lundi 24 avril 2017

LTTP: Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons Review

Little game at 15$ on Steam released in 2013. Little because it took me like 3 hours to beat it.

I can say that this product almost amazed by its quality. The graphics are great. Again, Unreal Engine succeed totally. Of course, like in all games almost, the sound is very good too. And the special gameplay that give a stick to each brother work almost perfect. And the story is pretty cool too; it's a nice little fantasy world.

Now for the puzzle and the riddle they are most of the time easy but some, I think, can be say hard. I guess this game is for everybody but I'm not sure. The puzzle and the riddle have been worth my time, good stuff.

I give this great game a 9 on 10. The reason why I remove a point is because of what the brothers do at some point; I could be mistaken on that.

Another great product on my network!

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