lundi 7 mars 2016

Far Cry Primal

It was not interesting me because I felt that no firearms would be boring. So I said to myself that before judging, I should try it and see if it could surprise me and if Ubisoft could have been on something big. Look like it's not the case: No firearms is boring.

And the game is not finish well of what I've seen. I've seen some real bad IA animation. The combat are really not fun but it could be because of my taste about firearms. I have also turn off the aimbot and still there is somekind of aimbot in the game. A weird thing that aim the centre of the enemy and this game the game even more boring. Things for noobs does not goes well for things for pro: This game have been made for console aimboter imo. Fight are boring and there is no point to play that game.

And the bs does not end there. Ubisoft do a nice propaganda for the food market and this make me sick.

Also the girl is not beautiful and this make me sick too. 

I hope God won't force me to play that game! Waste of 40$.

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