lundi 28 mars 2016

Adr1ft: Bad checkpoints?

This game was looking good in the video preview I've seen. So I bough it today to find out if my expectation was good.

It started a bit low with no intro to the catastrophy and just trow like this in the scenario. But at least I got a tutorial to explain well the control.

Than I played like 25 minutes and it was cool. Rocket science is cool!

Than I died and when I restarted I needed to do a part again that took me like 5 minutes. I conclude the checkpoints are bad and I quitted the game for good.

Now the question is: Are the checkpoints bad or it's matter of taste? Does some people like to restart from far? In my case, I prefer a lot of checkpoints and restart from near. It took me 5 minutes of well driving the rocket to achieve it and it does not make any sense that I need to restart that.

Someday, when I'll have people with me, people that can answer my question that I can trust the answer, I'll find out if this game is a 27 crap, a troll joke, or a matter of taste.

vendredi 25 mars 2016

Trackmania Turbo Review

So I'm not sure if I'm nagged or not. Look like it could be the game that is very hard.
I'm also not sure if a version contain good music or the music I have is the music all have, which suck a lot. But Ubisoft have made a system that the music goes up when you're good and go down when you're bad...

There is a lot of tracks, like 240, and they're all good. Some of the cars are a lot of fun but other are not imo. I won't base my score on that because I think it's matter of taste.

It's a very good challenge and the advanced track are hard. Some tracks are for sure for the best of us. I could do it(get all the gold) but it would require me a lot of time and effort.

So the game is nice but for sure not a technologies breakthrough. It also could have more stuff for the price compare to the other product. But time wise, it give about the same as the other product for a pro like me.

It's a bit cheap and it lack of important feature such as a better leaderboard.

I give it a 7 on 10

Check out for a faire price!

jeudi 24 mars 2016

Trackmania Turbo Impression

Got it on sale at cdkeys for 40$

It started well with a nice Nascar like car but the other cars, except the F1, plain suck. It's no more a fight of driving well and knowing the track, it's a fight against a car that control suck. Like if the steering turn to much and you need to press just a little to not crash.

Now I'm not sure if it's a nag or not. Looking at the score I do, I would not be surprise: I doubt I'm about half way to the players of Trackmania Turbo.

Anyway, since I have nothing to do, I'm going to try to beat all the track and for sure try some mp.

I expect a 6.5 on 10!

samedi 19 mars 2016

Hitman first review

I say first review because when do we write a review when it's episodic? I guess when the first episode and maybe no other review of this game will be.

I got piss because of a nasty bug and though by mistake that the game had a lof of bugs. Finally, it's not that bad even if I say it again, the bug I've encounter was pretty big. For the rest of what I though it was bugs it's more how the game is designed that I'm maybe not agree. For example, when you kill someone, you can take his clothe and there is the key that need to be press that is shown; But if you want to see again the key press show to move the body, you need to move a little bit around the body and I think this is bad.

But anyway, this game is good. The menu are well made and the story is pretty cool and well made. I though that only people that like to explore a game a lot could finish the mission of Paris but I was mistaken. A good and fast gunner like me can kill the target with firearms without not too much problem.

It's a well polished game with a lot of cool stuff. And for people that really like the game, they could have plenty of hours of fun doing all the stuff inside that product.

Also fair price, I think this game deserve a 8/10. We'll see if it keep the paste with the next episode!

(Next episode, a sniper riffle maybe!)

Edit: Mouse and keyboard and controller control work pretty well!

Sébastien Loeb Rally Evo Impression

It started bad a while back with a demo track that was so damn hard. Than the pirate version had graphic lagging that make me stop to play before I played more than 5 minutes.

But yesterday God forced me to buy it on Steam and I though the game would not work after a nag that make me get out of the track but now the game work all fine with some minor problem.

Minor problem due to my experience with copilot and the fact that I don't know the term well. I should get use quickly and not crash car anymore.

This game is very good when it work. The tracks are fantastic and not all too hard. The défi are very cool. And the cars look so damn fun to try and learn!

Of course not as good on some points as Dirt Rally but maybe Dirt rally is not realistic
But What a good game!

dimanche 13 mars 2016

Hitman impression

Full of potential, full of bugs; Some real nasty! Enough to make me quit.

So I'll wait so they fix the bug until playing this game.

Could it be a nag?

Look like that EA and Origin goes can play while loading like Uplay and Ubisoft!

I wrote this couple of days ago and it was a good thing that Steam don't have yet.

After playing Battlefront yesterday, I found out that Origin is possibly started to have that feautre: I could have play at 20% of the loading.

Unfortunately, it appear that Battlefront don't do it as good as Siege or Primal but it's for sure a good start.

jeudi 10 mars 2016

More info on Mirror's Edge Catalyst

The dev just released a new video with info about the game and here the highlight:

  • It will be free world or free roaming as they say in the video. With secondary mission like other open world games have.
  • There is combat skillz that give a combat that feel more personal now compare to the first Mirror's Edge.
  • What you do have an impact on the music and the music will be made by same guy that made the music of the first so I guess it will be very similar.

The game will be release the 24 May!

mardi 8 mars 2016

New Ubisoft technologies in digital distribution

I've noticed that since Rainbow Six and now in Primal. The game can be started and played before the whole game is load in the computer of the customer.

This is a very nice feature of Uplay and Ubisoft games. They are advanced compare to Steam now with this.

And it work well. It did work well in Siege and now it's proven to work well in Primal.

I wonder if this feature could be seen someday on Steam. So for now, Uplay advance in my "estime".

lundi 7 mars 2016

Far Cry Primal

It was not interesting me because I felt that no firearms would be boring. So I said to myself that before judging, I should try it and see if it could surprise me and if Ubisoft could have been on something big. Look like it's not the case: No firearms is boring.

And the game is not finish well of what I've seen. I've seen some real bad IA animation. The combat are really not fun but it could be because of my taste about firearms. I have also turn off the aimbot and still there is somekind of aimbot in the game. A weird thing that aim the centre of the enemy and this game the game even more boring. Things for noobs does not goes well for things for pro: This game have been made for console aimboter imo. Fight are boring and there is no point to play that game.

And the bs does not end there. Ubisoft do a nice propaganda for the food market and this make me sick.

Also the girl is not beautiful and this make me sick too. 

I hope God won't force me to play that game! Waste of 40$.