mercredi 28 octobre 2015

My Red Gaming Club is founded and search for members

Of course, I'm also searching for similar, already made, clubs. But so far I got no invite. The criteria I'm searching for the clubs must of course be similar as my criteria for being in the Red Gaming Club:

  1. Having a computer or maybe a console because I could have one someday or manage console players
  2. Having video games as a passion or at least play 5 hours a week
  3. Speak French and can English but mostliky the Club will be in French mainly(not sure why I write this is English, magic...)
  4. Not being sexist
  5. Not being declasser
  6. Need to respect the sex etiquette that I'll write soon if the Club work
  7. Being in the centre(Centre right could be maybe but surely not anarchist) at politics
  8. Never use mp cheat = Life Ban. Note on this that I could permit or we could permit aimbot but everybody would have the same but me that I don't need.
  9. Being active and so read the news letter
  10. Live in allies or friends zone or nation
  11. No blacks for now but Asian is ok. Note that if I have business with the African someday I could change on that.
  12. Of course you need to have and live with opposite sex. I don't mind for the lesbian but I doubt I'll be able to do that because of my politics concern.
It will look like this for now. I'm seeking to be a large to very large Club. And note that when we will grow the people could be class in age but as one of our duty we need to live with the kids and the teen so they'll be there all the time.

Note that the high ranked will be most likely for now the most active members.
Note that there is rank but most are at the same level

I'm moving to PS4 and Sony if I can

Although I got no invitation of Sony and I wonder if things will work fine there. The only reason why I was staying with PC is the mouse and keyboard for the fps. Now since most fps does not work, I see no point to stay with pc.

So if I can, I'll sell my PC and get a PS4. Again, there is no way I'm getting both.

I'll try my chance with Sony and PS4 and we'll see if things go better. The japs are in the region and it could be a nice thing for me to try to escape this zone.

I'll finish that by congrats by Steam scammer! You loose another one!

mardi 27 octobre 2015

Ark Suvival Evolved

So I have been force to replay this game after the whipe I have suffer on a custom server. This time I choosed an official server where whipe should not happens.

I got hacked badly by I don't know who and it took me hours to complete a house with a bed.

Than I made a big house and cut a lot of wood.

The thing I want to say is, it is this game a 27 bs again? Is it made so players will be angry? I think it's possible. For example, why the food spoil? This is just annoying. And why it require so damn much resources to make house?

This with the lack of content in the game and the unfinished product Ark is, the game is bad.

I'm still very interested in Survival Crafting games and I wonder if everybody has different opinion so we'll never find a gameplay for all.

Ark is done for me and I think God won't force me to play anymore. I'll wait for another survival game and see if it get any better.

The Park

It started well, ok graphics and great sound with a lot of special effect that was immersive a lot and for sure create a scary mood for a lot but not me.

The story appeared to be all fine too. I was starting to get hooked.

But than, something real dumb have make me quit: A part of the game where you need to wait 10 minutes and watch a pretty dumb horror story. This got to be a joke or a 27 bs.

So anyway, a try could be given and maybe it's the only part, where I've quit, that is a joke because of the rest of 25 minutes I've play, the game was all fine and I guess could have reach a score of 7.

vendredi 16 octobre 2015

Vermintide impression

I have give some good impression on G+ and despite the problems I have with the game that are for sure nags, the game is a lot of fun.

I doubt I can say this is in a beta phase. More like in a alpha. But still this product is good enough to be played by me and the mass imo. And btw, about how good and unbugged a game should be to be released to the public is a new debate to me that I'm going to work on and especially if gamers start to talk to me.

The graphics are nice but it come with a lot of bugs. It make look the game dumb but I don't mind much in my case.

The gameplay is good. We for sure not get something better than L4D2 but something enough good to make me play a lot these day until other product are available to me. The game is a lot about melee fight and I doubt it give the same feeling as good L4D2 melee feeling but still enough good to attract me.

While I think about it, I doubt the sound is that good either. But like in all games, I don't have 5.1. It would nice to get this to hear them when they reach my back. I'm not saying the sound is not good, it's good.

There is some cool side stuff too. The way to connect to server is special and cool. The score at the end of the games are cool too with the stuff I acquire. For sure a nice game on the aspect of the menus and interface.

I'm not surprise that I can do a nice score in this game. I was doing well in L4D2 and I was expecting to be good in that game too. You better have a nice team to beat the normal mode that is hard imo. Of course harder mode sound possible.

L4D2 still the King(like expected from the videos) of the Mat Known coop games!

Edit: I don't think the game is good enough to be buy for now. I pretend it's more in alpha state than beta state and some problems are very frustrating. Maybe the solution could be to play at easy but anyway until the game is release I'm going to wait to play more.

mardi 13 octobre 2015

Transformer Devastation review

Not sure how to call this kind of game. Something like a quality one but a bit cheap. I mean it's a TPS combat game and there is only like 3 move for the whole game. Not only that, all the side things that would be the special ability in Shadow of Mordor are not existant and so the side stuff of the game is cheap too.

But still this game is kind of cool and well made. The graphics are a special art style that does not look as good as the other 3A games but make a lot of sense anyway. Plus the theme, Transformer, is a nice thing for somehow old guy like me that was watching this when young.

There is a lot of cool level and enenmy to play on and with. The music is good but again cheap because there is only one track that repeat itself for hours. The most interesting part is the levels that are diffirent and sometimes réussi.

I did not finish the game and I will and I'm sure this game is repitive and somehow, like I said, cheap. But still a good game.

I give it a 6.5 on 10.

jeudi 8 octobre 2015

Battlefront beta impression

Beside the problems I have with it(nags), the game is just good as expected. Maybe some bugs but most appear all fine. The graphics and the sound are nice. Good to see the Stormtroopers in the modern graphics.

The coop mode look interesting. Pretty cool to shoot the imperial with laser. I did the first mission easily and the final game got more wave and harder difficulty so it should be a lot of fun for me.

I did not try the main mp mode Walker Assault but I did for Dropzone and finally this mode is more fun than domination of COD. Much more fun and sense.

So I'd be really looking forward to play all this modes and the only complaint I have from the demo-beta is the lack of content; For example the numbers of guns are limited to like 5 when BF4 got 50? But maybe the final version good more stuff so the price will be acceptable.

Finally and unfortunately, like all EA games, the servers are full of cheaters of all kind and most of it are aimboters. Enjoy, BG.

Forgot to mention, and this must be because God and his magic, the crazy loading time that are crazy fast. It make me wonder if something huge, a conspiracy, has felt apart with the less power some got from the transport crisis. It take less than 10 seconds to load while it take 2 minutes for bf4. The conspiracy in question is to let believe the people that computers are much slower than what they are in real.

mardi 6 octobre 2015

Steam, the scamming platform does not refund well

Of the 3 refund I have ask and being accepted, none got pay back to the credit card. I have send a message to the support and we'll see what their going to say.

Meanwhile, when I asked for the last refund of SOMA, my computer got fubar and I needed to pay 30, which is the same price of SOMA for the repair. I mean, does the hackers of my system and the computer tech store are in the same lamers scammer as Steam?

Now check this one! Steam just refunded me the crap or the nagged Prison Architech and told me that I have ask for so many refund that the next won't be given.

Steam refund program...
EA program...
W.Bush et company....