dimanche 7 mai 2017

Little Nightmares Review

It took me 4 hours and I don't know what (blame Steam counter) to finish it and it was hard, medium and few part easy.  The story is another thing, that I won't spoil in txt, that we see around.

This game, this platformer, proove me that the 3D platformer are better and funnier than 2D platformer such as Inside. By 3D I mean you can move to that Z axe (Profondeur) and not just X and Y like in Inside.

The graphics are very good in my taste. Different than Inside but as good if not better. But there is some graphics bugs but nothing really bad.

The sound and the music is of course, like in all good games of our network, very good.

The puzzle or the riddle are quite cool and fun to solve. And you need to be skilled to finish this game too. Not just smart.

There is some issue like the checkpoints that are not so good sometimes and other problem such as monster that can grab you through object but overall the game is correct.

So another good product of our network. I give this game a 9 on 10.

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