mardi 30 mai 2017

Rime Review

Like the game Brothers: A tale of two sons, make change to violence is a good thing. And it's a beautiful ride with good sound effect but with a sound track that could have been more diversified.

It's a puzzle game with exploration and 3D path finding(new terms to define finding your way in a 3D world). And it does it well. The puzzle were all fun to do.

Than come the climbing/jumping that could look a little like Tomb Raider. And it work very good. The way it's made, it's like you cannot felt and I have climb high things.

The game took me like 6 hours to beat so the price sound fair.

I give this game 9/10

Maybe a good game to make learn a kid how a game work. I doubt a newbie can beat this game though.

mercredi 10 mai 2017

Batman Arkham Knight Review

So it has been hard and long because the game got nagged so many times and I was unable to advance. But I finally beated the Arkham Knight and finished the main story. I still, for the game counter, need to do 50% of the game with side quest to complete it but I can for sure write this late review.

This is to most impressive game technologies I have seen to date. I can't believe how this game is great. It's for sure my greatest game ever and the most surprising of all this it's it is not a shooter.

It start well with some fantastic graphics. As we can see, how good is the Unreal engine when the dev are good. For all the game, the graphics have been plain awesome and I have far from played at max because of those shitty nags and this computer.

Than come the combat that is plain awesome. Not a single bug or problem or dysfunction. And tons of content, move and stuff. For a skilled gamer like me, the combat is so much fun: beating 20 guys at the mean time is so damn great.

Than come the Batmobile part that make the game so interesting for a cyber-racer like me. And again, all work perfect. This part of the game was so fun. And again, a lot of content and stuff for it all through the game. The combat is great and very challenging to the end.

Than come the riddle and puzzle. This game is full of it. And it's all good stuff. Thought all the game, you face puzzle and riddle. All more interesting than the others. And there is some side quest that are just puzzle almost. Brillant stuff.

Than come the stealth aspect of the game. Again like all the rest: it work so well. It has been so much fun to start all these mission with some nice stealth kill.

Than the mini games. The game is full of it. And it's all good. Can't miss that!

And finally the story that make a lot of sense but maybe loose some strength at the very end.

Of course I give this game a 10 on 10. I can't wait to see the next Batman!

Let's finish this by how lame are the hater of this game. They are worst than the moon landing.

dimanche 7 mai 2017

Little Nightmares Review

It took me 4 hours and I don't know what (blame Steam counter) to finish it and it was hard, medium and few part easy.  The story is another thing, that I won't spoil in txt, that we see around.

This game, this platformer, proove me that the 3D platformer are better and funnier than 2D platformer such as Inside. By 3D I mean you can move to that Z axe (Profondeur) and not just X and Y like in Inside.

The graphics are very good in my taste. Different than Inside but as good if not better. But there is some graphics bugs but nothing really bad.

The sound and the music is of course, like in all good games of our network, very good.

The puzzle or the riddle are quite cool and fun to solve. And you need to be skilled to finish this game too. Not just smart.

There is some issue like the checkpoints that are not so good sometimes and other problem such as monster that can grab you through object but overall the game is correct.

So another good product of our network. I give this game a 9 on 10.