fantastic and climbing work so well with the new stuff over TR2013. Of course there is bugs but this game almost reach the bug free great tittle.

The graphics are good but they did not get any better than TR2013. And sometimes I feel the game have not been polished enough. Anyway, I give a good score to the graphics, a 8 on 10.

The sound like most AAA tittle is so good. But despite the cool music at the end on the generic, there is a lack of music like in all games I play anyway.

The gameplay is excellent. It's like TR2013 in a bit, oops I'd say in a medium, better. The climbing is a lot of fun and make a lot of sense if you don't mind the protagonist of the story to be ultra supernatural. The only problem here is the game is suppose to have an easy mode and I doubt all kind of people could be some hard part of the climbing mechanic of this game.

The shooting aspect is as great of the climbing. Which make it very interesting for a great shooter like me. The bots are smart and dangerous. A lot of fun to beat those even with a controller. The guns are fun and reach the best of the best, New Order.

The stealth is a lot of fun and well made too expect for the boss at the end that is supernatural in my version and see what he should not. I would not say it's good as New Order but near; That give an idea how good is the stealth mechanic of Rise.

The tomb and the puzzle are fun and interesting. Some, like I said, are too hard maybe for the mass. It work well and it's, again, a lot of fun.

The perks and the upgrade make the game so complete compare to a tittle like Halo 5. It's not perfect but it's been a lot of fun to stop climbing and gunning to upgrade. This to not count the resource that need to be gather and this add something to TR that is good.

So as good as TR 2013 in a medium better. Great program! 8/10! Because it does not contain a mp and so not so complete game compare to rest of the product on the market.

And also I'm about sure GOTY for me!


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