jeudi 8 octobre 2015

Battlefront beta impression

Beside the problems I have with it(nags), the game is just good as expected. Maybe some bugs but most appear all fine. The graphics and the sound are nice. Good to see the Stormtroopers in the modern graphics.

The coop mode look interesting. Pretty cool to shoot the imperial with laser. I did the first mission easily and the final game got more wave and harder difficulty so it should be a lot of fun for me.

I did not try the main mp mode Walker Assault but I did for Dropzone and finally this mode is more fun than domination of COD. Much more fun and sense.

So I'd be really looking forward to play all this modes and the only complaint I have from the demo-beta is the lack of content; For example the numbers of guns are limited to like 5 when BF4 got 50? But maybe the final version good more stuff so the price will be acceptable.

Finally and unfortunately, like all EA games, the servers are full of cheaters of all kind and most of it are aimboters. Enjoy, BG.

Forgot to mention, and this must be because God and his magic, the crazy loading time that are crazy fast. It make me wonder if something huge, a conspiracy, has felt apart with the less power some got from the transport crisis. It take less than 10 seconds to load while it take 2 minutes for bf4. The conspiracy in question is to let believe the people that computers are much slower than what they are in real.

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