samedi 19 décembre 2015

Gas Guzzlers Extreme late review (2013 game)

(Greatest car and weapon)

I know this game has been release like tree years ago but for those who care I'll write this review.

It's amazing to see how racing game can do good with not dated graphics like Grid Autosport has.

The tracks are superb, the bots are interesting but not perfect for a fast racer like me. I admit the game get a bit repetitive because it's always the same thing at the end: Manage to find the nitro and use it before the finish lane at the last lap. Plus the bots are not perfect or ultra pro driver and cheat instead of being skilled to win. They cheat because I pretend they can reach the speed of 400 km/h while the max is 250 for me with the fastest car. Anyway, the tracks are so cool that the game still fun.

Now this game could have been meant to use guns a lot for some people like it's somehow advertise but it's possible to play race only with a lot of cool stuff like mines and oil splat. Note that it need to play with weapons to finish the tournament.

Interesting note, the game money that we make while playing jump at some point to a lot more and this give the chance to try all the cars while other games like this stuck you in the dilema of not buying cars for saving cash for next cars. Funny thing, they forgot to raise the money made with mines and alike imo.

And check out this great menu(Need a video to show that correctly):

There is a cool arsenal to try. Various guns. Also various cars that only have minor change in physic and for sure not real like maybe Forza.

I'm not sure how much this game was at release but now for 30$, it's ok. Maybe a bit expensive compare, like I always say, to the rest of the market offer.

7/10 because of the price otherwise it could have it 8.

  • Fast with great feeling of the driving
  • A lot of cool tracks
  • Bug free(almost)

  • No hyper cars
  • Weird car physic that look like NFS weird physic on slow turn

I nearly finished the game when I posted this article. God urge me to post it now. I doubt there is anything else new in the game now beside new tracks and I guess I'm very near the end.

 (Here one of my car and cool weapon at mid game)

(Message after winning a tournement)

dimanche 6 décembre 2015

Rainbowsix Siege review

The game cost me 90$ on Uplay with the taxes. This is what I call a expensive game and things get even worst when I found out the content of the game that lack. This must be the way some games are made today: Cheaper in content for the price.

But the game is good. It bring some nice fresh round base game. I did not play a lot of mp because of the nerf but I played the solo mission with some nags so I can make this review.

The graphics are not perfect. The model look sometimes bad but most of the rest of graphics look good and dated. I still prefer the graphics of Frostbite engine but still this is a good one.

The sound is all good. Another 3A sound product.

For the gameplay, it's interesting. We got some new stuff to the genre. The operator with video is kind of cool. The guns are interesting but unfortunately, no mods for the gun like in cod. The death counter while playing is new and cool. The walls that get destroy is a good thing and all the gadget are good. All this stuff will offer, I'm sure, a long re-playability. I think I could easily play more than 50 hours of this in mp is things was working well for me. If not even more!

The game is full of cheat and hacks with the release. How noobish!

The solo mission are cool and fun. It could be use as a test to test skillz of the players to find out if they cheat or not like God gave the idea. I've finish the 10 mission quite easily and I doubt most can do that without cheat. The difficulty level offer is a 27 joke. How lame noobisoft!

So I give a score of 7 of 10 for this game and this is because of the price. It the price would have been lower it could have reach 8. At least noobisoft cheaters can make a good game still.

Edit: It is unfortunate that there is no private servers too. I'd seek for another game in that most likely.

samedi 5 décembre 2015

Gaming 24 GOTY


Tomb Raider Rise

Because of it's great graphics, great gunfight, great stealth and so cool tombs.

The second place goes to SOMA and the third to Mad Max.

Honorable mention to King Quest, Assassin Creed Syndicate, Batman Arkham Knight and Rainbow Six Siege.


Note that Batman could have win but I decided to take games that worked well with me!

Edit: Please escuse my idiocy but I though Old Blood was released in 2014 or just forgot it. It would be my best game of the year. I guess it's what happens when the whole world know someone and nobody talk to him because he does not own cocaine. Plus remember I'm under severe torture and in coma 15 hours a day.

samedi 14 novembre 2015

Tomb Raider Rise Technical Review

First I want to start with what I've posted in Twitter and IGN forum about the GOTY. I though I was at 44% of the game while I was at the end. This is because the game need to be played after the main story is finished. So I'm not that enthusiastic to call it game of the year and I'd have wait end December to make my game of the year. It probably going to be the GOTY anyway because I played 3 games this year and I think it's the best but SOMA and Mad Max are quite near.

Second, I have said in my impression that the game have a major non sense but thinking about it I suspect that it could have been done for me so I don't rate that game, with a female protagonist, very high. I'll know later about it if God give me my team and Rise me more. So I will forget this in my review.

The game is very nice adventure, a cool story, a somehow complete product(I'll will explain later in the review why I say somehow), and a well made game. 

The major good points are for sure technical: How great the program is. I mean, everything work so fine, the bots are fantastic and climbing work so well with the new stuff over TR2013. Of course there is bugs but this game almost reach the bug free great tittle.

The graphics are good but they did not get any better than TR2013. And sometimes I feel the game have not been polished enough. Anyway, I give a good score to the graphics, a 8 on 10.

The sound like most AAA tittle is so good. But despite the cool music at the end on the generic, there is a lack of music like in all games I play anyway.

The gameplay is excellent. It's like TR2013 in a bit, oops I'd say in a medium, better. The climbing is a lot of fun and make a lot of sense if you don't mind the protagonist of the story to be ultra supernatural. The only problem here is the game is suppose to have an easy mode and I doubt all kind of people could be some hard part of the climbing mechanic of this game.

The shooting aspect is as great of the climbing. Which make it very interesting for a great shooter like me. The bots are smart and dangerous. A lot of fun to beat those even with a controller. The guns are fun and reach the best of the best, New Order.

The stealth is a lot of fun and well made too expect for the boss at the end that is supernatural in my version and see what he should not. I would not say it's good as New Order but near; That give an idea how good is the stealth mechanic of Rise.

The tomb and the puzzle are fun and interesting. Some, like I said, are too hard maybe for the mass. It work well and it's, again, a lot of fun.

The perks and the upgrade make the game so complete compare to a tittle like Halo 5. It's not perfect but it's been a lot of fun to stop climbing and gunning to upgrade. This to not count the resource that need to be gather and this add something to TR that is good.

So as good as TR 2013 in a medium better. Great program! 8/10! Because it does not contain a mp and so not so complete game compare to rest of the product on the market.

And also I'm about sure GOTY for me!


mercredi 11 novembre 2015

Look like Battlefront win for the holyday

It's easy to understand for me that games try to be release for the holyday and that some even try to release it before the holyday to get the sale and the cash.

This said, I say that TR and F4 have been rushed and that they are not complete product. Now they are both good product but not 3A and I warn my readers that if they seek for perfect product and so 3A they should wait my review for Battlefront 3 that I expect to be better.

So after thinking about it, I change my mind about Fallout 4 and give it a 7/10 like TR. If it was not of the bugs of both game it would have reach 8 or maybe more!

mardi 10 novembre 2015

Fallout 4 Review

A nice walk in a very well made apocalyptic world. The graphics are very good. I don't understand what is the bs around about those being bad like I said in my impression. The graphics are one of the best I've seen so far.

But the game have problems and I think I can say this game has not been debugged and finished enough. There is bugs and stuff that does not work very well. For example, the trading system has no categories and this make no sense. Than equipping the stuff is not that good either; I could do a lot better. But wait maybe all this is because the game have been made for console: It's a bad port; Not catastrophic but I'm sure I can say it's a bad port.

I did not finish the game and I played 3 hours and I think I can write this review because the rest will look the same. Of course I'm sure there is plenty of more stuff but I think I've seen enough. The reason why I'm writing this review now is because I believe I won't play this game anymore because it give me no fun. And as a side note for my readers, I'm loosing interest in games. I think I could quit unless maybe mp games appear and I get some fun. I have no fun playing major games and things are not like in the past when I had a lot of fun playing games.

So anyway, I think it's a good game. And if the theme and the idea of the game please you, it could bring a lot of fun. The idea of the game is:

A nuke hit the town and you get in a bunker. You than go out because the rad is all over and discover a very primitive advanced world. You can be a cops or be a crook. You gather stuff all the time and there is plenty of guns and stuff to use. All this in a first person shooter that make sense but does not reach the best of the best which is imo New Order. And all this in a open world full of interesting quest or mission to do.

I finish this review by saying that if the game would have stealth kill aspect like in New Order maybe it would have been more interesting and a better game for me and for all.

So no as great as New Order in term of shooter but still a very good game.


If God force me to play, I'll add edit here...

Edit: Where it is said that you can fast travel? There is some gap of information in this game.


Tomb Raider Rise First Impression

I played about an hour and I can say this game is great and for sure will stay great until the end. I'm almost not nerfed, I felt once because of a nag.

I can say that even if things work well on Xbox, It would be much better to play on PC with a close monitor. Maybe if I had a monitor with a audio jack I could play closer with the Xbox but I don't. It's for sure better to play closer than on a large screen.

I'm now back in Syberia after the time skipping story!

Edit: In french, is much funnier for me because I can understand all easily not because English is not good though.

Fallout 4 First Impression

The graphics are all fine. Not sure what is the bs around about the graphics been not good. They are good as New Order but different. I'm not even sure which of both I prefer.

For the gameplay, it's very interesting. The story is hot. I've been in the power armor already and it's fun. It's a good shooter for sure; The feeling is great and everything fine about the shooting aspect of the game.

It appear that the game is bugged though... And it's a bit a bad port: It's been made for console and does not work very well for pc.

This game will for sure get a good score from me. I'll need days if not a week to finish it.

 Edit: I'm confused. But anyway, let's say the game is not as good as New Order mainly because of the AI that is not as good as New Order. Also, the game would have been better with a stealth kill function like in New Order and Far Cry. I think I'd give a 7 for this game or maybe a 7.5 considering the high quality of the graphics and also the interface.

samedi 7 novembre 2015

Call of duty BO3 mini-review

The review is out at GS and the score is at 7 for the whole game. I was about to give a 8 for the whole game. But for the campaign, I give it a 6.

First it's far from as good as New Order. Without a very well define science that prove I'm right in my score, I can only say that I judge the sp of this new cod and it can only get a 7 technically compare to a 10 for New Order. And the reason why I give it a 6 is because of the story that first does not make any sense to me and second contain a lot of bs tech such as terminator and also time voyage bs. As a remember bs like the moon landing and the terminator movie won't lead us to prosperity.

Now the reason why I give this game a 8 is because of the mp that come with the sp and also the zombie mode. I estimate, because I did not try it, that the mp is good. And also, I give this score because I expect that most players can find a server without cheaters. If this is not the case, than this game should have a score of 5. I did not try the zombie mode but it must be good of what I've seen in the video but it look weird.

Edit: I forgo to mention this was a mini-review.
And than I want to say that after the mission of the time voyage, things get good about the story. And also I want to point that when I give 7 for a shooter, it's for sure a good shooter. It's just that it does not reach the technologies of Wolfenstein New Order.

mercredi 28 octobre 2015

My Red Gaming Club is founded and search for members

Of course, I'm also searching for similar, already made, clubs. But so far I got no invite. The criteria I'm searching for the clubs must of course be similar as my criteria for being in the Red Gaming Club:

  1. Having a computer or maybe a console because I could have one someday or manage console players
  2. Having video games as a passion or at least play 5 hours a week
  3. Speak French and can English but mostliky the Club will be in French mainly(not sure why I write this is English, magic...)
  4. Not being sexist
  5. Not being declasser
  6. Need to respect the sex etiquette that I'll write soon if the Club work
  7. Being in the centre(Centre right could be maybe but surely not anarchist) at politics
  8. Never use mp cheat = Life Ban. Note on this that I could permit or we could permit aimbot but everybody would have the same but me that I don't need.
  9. Being active and so read the news letter
  10. Live in allies or friends zone or nation
  11. No blacks for now but Asian is ok. Note that if I have business with the African someday I could change on that.
  12. Of course you need to have and live with opposite sex. I don't mind for the lesbian but I doubt I'll be able to do that because of my politics concern.
It will look like this for now. I'm seeking to be a large to very large Club. And note that when we will grow the people could be class in age but as one of our duty we need to live with the kids and the teen so they'll be there all the time.

Note that the high ranked will be most likely for now the most active members.
Note that there is rank but most are at the same level

I'm moving to PS4 and Sony if I can

Although I got no invitation of Sony and I wonder if things will work fine there. The only reason why I was staying with PC is the mouse and keyboard for the fps. Now since most fps does not work, I see no point to stay with pc.

So if I can, I'll sell my PC and get a PS4. Again, there is no way I'm getting both.

I'll try my chance with Sony and PS4 and we'll see if things go better. The japs are in the region and it could be a nice thing for me to try to escape this zone.

I'll finish that by congrats by Steam scammer! You loose another one!

mardi 27 octobre 2015

Ark Suvival Evolved

So I have been force to replay this game after the whipe I have suffer on a custom server. This time I choosed an official server where whipe should not happens.

I got hacked badly by I don't know who and it took me hours to complete a house with a bed.

Than I made a big house and cut a lot of wood.

The thing I want to say is, it is this game a 27 bs again? Is it made so players will be angry? I think it's possible. For example, why the food spoil? This is just annoying. And why it require so damn much resources to make house?

This with the lack of content in the game and the unfinished product Ark is, the game is bad.

I'm still very interested in Survival Crafting games and I wonder if everybody has different opinion so we'll never find a gameplay for all.

Ark is done for me and I think God won't force me to play anymore. I'll wait for another survival game and see if it get any better.

The Park

It started well, ok graphics and great sound with a lot of special effect that was immersive a lot and for sure create a scary mood for a lot but not me.

The story appeared to be all fine too. I was starting to get hooked.

But than, something real dumb have make me quit: A part of the game where you need to wait 10 minutes and watch a pretty dumb horror story. This got to be a joke or a 27 bs.

So anyway, a try could be given and maybe it's the only part, where I've quit, that is a joke because of the rest of 25 minutes I've play, the game was all fine and I guess could have reach a score of 7.

vendredi 16 octobre 2015

Vermintide impression

I have give some good impression on G+ and despite the problems I have with the game that are for sure nags, the game is a lot of fun.

I doubt I can say this is in a beta phase. More like in a alpha. But still this product is good enough to be played by me and the mass imo. And btw, about how good and unbugged a game should be to be released to the public is a new debate to me that I'm going to work on and especially if gamers start to talk to me.

The graphics are nice but it come with a lot of bugs. It make look the game dumb but I don't mind much in my case.

The gameplay is good. We for sure not get something better than L4D2 but something enough good to make me play a lot these day until other product are available to me. The game is a lot about melee fight and I doubt it give the same feeling as good L4D2 melee feeling but still enough good to attract me.

While I think about it, I doubt the sound is that good either. But like in all games, I don't have 5.1. It would nice to get this to hear them when they reach my back. I'm not saying the sound is not good, it's good.

There is some cool side stuff too. The way to connect to server is special and cool. The score at the end of the games are cool too with the stuff I acquire. For sure a nice game on the aspect of the menus and interface.

I'm not surprise that I can do a nice score in this game. I was doing well in L4D2 and I was expecting to be good in that game too. You better have a nice team to beat the normal mode that is hard imo. Of course harder mode sound possible.

L4D2 still the King(like expected from the videos) of the Mat Known coop games!

Edit: I don't think the game is good enough to be buy for now. I pretend it's more in alpha state than beta state and some problems are very frustrating. Maybe the solution could be to play at easy but anyway until the game is release I'm going to wait to play more.

mardi 13 octobre 2015

Transformer Devastation review

Not sure how to call this kind of game. Something like a quality one but a bit cheap. I mean it's a TPS combat game and there is only like 3 move for the whole game. Not only that, all the side things that would be the special ability in Shadow of Mordor are not existant and so the side stuff of the game is cheap too.

But still this game is kind of cool and well made. The graphics are a special art style that does not look as good as the other 3A games but make a lot of sense anyway. Plus the theme, Transformer, is a nice thing for somehow old guy like me that was watching this when young.

There is a lot of cool level and enenmy to play on and with. The music is good but again cheap because there is only one track that repeat itself for hours. The most interesting part is the levels that are diffirent and sometimes réussi.

I did not finish the game and I will and I'm sure this game is repitive and somehow, like I said, cheap. But still a good game.

I give it a 6.5 on 10.

jeudi 8 octobre 2015

Battlefront beta impression

Beside the problems I have with it(nags), the game is just good as expected. Maybe some bugs but most appear all fine. The graphics and the sound are nice. Good to see the Stormtroopers in the modern graphics.

The coop mode look interesting. Pretty cool to shoot the imperial with laser. I did the first mission easily and the final game got more wave and harder difficulty so it should be a lot of fun for me.

I did not try the main mp mode Walker Assault but I did for Dropzone and finally this mode is more fun than domination of COD. Much more fun and sense.

So I'd be really looking forward to play all this modes and the only complaint I have from the demo-beta is the lack of content; For example the numbers of guns are limited to like 5 when BF4 got 50? But maybe the final version good more stuff so the price will be acceptable.

Finally and unfortunately, like all EA games, the servers are full of cheaters of all kind and most of it are aimboters. Enjoy, BG.

Forgot to mention, and this must be because God and his magic, the crazy loading time that are crazy fast. It make me wonder if something huge, a conspiracy, has felt apart with the less power some got from the transport crisis. It take less than 10 seconds to load while it take 2 minutes for bf4. The conspiracy in question is to let believe the people that computers are much slower than what they are in real.

mardi 6 octobre 2015

Steam, the scamming platform does not refund well

Of the 3 refund I have ask and being accepted, none got pay back to the credit card. I have send a message to the support and we'll see what their going to say.

Meanwhile, when I asked for the last refund of SOMA, my computer got fubar and I needed to pay 30, which is the same price of SOMA for the repair. I mean, does the hackers of my system and the computer tech store are in the same lamers scammer as Steam?

Now check this one! Steam just refunded me the crap or the nagged Prison Architech and told me that I have ask for so many refund that the next won't be given.

Steam refund program...
EA program...
W.Bush et company....

samedi 26 septembre 2015

SOMA review and my story

I did not finish the game because I think I got nagged. Like I said, I'm not using the walkthrough for reputation. The problem is, I never know if I'm nagged or if I fail and this let me believe I should not play this kind of game until I got a clean computer.

So anyway, here my though about the game:

It's call a survival horror game from the general culture. And the important point to understand in these term is the game have problem solving like a adventure game.

I've suck or fail in one of the "puzzle" and like I said if my computer was not hacked with a clean version of the game it would have surely not happens. I mean by this that the problem to solve are sometimes hard and I did half game. So expect to search a lot to find the solution to the problems and a video walkthrough could be a necessity to some people. Off-Topic but there is no shame to play such a game with a video walkthrough; It's just that in my case I look for the reward of completing the game without walkthrough and for reputation like I said. If it was not of my reputation. when I'd be stuck and when I'd have search a lot I'd use walkthrough to be able to complete such a good game.

The game is scary. It does it well to immerse the player in a dangerous world. With an option, it's possible to remove the distortion and than the game is all good.

The story is interesting, here what the official site have to say about it: "The radio is dead, food is running out, and the machines have started to think they are people. Underwater facility PATHOS-II has suffered an intolerable isolation and we’re going to have to make some tough decisions. What can be done? What makes sense? What is left to fight for?"

I'd say that this game last about 6 hours for 30$. This sound all fine to me.

So if I'd finish this game, I guess I'd give it a 8/10. Definitely another good product to get.

I just finished it and I keep saying it's a 8. It got some minor problems.
Ho and the story rock!

jeudi 24 septembre 2015

SOMA first impression

I was not expecting something as crazy as Outlast. So far, I'm not even sure which of both is more scary.

Problems solving that has horror survival games are good and some could be quite hard for regular players. Escaping the monster is hard but I got lucky so far.

I wonder what kind of puzzle this game await me and I can't wait to play some more later and try to finish this great game.

Stay away from that thing if you are not willing to try something hard and scary. I hope God is happy that I do not live my saint life with this thing!

samedi 19 septembre 2015

About MGS5

I did not even take the time to review it because I though it was nagged and so unplayable. But now since they close Konami, I wonder if the game was not nagged but plain bugged. And of course, I can't tell if it's true that Konami close, news could be lies, haha.

The game started bad by showing me a desastrous port. I was not able to select the menu with the mouse and this is plain retarded. And than when the game started, there were no pc tutorial but after the intro it started the pc tutorial. As tutorial, I mean telling me what is the key that need to be use.

Than the start of the game was slow. I has even been annoying at some point but this could be a matter of taste so I'd have forget that. But than, my partner just desepeared and I though this was a nag. Was it? Was this game bugged to not even be good for a Steam release imo?

This to not count that I've seen a bug with Petard stream and it was a big one.

So aside its problem, MSG was looking good. But I'm not playing alpha version games; I don't have time to waste with this. Debugger play Alpha version.

lundi 31 août 2015

Mix of Keyboard and mouse and controller for FPS and TPS with driving

I doubt it's only for me that keyboard and mouse is not good for driving. I'm about sure that most use controller for racing games.

So I though that for games TPS games like Mad Max and FPS games like Far Cry 4, it should have an option to switch to controller when driving.

Controlling car with keyboard and mouse is possible but like I said it's much funnier and efficient with the controller.

Not sure why no games has been done for this yet.

Let's see what they have to say on Gamespot about this:

In the case that it goes how I think it will goes (communiqué 007) (post link by the sense with My FPS)

It won't be a fps that I'd do. Most likely these kind of game will be off and out for a while because the computer won't be the same in communism.

So I'll do a game like civilization(2d) but in much better. Reason number one I'd do this game is for mass education and kids education. Than the reason is because I could have a lot of free spare time because I got no politics to do and in this case I'm going to try to develop games instead of only playing.

Also, it will be good to show how I develop games and how I develop of short for the example to any things of life.


It seams there is a lot of good fps around and a lot of them are not played. I think this statement is right. The reason to that is it appear that leaders of gang exist so the leaders must play and also because the market or the game collection of FPS is overcrowded. So to me this is not a reason for not making a new one which I expect to be better than what we have now. Also, I think it could be populated because there is chance that God does this with me and in this case I could have a club of a lot of players. In the case that God does not give me any kind of power and that I pass with democratie when it will fall than I have my doubt we're going to keep these computers but we'll see than and this post is just to prepare those who I would selected to make the game or those interested.

So my new FPS would be a simulation of what I believe a FPS simulation should be and of what I know and I don't know much about army and weapons so I could change on a lot of points. And it would be similar to BF4 but a simulation gameplay. The game will be a fictional simulation so it will contain all fictional weapons that I think should exist like 2 seat tank with one super commander that drive and command the tank. For now, it will only have a round base game mode. And it's going to be bomb so a rush. As the article goes, I'll explain sometimes why it need to be for example rush: Because we need to rush in the army.

The reason of this FPS to be like this is because I think I prefer simulation and mostly because I need to train myself than because my friends need to be train and than because I think it would be funnier.

Since I believe we have achieve a good quality graphic and since I believe we're enough rich with that for a long while, I think the game could be in perpetual development as long as I stay in power. But an important point about this game is it's going to be on a EA program like the other project on Steam. I doubt it would be on Steam unless I have more info about steam: Example: A bunch of fags. I'm going to be the project lead for this game.

So we're going to make a single map and work on it if things work well for us. And it will be playable by selected players or by all soon. Even if the State of the game is very poor. The map will have a small village in the center and farms on both side of it. It will be the beginnings of summer and it will be day time all the time. The map will be like 2km square but I'm not sure if it could get a little bigger or not, we'll see later.

One of the most important of this game should be the FPS part. So it will be similar all FPS but I think the movement I prefer for now is the one announce by Star Citizen that I did not try yet to know if it' good or not. So you can watch the video about it to know what I'm talking about and of short by me it appear to be realistic as much as possible and the body will angle in the direction it start to go in. Than the weapons will be like this: It will be something similar to ARM3 but without crossair or reticle. Of course it will have ads like in cod but not exactly like cod because you need to aim higher with a red dot. So you can't be precise if you run and shot. Unless you use the ads while running which is hard. You need to stop and aim and gain accuracy by stopping breathing. I'd work a lot of this if I'd be on the project and we'll need to make a huge plan for this one like the rest anyway. Good to point that for gameplay, all soldier will spawn with a modern m1 Garant(picture of the article) and something like rpg. This is because the gun heat in my game and the solider would not be able to do anything against the tank and chopper without rpg.

Depending on the team I'll have, we're going to have maybe a lot of cool weapons for soldier. And at the beginnings the game will contain a tank too. 2 tank by team. The rest, the chopper and plane will be make later.

So that's it for my overview on my FPS I'd made if God give me power and ask me to make a game. The team could be very large and of course 50-50 of men and women. Since it's going to be in EA, I doubt I'll write the whole project at once. I'm probably more going to see if things work well and we'll see than if I write a lot about it or not.

I'll add idea from this line in future edit:

-It will be make so cheating is not possible. Possibly cloud to avoid wallhack. But cloud without SS at the datacenter is useless in my case remember.

lundi 24 août 2015

Amoured Wafare EA

Not sure why God force me to play that cheating crap. First and like I said, they found a way to cheat legit and I'm not one of their fish. The progressive system is plain lame. I just played and the starting tank cannot even perforate enemy tank by shooting them in the back at close range.

So again, I'm not going to play game with such system. Now it's not the nerf, it's alpha tester that got 10x stronger tank for at least 2 month of playing and I bet that when I'll have the good tanks the game will cease to work.

The game is not even good with this gay and noobish gameplay. Auto-aim for the mass, wallhack for the mass and bright skin for the mass. Plain gay gameplay.

For the rest of the game, well it's good but it's not finished. It's EA like I said in the article tittle.

This game is worth 15 cent. Another scam for me. I can't believe they even still my cash in the front of the eyes of the whole place.

samedi 22 août 2015

Batman Arkam Knight ultra mini review

I'd for sure play this until the end. But unfortunately, the game is nagged and let me explain: First I cough them in Asylum to force me and possibly other to use walkthrough. Now I think they just want me to cheat to play games and either they make trap or either the game is nagged; Tell me the smart guy I am cannot beat the very first levels of this fucking awesome game; bs.

For the game, I will start this review by saying that other reviewer around are purely nuts or what could explain it is that they are all double agent working for Russia and China. I've play about 2 hours and I can say this game is surely a 9.9 on 10 and the reason why I took out a .1 is because it's a little bad port that could have been made bad port by any hacker around. So I'm thinking the whole story about this game to be a bad port could be a hack.

We're speaking about what I call the supreme complete game. Of course with time, games will get better than that but for now and compare to the competition like Shadow Of Mordor, this game is huge and so I mean complete. I guess it should offer like something 20 hours of gameplay.

The fighting is excellent, the Batmobile is awesome and whiners about it are plain gay and retarded. The menus, the interface is all great. The gameplay so damn great I can't believe it. I can't believe how this game is well made and complete I repeat.

I'll finish this by saying that there like 50 cool perks that are more complicated from one to another and this is so cool.

So anyway, go fuckyourself faggot if you made the hacks against me but at least Congrats for this great piece of technologies.


mercredi 29 juillet 2015

King Quest Review

 (Hot Gwendoline)

I did not finish the game but made a good part of it. Now I'm in a situation where I need to visit all places I've visit and try all object to all stuff and this is just boring like the King Quest I was playing 20 years ago on my 286. So I quit But this game have good points:

The graphics and art style is all good. Like I said in my impression, it even run well on a fast laptop. The quality of the game is good too. I think can say we got another 3A tittle with some bugs but nothing really bad. Pro voice actor and good script with some humour. I'm not sure if this game is for homos, women or family. Anyway, I have play this game because I think it was suitable for a family game. Also because violence starting to getting old and because it was a special game with a well time aimed theme: With the rumours that I'm a King and with the fact that I'm seeking for child these day and so being with kids a lot.

The quest or the puzzle or the riddle are interesting. Some of them are hard and some other are boring like the part I'm stuck on. There is also some action part that is not always that easy and kind of fun. Some stuff is a bit too naiseux.

There is some weird problem with the game and I wonder if it's not bugs, nag or 27 bs. Also it's for sure a publicity for the food market. The port from console is a bit bad but nothing real bad.

It's a nice evolution to the point and click and it work well. Of course place for better feature is there: For example, a map with teleport waypoint would make the game less boring at some point. And a must would be to stop the cutscene.

I doubt I'm going to finish this game and play the other chapter but I guess some will; Especially those you don't mind to play with walkthough but in my case, I'm not playing with walkthrough because it reduce me and because it's not good for my reputation imo. And it's also not really rewarding.

Note that the reason why I left the game could be a nag because the nags hit it in the game for about 5 times.

Edit 2 August: So I restarted playing and it look like a technique need to be use to complete some part. Also, I've encounter a glitch that could make people search for a long time and this is the fault of the glitch.

Edit 2, 2 August: I just finished it and I think I can say it make more sense than the King Quest 5 I've played when I was young. It can be finished just by logic and without too much messing around. 

King Quest: Can't pass the chivalry test? Here how! (Or a try to explain how...)

I will not give the good answer here. I don't remember and I'm not going to redone the game. Hopefully, there is video walkthrough on the net to find that. I'm going to tell you how to find the correct answer.

First you need to talk too all competitor completely beside Chaka that does not respond to anything.

There is two options of the 4 options of the 4 questions that will change as you speak with the gladiator.

Than you need to pass the questions. I'm not sure if you need to talk to all and pass the test and re-talk to all. If I were you, I'd talk to all and try to pass the test. Sometimes you need to talk again to some according to new info some gave you.

To past the test you need to:
  1. Choose random answer and try to get one question good out of 4
  2. If you have more than 1 correct, you need to get rid of one with try and fail
  3. When you have only one correct answer, you have a marker to find the second good answer with try and fail
  4. When you have one correct you need to find the second one. You need to know which one is the correct. With try and fail you can do that.
  5. To find the second answer you always need to keep the first good answer each turn. (a turn is a set of 4 question that repeat) And the second question you need to find the good one with fail and try. The third and fourth answer need to be selected to the same until you find the answer 2.
  6. When you found the answer 2, you can move to answer 3 and so on.
  7. When I say answer 2, I mean the second correct answer your going to hit. When I say first correct answer, I mean the fist correct answer of the 4 that you found.
I admit it's kind of hard to explain. Maybe I could need to take some times to try to explain how. God does not allow me to do that. Good luck and remember that a paper and pencil could be useful but not needed in my case(I pretend I'd need it for 6 or 8 answer)

mardi 28 juillet 2015

The new King Quest is good

So even if my gaming computer does not work, I tried the new King Quest released today on my fast laptop and it work well. The graphics are even nice. I was surprise of this anyway...

For the 15 minutes I've played, I'm more than surprise with how much fun I got with this game. The graphics, like I said, are nice and fluid even on a "slow" computer. The quality of the game is good and I think we can say this is a 3A product or at least A product. The gameplay that I knew would not be point and click like the rest of the old series is good and work very well; It was maybe a bit too easy but I expected the game to get harder as I advance. Unfortunately, the nag started and the game was over for me at a nice part where I was about to steal a mirror from a enchain dragon.

So I'd play for sure this game if it would work and I hope it as not been made by a bunch of homo masculine because in this case I'd for sure not play. Did the nagger give me a services?

Finally, I can say the game theme goes well with my episode so it was a nice idea of good imo to play this game.


So the nag are out now and I say that I'm not sure if this game is for kids or teen maybe. Anyway, as I play it more I don't think it's really suitable for the adult population. Maybe more a family game.

samedi 11 juillet 2015

I was trying to download the new Batman but I found a old pearl

So God force me again to watch if the new Batman got released on the same network of Steam, I mean torrent. So I do a mistake and download the first of the series according to Google. I say according to Google because I doubt this series started in 2009.

This game is damn great even if it's 6 years old. Of course it contain some flaws that are even medium level but it does not change that this game is awesome.

Unfortunately, the master of the universe decided that the whole world is not going to play and watch that.

And the game contain girls, a must for me to play...

Depth look good and much better than expected

There is a free demo on Steam for the weekend. So God force me to try it and for the 10 minutes I've play before He let me quit, I can say this look like a good game.

I don't think I could say it's a A3 product of what I've seen but far good enough for the 10$. I'm sure I'd play this for at least 5 hours with friends. I bet I'd curate this if I would play more.

So I repeat, until I found friends, I'm not playing. I'm playing friends only in mp otherwise for now I stay in sp.

Hitman Absolution is defect

By defect I mean it does not work correctly. And I will say here again why I'm talking about this game is because if the situation would have normal, I mean if I would fuck like the whole town, I would have play this game and this series. And since the new Hitman will be release this year and since Absolution is potent even if 3 years old, I decided to trow myself on the series.

So it started very well and I was really expecting a great game. But soon in the first tutorial mission I've encounter a bug that was really nasty but I can say it could be a little my fault. Than, the story was a total nonsense: After killing the first target, the back into the game make no sense: Not the in the same room.

So I decided because it was the tutorial mission to forget this and try another one and see if it would be better. But after playing the second mission, I can say this game is defect. I should not be detected while I've been and this make no sense in a stealth game.

This is unfortunate because if the game would have been fixed it would have been real good. Maybe it was rushed I don't know. And also the game have fast stealth which is excellent.

Also and finally, the reason why I'm playing such a game, a hitman game, is because I feel hitman is really part of this world and while some be criminals, I doubt they're are all. But I admit that in Absolution, the agent 47 from the story I've watch so far, was not correct. But hey perfection is not always needed, it's what I've judged.

jeudi 9 juillet 2015

Rocket league review

It's out since two day on Steam and some rumour pretend it's popular on Playstation network because it's free. 80 000 players yesterday the rumour said.

It's a nice little cyber-sport that has his problems.

First problem, the difficulty level. There is nothing between rookie and pro and even if rookie is not that easy because some team are better, why should a good player like me is needed to play a difficulty mode that sound for newbie of gaming or normal skilled players? Ok, I'm new at this game but like if I don't do good and like if the pro mode that should be normal mode is not too hard. The bots are plain insane at pro difficulty. Imo, the good teams of rookie should be all team of pro and the game would be fine than on that aspect.

Second, the price. It's a nice product, but I'd say 10$ could have more fair as a price. I could be mistaken on that although because if I play this more than 10 hours, the price could be correct. But I've played like 45 minutes and I'm already bored and I doubt I'm going to play more than that. But I'll keep the shortcut on the desktop and we'll see later if I play some more and if the price is all fine or not.

For the gameplay, it's fun and it work well. The graphics are nice and the interface is better than some 3A product; Must be because of the version that are kept for the best of the best. The music is ok but like always far from good music that up the mood when victory like it should.

One problem, the ball height on ground maker could have been indicated with colour and the game would make more sense in this case: Blue for high, orange for medium and red for close to the ground.

Also, I'm learning how to play and there is for sure space for teamwork. This game could be interesting to play with friends vs friends.

You can also customize the cars and this is a good feature. The tutorial and the menu is all good.


Graphics 9/10: Good art style and dated. Nice interface and menu. More content could have give 10.
Sound 5/10: Good sound but no good music.
Gameplay 8/10: Well done but some stuff is missing imo.

+ Cool little sportive game
+ Nice interface
+ Complete polished and finish game with mp and stats and tutorial

- Price
- Some problems about difficulty
- Feature missing that make the gameplay a bit odd. Ground maker ball height

I've think about it and for sportive and competition reason. I think it would be better to have a button that center on the ball on camera to play height. This would be better than color marker.


The rookie team does not hit the ball at start correctly: Too easy to score

And for competition matter, turbo should be remember on new rounds.

The menu selection don't goes to last option with reverse direction on first option.

mardi 30 juin 2015

PC versus Consoles

It was a time I did not care or know much about it and today even if I'm sure for PC, I still have no friends and this take out a lot of advantage of PC.

So first, where is the forums for console. It sound to me such a low IQ world a world without forums. For now God does not give me the best in term of forums even if I have Gamespot now but if things get better for me, I'll have friends and maybe a society and gaming without forums is just plain retarded imo, sorry if it insult. Forums are good to mental evolution imo. Of course, having a life with real physical friends is a must and a good mental evolution too. But like if 4 friends can come to something close 5 000 good users like a Gamespot forums has I estimate.

Where is the websites? I don't have much on this aspect either and again if I found a society things will change a lot. But even now, how could a console bring my anything on that aspect. No gaming website? You're not going to tell me this is not plain retarded?

Even if I was or I was estimating that hémogénie was good, now I have my doubt for it at least PC look and programs. How can a console reach the PC with only Teamspeak as an option: I'm sure only this program is 10 times better to talk with friends and manage teams; So count than all the other communication programs that can be found and be the taste of some other people. What about the sms and the webcam stuff?

Like if Youtube for streaming and making gaming video is not better than console if you find the good programs. Options less computing is plain lame.

And what about Steam, it is much better than the console downloading crap that have 10 years in retard. Just the refund function would make me go PC.

And most importantly, the mouse and keyboard control that is far superior in most games. And a controller is possible on PC. I pretend I'm 10x better with MNK. And there is not sportive tense on a couch. I need that to be competitive.

Also have a desktop screen is far superior to large screen for gaming imo. I see all the details and I much prefer the view.

Finally the options on pc look bigger and better. Even if some games lack a lot. Again, computer without options is plane lame and for sure an evil scheme.

PC got a major victory in my case. I'll leave the console for the noobs and I must admit that exclusivity on console is something that make me sick and I miss something for sure as an advanced gamer.

lundi 22 juin 2015

Dice tell us about the story of Mirror Edge, for those who forgot it


What would life be like if we willingly gave away our privacy?
What would our world look like if there were no governments, only corporations?
Who would save us from our oppressors? From ourselves?
Could a young woman, without any superpowers, be a catalyst for change?
Meet Faith, a young, carefree runner living on the rooftops of the city of Glass.
She is a fierce daredevil, graceful and elegant, and as efficient as she is powerful.

In a pristine city ruled by a ruthless Conglomerate made up of all-powerful corporations, privacy and personal freedom are things of the distant past. The citizens have become willing participants in their own enslavement, numbed into submission by pointless consumption and mindless entertainment. Anyone questioning the rulers is quietly removed, never to return. Fear keeps people in check while greed and envy drives them on.

Faith is a Runner living off the grid on the rooftops of the city. Proud and daring she takes on the toughest runs, working as a burglar, courier and corporate spy. Her life revolves around freedom and physicality, but when a single reckless choice tears her world apart she is reluctantly drawn into the anti-Conglomerate struggle. Refusing to compromise with her sense of what is right, Faith ends up on a collision course with the authorities, and her path takes her from the top of the tallest skyscraper down to the darkest tunnels below. Along the way she makes many new friends and enemies, and the city is forever changed in her wake.

Arrayed against her stands the Conglomerate and its powerful security arm KrugerSec, led by Gabriel Kruger – a proud man devoted to preserving the current order and to protect it against all enemies, internal and external. To him the ends justify the means, and he is willing to sacrifice anyone and anything to accomplish his goals.
Until now Kruger has ruled unopposed, but along comes Faith, and her journey transforms her into the catalyst for change that the city and its ailing populace so desperately needs.
This is the journey you will get to experience, the rise of Faith, her origin story.

Cool story, nice txt trailer!

vendredi 19 juin 2015

My suggestion to make Ark better

Been playing for a while and I'm surprise I don't not get hacked that much. So I made my way and grow up a lot and even made a tribes with two members now. They're cool but some problems could be fix with feature.

  • Personal box so the tribes members can't open it. This is kind of a must right now.
  • Queu system for all servers. The point of this game is to play on populated servers. And full servers is better. But how to rejoin without a queu system. With estimated time to join.
  • Of course the Dino movement need to reworked a lot or it's my version that is hacked. There is no fun almost for now to hunt dino. They warp and teleport and it make no sense. Imo each dino should have a way to be kill that need to be learn. Example, the turtle could need to be kill with spear in the back. Other need to be dodged and attack on the side like the Raptor.
  • The fence need to be rework a lot. While I made it to the supreme gate and a complete fence around my house, I got a little lucky and it was real hard to do. The fence foundation need to take place over all terrain and first click to connect another fence foundation than mouse move to select the angle and another click to install.
  • Ladder need work, very buggy.
  • Doors lag a bit?
  • Is tamming rewarding in xp? Should be...
  • Name of box, berry only.
  • Sort by kind and put all in box.
  • Double tab on number to craft instead of placing.
  • ESC for craft cancel(Important).
  • Last used in crafting menu.
  • Favorite in crafting menu.

jeudi 18 juin 2015

Ark Guide, efficiency and survivency

So I'm back in Ark, God force me, and it is not really better than my experience of COD. God tend to make me restart from scratch and it could be the third time that I need to restart: I've restarted two times and now I'm going to see if they have demolish my house or not which I presume is the same lamers that follow me around. Than the graphics are mess up now, and I say it's another hack, the water is green and I perfectly understand what the hacker or God meant. And it's clear why the sky is black too. I understand quite well their bs way.

Use the server browser of Steam. It got history and favorite. View, server in Steam toolbar.

So here the guide to survive and build a nice house. After that, the player just need to rise level and play with the stuff in the game.

First thing to do is to never quit the beach. The beach is most of the time safe because the deadly dinosaur like the Raptor does not come on the Beach. The T-Rex could be on the beach although, so if you see one, flew from that location and far. The reason why it's good to stay on the beach is because it's a good way to don't get lost. Not getting lost is important in a game like Ark, especially because the map is not finish yet. So if you don't leave the beach you should not get lost: There is most of the time 2 way you can go on a beach, so if you go in one way, to find back your house you just need to go reverse. Build your house on the beach and you can find all the stuff you need near the beach: Small animals to kill and get hides, trees for wood and hatch, rock for stone and flint. You can go more far than the beach but I don't suggest to do that unless I presume your overskilled like me. Or you could do a map on paper, kind of hard for normal people I guess.

So than when you found a good site, I mean without T-Rex near especially, you will do that:
  • Make a axepick with one stone found on the ground and wood and hatch took on trees with bare hands.
  • Take some food and fiber from the bush, do at least 15 bush for a start.
  • When level rise, choose weight to carry more. Search for hatchet and make it for woods on trees.
  • Always kill the duck, they're easy and give you precious hides.
  • Search for clothe and make them. Just shirt and pants is enough for now and should give you the opportunity to not get unconscious.
  • Don't forget to drink if you get low but you should find water quick if you stay on the beach.
  • Don't forget to eat if your angry and when you have ate all the stuff, you need to take 15 more bush.
  • On trees, Pickaxe for hatch and hatchet for wood. Same scheme for flint and stone on rock.
  • Search and make 3 spear. If one spear broke, make another one and always have 3 spear imo. Defend with it from players attack but flee is better. Spear kill duck easy.
  • Now it's time to build a little house. Search for base and make 4. Search for wall and make 7. Search for door way and make one. Search for door and make one. If you can't research for what I just said, gather more woods and hatch and make more base to rise level.
  • Now make a sleeping bag and remember this is just for one spawn. So another is needed to be make if you die. If you die without sleeping bags, you loose your base. You could make two. You need to find small animals to have hides that is necessary for make sleeping bags. You can find not dangerous animals if you search on the beach only. The ducks are not dangerous, other are.
  • Than you need to search for bed and find a lot of hide. Bed offer unlimited spawn.
  • Than you good to go to make a bigger house. Can me made with the existing one. Than make a wood house for more security.
  • Than just rise level and have fun!
  • Remember labyrinth base is best. Need base map on paper when big.


  • If you tame big dino, they will follow you and protect you. A lot of food is need to tame and slinshot is need to make it sleep to tame it.
  • Ducks can do damage, don't get too near and kill them with spears.
  • Making box to put your gather is good when you gather a lot.
  • Making more clothe will protect you from getting unconscious.
  • Fleeing animals is far superior than attacking them when you are normal player and just spears.
  • Fleeing bandits is better too, you can't loose your gather that way. If you have nothing in backpack, than you can have fund and kill the bandits.
  • I heard a rumours that you die easy from falling, be aware.
  • Always keep some wood, hatch, and flint in your inventory. So you can repair your hatchet and pickaxe
Good Luck!

Look like you could need to defend the house made with somehow bush. Because it's easy to demolish, it take 3 minutes to demolish a wall. I'm not sure how much time it take to demolish wood wall but I think it's important that bush house is made big enough so the raider will need to demolish a lot. I'm not sure if the bush house can pass a night, maybe it could be hide somewhere.

Edit2: While it could a bit boring, you should keep your ingram points if you are willing to reach high levels(25 example). Because if you waste your point of minor thing like wood sing and stand torch, you won't have enough for metal weapons and tools. Of course I've spend points on a lot of things before level 25 but only things I found very important.

If you found rock that give metal, note this location. The metal resource is rare and you'll need it at level 25 for metal weapon and hatchet and pick.

mercredi 17 juin 2015

New Forza 6 gameplay video with gamespot interview

I finally found out a video with some gameplay of this racing game. So I saw some slow and some fast car but unfortunately not the hyper car that interest me the most. I can see that it can rain now and this could be a cool feature. The graphics appear to be not really better than Grid Autosport.

The match making will be skill base: If you're slow, you get slow drivers and if you're fast...
24 players mp.

There is a lot of cars of what I heard. And not as much tracks. While cars of Grid Autosport was cool I guess that Forza 6 cars could be more interesting and more popular but not in my case btw. 

So of course this is for Xbox One only and it come out this september, the 15.

This is another great game I'm going to miss a lot. Anyway, would it work?


Fallout 4

At the Microsoft conference, Fallout 4 was one of the game appeared there. So it will be same theme as the 3, I mean we're getting out of a bunker after a major explosion, and we play on a destroyed town. And I see that a lot of things are the same like for example the mobile computer on arm. The most important thing is, it is now a shooter almost. Almost because the fight system of the 3 still there a little: You can pause the fight and choose where to fire?

Today, I just watched a video from the dev about the game and I found out it is also a crafting game. As shown in this video at 2:04. So I can't wait to see that in the game. Crafting is a lot of fun in Rust and Ark. And on a 3A product and from a great studios, I can't wait to see how good it will be.

E3 Presentation

Release date: November 10

Platform: PC XB1 PS4
Genre: FPS and role
Studios: Bethesda Game Studios
Official site:

mardi 16 juin 2015

From World of Tank to World of Warship

Ho yea, we're going on the water now with the World of Tank world and model. And the video, from a French guy, show a good game. Problem is, again, the gameplay is not exactly my taste:

While the wallhack does not look to be on in this one, I would have much prefer a realistic damage to the energy bar. I know I'm not the only one that complaint about that and the reason to this could be classified if you understand what I mean. Also, the vehicle buying system is not fair like I stated in this post.

So there is no submarine but you can get a cruiser, fast boat with torpedo, planes carrier, planes and of course destroyer class. There is like 80 ship, haha.

Release date: 2015, source Wikipedia
Current version: Beta
Official site:

Présentation du jeux en Français (The plane carrier part appear long, skip it to 12:12)

Amored Warfare, another tank game ala World of Tank and WarThunder but with modern tanks

This game is in alpha or something and it look promising. The problem is, it appear that the wallhack is on for the whole town. So I'm going to try it a little but for sure not going to play long. Anyway, I though it could be good to write a bit about it.

So I'm watching SideStrafe, that Youtuber, for a while playing it. I think the game require some bug fix like shooting through objects but most of it appear to be well finish. Modern tank and all the modern stuff sound to me much better than ww2 retardation. Hellfire from light tank, Tanks on wheel and even good artillery that we can see in the video that I'm going to give at the end of this post. In modernity, tanks are faster and stronger. This can only be good for the gameplay: If something is annoying and boring with WOT and WT it's the slow tanks that are almost all tanks.

The game is like the two others for choosing the tank: So xp point and cash. And you buy them from mercenary black market or something like that. I think I prefer this idea to nation. I don't really like to play Germans until I get German and btw I don't really like to play their weapons either: My tank game would have fictional modern tanks. There is a lot of more stuff to get and buy, gadget and the crew thing(see French video at the end of this post for more info). All this look pretty good. There is not a tons of tanks but I estimate like 40. Which is far enough to play a while.

I'm very sad of the Gameplay chosen by Obsidian Entertainment like I was for those who made the two other ww2 tank games. This is a very bad gameplay for me. Wallhack is a crap. And even if it's possible for my mind to make wallhack in modern tank, I doubt I could start playing a tank game with wallhack. Also I'm not even sure if the wallhack is for everybody. They could try to make me use the hack to kill my clean reputation. Also, I prefer the MWO model for getting vehicle and stuff but if I play the first day it's release than it sound fair to me. But for new comer that come some times after release, it is not fair; That's why I claim that buying model is not good. I also almost pretend that it has been made for legit cheating purpose.

Release date: Unknown
Current version: EA
Official site:

SideStrafe doing some ownage
Présentation du jeux par un autre Youtuber(French)

mardi 9 juin 2015

I wish I could have my private life and make a game

And I'd do Dune HD.

After doing a market study, I could start. A market study, I do that with like 5 social agent that know 30 gamers each and got the forums or the chat. If it pass, I mean if most of the social agent say people are interested, let's go. I'd not make games that don't sell.

The game is quite simple if you played Dune. It require a small team. I'm not sure how much time it will require with small team although. Of course the team could be bigger.

So the project would start by that: All the members of the team need to play Dune 1 and finish it.

The game will look like it a lot. Keep it base but would have a little different story and more stuff in the command screen among with maybe new stuff in the adventure view. (Third view)

It's simple, it's only picture that get draw in full screen. With a story and maybe voice actor. Of course there is the third view control and menu with the picture draw in full screen.

So I need imo:

Me lead project.
One programmer.
One sound artist.
I guess like 4 CG artist. The game is not in 3D, the art would be in CG. Like if you take a ss of Final Fantasy movie.
Could have a voice actor studio for better quality of the product.
Could have a CG video studio. It has a starting scene in CG and maybe some scene in mid story and one end one. For better quality too.

I'm not sure if a visual program studio is made for the task. I expect the change high that such thing exist.
So I'd use that. I could do that in command line, I think, but I guess it will take a lot more time.

Thanks for reading my dreams. God force me to type that.

dimanche 7 juin 2015

Guide for COH2

I'm writing this just for fun because I have nothing to do. I just beated what is supposed to be the bot and at easy. I doubt I have competition at easy and I got competition. I beated it and I did not play for like 9 months. So I'm about sure I was right back when it got released about what it need to be done to win at this game.

Simple math:
Take a vls and hit 100 in 5 minutes.
Take a oil point and get 50 of fuel minutes.

So at 5 minutes, I can almost do a tank. While my opponent got vls point. With a tank, I destroy his troops easy because he got no tank.

Tell me I'm wrong. Must be a troll for sure.

So what it need to be done is quite simple. It's the race for the oil imo. But of course you got to have infantry resource too. But if you got a tank before he got his, the infantry can't do anything nearly. At least if they are the Russian; Because in the case that it is against the German, problem could appear because of the panzerfaust. And than later in game the panzerchreck I think, which is even more deadly and shoot at longer range.

So my plan is to make the tank faster than the opponent. But make enough infantry to not loose the oil depot. When the tank are made and when the tank are beated or not there, it's a win for sure.

Things to do is also to take minor depot or flag for resources. And for the vls, rather take them later if the game is very tight. At some point, it is for sure a necessity to take the vls otherwise it's a lost by vls.

Other important thing to win is use well the grenade of all kinds against the infantry. This is very deadly.

Taking cover when fighting infantry with infantry is very important too. Use the bush all the the stuff that can cover.

Using the house is important too. Sometimes it can save the life of a whole squad when overloaded of enemy. And other times, it can be good to ambush.

Ambushing with covered unit sound good to me. Should work.

As German, the strong point are the panzerfaust. This is a must and need to be use to win. I'm not sure what the Russian get to balance the power of this.

Special infantry units such as MG and Mortar are good in theorie but they are hard to use. So I'd forget them and always take regular infantry and engineer. To not forget to take the infantry with panzerfaust ability.

Cutting their support sound a good tactic to me. Rushing at start could work to confuse the enemy.
By cutting support, I mean taking far away flag so his territory is cut and the oil depot and infantry points depot cannot work and gather resources.

For the kind of tank. Tank with a mg sound best. Topless tank are not really recommended.

Good luck friends. Can't wait to read the comment so I can see if my guide work and also get new tricks.               

samedi 6 juin 2015

Look like that Steam cannot be called scammer anymore

Some days ago Steam made a new feature that let you ask for refund if you bough a pile of shit like Ark.

So I did ask for a refund and after like 2 days or so, I got my refund in my email.

I'm surprise that this feature is even working for me. Look like I won't have problems with games that I was force to try.

Also remember, you have 14 days to ask for refund and you should not have play more than 2 hours. But in my case with Ark, it took me 3 hours to figure out it was a piece of shit and Valve or steam gave me the refund anyway.

vendredi 5 juin 2015

So how my 3D engine work with the software and how they use it

A 3D engine to me is a program that can be call to render form on a screen. So the 3D engine can render a square on x position. And camera, which is another program of the 3D engine can move on xyz location.

So now, I can send a command to the engine. Render square at xyz. And another place camera at xyz. And another, w for moving the camera ahead 0.5 feet for 400ms push.

Now like if I'm going to write this in command line. Now another program that look like 3DMAX will do this job in graphics command instead of using command line. So 3DMAX is a program that write the command line and when it write command line it has receive graphical order such as push on buttons.

Now I'll call my 3DMAX, ENGINEC, for control. All the enginec need to be like I was doing program with visual basic. So when he push the form square on the toolbox, the user than hover over the main screen of the enginec and place the square on the centre of it. So enginec send a command line to the 3D engine and receive than a file in real time that is the directive to render on screen. I guess this real time file from the engine need to be send to the video card and the video card will send a signal to the screen.

Now enginec have another function to program just like visual basic instead of doing some 3DMAX stuff. This is where goes the IA that I just posted on my blog.

And finally all this is compile by the enginec to make an installer for the client.

Man this is easy to say I know.

How I would program the bots or the dinosaur in Ark(From someone that barely know what if else mean)

There is categories of dinosaur. There is the huge one and the raptor size for example. An AI that I call a script need to be made for each categories. Of course with some change on each dinosaur.

Let's start with the rule for all of the dinosaur:
I will with the map maker, put marker-structure around all stuff that cannot be enter in. The rock and trees for example. The maker are some kind of line that would like to be use like the laso in photoshop. The reason of these marker is if the dino go near that it will turn around or go back. Sound easier to me to make the pathfinding that way.

Than come the ground. They need to place their foot on the ground. So on this, the ground will receive colour first on the map maker-terrain. These colour can be switch on\off of course when the mapper work on something else. Green would meant normal ground and red impasse. These colour are marker again for the AI program that expect I'll need. Now I'm not sure how I could make the foot on the right angle with the angle of the terrain. Sound like there is always a xyz for the dino and xyz for the map. I mean, anywhere you can go in the map, you have a xyz. So when the dino is in a region it first check, the program first check, what angle the foot need to be by checking the xyz location and value of this location that define the angle of the ground. I will for sure need to work on this a lot. I'm not even sure if foot need to be that accurate btw.

For the Trex:
There is maker on the dino. Marker one is on the end of the face and some other on the foot and tale. If maker1(end of face) touch marker red-structure than turn random direction and move until you find another structure marker. The first if of the AI program is always the foot angle. So if maker green can go, if map xyz angle 30 degree, foot 30 degree. If marker-terrain red, random turn around or direction, move until marker-structure or maker-terrain.

It's not that hard imo. I'm sure I can do it.

For the house, use the marker on the dino and if maker-dino is 1mm of marker-strucutre(house), turn random: turn around or direction.

Now the problem with ark is teleportation, no clue how to fix this. And for the animation that is kind of messy when he turn, I don't undertand how to do that. I guess that the program need to say that when x happend use module dino move(another program that has command line for directing or facing a 3d model on a map) on x direction.

When I do a program like Ark, it come with a 3d engine? I guess this is module that can be call with command and switch?

jeudi 4 juin 2015

Steam refund

This is the new thing from Steam. What a great feature. More than that, I think that Steam win in reputation with this thing. Can we say that Steam is now scam free? I think yes!

Does it work? I don't think my current try of this new system(Because Ark does not work) can represent the whole user base but it could give a bit an idea. We'll see if I get this refund...

I really think some studios could close because of this and income of steam could lower. When I was saying that being more at the left lead to less income for the rich or the dominant class, does it get clearer now? Are we seeing a change in the administration of the towns?

mercredi 6 mai 2015

Old Blood review

Start with as good as the first episode was. Than come the first problem, which is the bad checkpoint. And just after that, the way to pass a level that appear to be real hard and long with just a simple bot manipulation. What I mean is this game is not perfect and some aspect are not finish. Also one time, a part of a map was not looking as good as the rest, I guess not polished enough. The problems does not end there, the story at some part make no sense, the wine drinking...

But aside this, the game is very good. The graphics are fantastic at a good rate. The sound is good but somethings is weird, I cannot hear soldier from behind, but hey on this point, it could be the food market and their hack... The gameplay is so good, the gunfight are very cool. The stealth work perfect and the level are well designed to make it work.

For the new stuff, we got the head that blow which is real cool. We got the new story that is interesting and surprising. We got the new weapons that kick as much as the first episode. And also the new NPC and the BOSS that are all cool to beat and own.

The game is not long for a good player like me. But I could take more time for players that could play slower and it could have replayable time with this game. I could possibly replay this game and try to beat all with stealth. So for the price, I think we can say it's fair. Of course it does not match with the price of the mp games like Hardline that let us play 80 hours for 60$.

So you can't miss this game imo.


Good points:
  • Great graphics
  • Gameplay that work well
  • Difficulty changer on the fly
Bad points:
  • Two to one A product?
Note and edit:
I've said the game could be good for replayble time but when I try to replay it there is no skip of the talk all around. So...

Also, when I said that I've pass a part with AI manipualtion, I notice when I replay at the hardest level that it can't be done anymore with the same manipulation. Did the game was meant for Uber difficulty?

Edit2: It appear that it is my version of the game that have story problem. In a correct version there is no story problem. Also, in a correct version, the checkpoints appear to be all fine but I'm not sure abou tthis. This said, I give this game a 10 on 10 than.

mardi 28 avril 2015

The new carnagedon

It is in EA and since I don't have the cash, I mean in not rich with a xbox I can't afford all the games God want me to play. So God decided to force me to hack it, so I did.

So everything was working well until he ask me to be a gentlemen in this game. He said, clean racing please.

This remember me some good souvenir. I was playing this when I was young and this was damm hot. Now the game come back with some ok graphics. This is unfortunate that this game does not have dated graphics. For the rest, it is good as the old one I was playing on I think a pentium 133, lol.

I'd for sure get that if I had the cash and if I could play this insane and décadent game.

Dedicated servers for the new COD!?

Nofrag claim that the new COD will have dedicated servers. And nofrag give a note that say that they already said that for AW and no dedicated servers in AW at release.

First, for now I have no friends but if things change, I'm for sure going to play with friends only. So dedicated servers would be needed to not say a must because otherwise I'll find other games.

Second, other games has it and I say that battlelog is advanced compare to COD.

Third, it's not that long to do imo. And with module, made for one COD and for all. If I'm mistaken on this than maybe I could pass the dedicated server for now but anyway I do not have the roadmap.

Fourth, piss off the cheaters with this...

lundi 27 avril 2015

KF2 guide

So I've manage to pass all the wave and even beat the boss. This guide will tell the trick I've found out so far that lead to mission success.

First it is good to note that I think I'm nerfed on some zed(zombies). So I'm not sure if this guide is totally accurate.

This page could be useful to understand which zed I'm talking about:

Let's start by the most common zed, the clot. The first wave almost only contain clot and the other wave have some too. Here a picture of this ho:
So they are easy and the weakest zed on the game. But they take ammo and time and they can sometimes be annoying or should I say dangerous when others large monster are needed to be kill quick. In the first wave, they are easy and ammo management is not really important for a good gunner as me but could be for normal gunner. So you can just aim anywhere on it in the first wave to kill it. If you want to save ammo, you need to shot the head first than couple of shots on the body. If you want to be real good like me, you need to get real near of it and than with the 3 shot starting riffle aim for the aim without ads and shot the first shot in the head and the rest of the burst in the body. This technique is great and work great but you need the good angle. The clot need to face you to do that. I rarely succeed to do that when he does not face me. In the superior wave and hard wave and at the difficulty I'm playing, winning time and saving ammo is a must to pass the wave.

Edit: Note that it appear that for some reason you can only shot the head at very close range and get the kill like if you have shot the head once and the body once too. It's God that made me write this, I was not aiming the head first than the rest of the burst on the body. Now I do it but I was not.

Than come the other that look alike it(slasher and the cyst). Check out the first link I posted in this post. Same technique can be use.

Ok now the Crawler. This one is easy. It require I think 2 bullet of the starting riffle. So again if you mind about ammo management and time spare for less reload and less time on it, you need to aim with ads and shot just a little burst. A great gunner like me does not need ads to kill those...

The bloat: Ok so this one is only dangerous if it get too close and he is slow. The right thing to do with this ho is to first get rid of his head so he loose what of his capability, the green shit trow. With no head he can still hit with his blade but he is slow so. In a kaos battle, I take out his head as soon as I can and than get rid of the other more fast and more dangerous zed. Than I come back and finish this fat ho.

Edit: It appear that if you take out the head you do not need to take out the rest of it, it die after 5 meters of walking.

Ok this one is like the clot somehow but he got blade and I think he is quicker. The same technique as the clot can be use but don't get too near. If he start to attack than most gunner I guess need to forget the head and shot anywhere on it.

Simple, just aim the head until he blow up than finish it on the body.

Ok so this one can shot at range. If you see a ball of fire starting to grow on it, you better run out of were you are. Than you shoot it in the head until it blow and than finish it with some shots on the body.

SCRAKE: OK this is our priority target. Everybody quit aiming on other target and shot on this one. If you can when he is far, you can do a lot of damage in the head but if he start attacking and spinning like mad, it appear that aiming the body is more efficient. A good team player and a good team center fire on this one as it appear. If this guy is not kill he can easily wipe out a entire team. I got kill several time by this one.

FLESHPOUND: Same as the Scrake. But this one is not as slow. He should be kill and hunt before the Scrake. Of course if we start to shoot a scrake for a lot of times and he is almost dead, better finish it before starting to shot the Fleshpound.

Ho yea and keep the grenade for the Scrake and the Fleshpound imo. Sometimes you can easily hit couple of grenades because they don't move because they are attacking or stuck.

For the BOSS. Well ok so everybody shot at him. The smart players will figure out how to stay alive. Use the nade when he start being red colour. Aim the head if you can but if you miss to much, rather aim the body. Be careful, he shot at range, so run when he start saying he shot stuff, yellow and red stuff. A good team in require to beat this beast at my game difficulty. Ho yea and don't forget to flew and heal if your hurt.

So this is it, I'd finish this by it is always better to stay in large team(whole roster) and some area of the maps appear to be better than other to take the wave. A clean and large field is greater imo. Closing door could be useful, I'm not sure of this.

Good luck

lundi 6 avril 2015

Sound like conquest is obsolete

I played this for a long time, since bf started. And now with the new mode blood money of Hardline, I think I can say that conquest is obsolete.

Conquest is a lot of fun still. But for a while now I believe that it make no sense.(At least in pubs) Take a spot than move to another one, than come back to take that spot. Do that for years, I feel like we're running around like retards with not clear objective that make sense. To me it make no sense like when everybody camp in TDM. Now with blood money, the game make much more sense. I'm not sure how to explain but the sure thing is, I found this new mode much more sense.

I think I can say that conquest is all over for me in BFH. I think I'm going to play blood money only until I got bored or maybe until I get unlocked so I can play some round base.

Now I don't think that this mode will move to other bf since it's very related to the theme. So maybe conquest will be back for me and bf in the future if no new mode are created.

Argent Sale!

mardi 31 mars 2015

I'm sorry but no cheating also mean

Also mean not more information about the games from the devs. And while this is not my number one concern and while this is not a major problem, I claim that cheating with hax is one thing, cheating with more information from the dev is another thing.

Imo for fairness and to be clean. The whole dev team should not parse information to their affiliated team. They should just keep this info for their own team only.

Now I pretend that what the youtuber like Driftor does is perfectly legal and clean. It's up the team and the leader of it to educated their members and seek for information about the games.

samedi 28 mars 2015

I can't believe how good I'm doing at Hardline

I mean I nearly ever die and I think I can easily do 1 for 30 of ratio. Their anti rambo hack don't allow me to do more than 1 for 1. I'm not sure what the fuck is going on. I'm not sure if they are a bunch of cry baby or if they want to sell me it and I wonder if I'll know someday.

So I doubt God will unleash hell someday and anyway the most funny thing that appear to upset God is that I would not play and pass my time with my gfs instead.

I think it's possible that if God quit this lame bs it's going to be 1k for the one that kill me or something. What a joke.

Hardline sp, impression

So it started ok and everything was going fine until I have quit for the mp for a while and when I came back I found out that one of the tools of the cops, the badge, did not work anymore. So I guess I can't complete the game because it appear that the badge is a necessity.

This is unfortunate because I think this game is good. Maybe some no sense after a while of playing it but anyway I wonder how a game like this could be full of sense. The stealth is a nice thing and it work well. I'd for sure play stealth all game long but again I can't because of the badge.

So I'm sure it would have been a lot of fun to play this very nice graphic games but look like the master of the universe decided that I shall not play this game for too long.

dimanche 22 mars 2015

Hardline review. MP.

Even if this is not like bf4, I say this is another bf. And a good one. Different gameplay that focus more on infantry fighting than vehicle like I said. There is a lot of little things that make it better than bf4 along with the graphics that is better and run well on my computer that again equal to something like a Xbox One.

Like the rest of games, we got about got the same amount of maps. Well designed maps and very fun to play on. The graphics of these maps are very good. Again, there is a lot of maps that focus more on infantry only. It will take me much more time to know all these maps well and so far everything is fine and work well.

For the guns, we do not have the same heavy amount that bf4 has. But it's not that bad. We still get a good variety of it. This will also take me much more time to use all the stuff in it. Especially that cash is needed to get new guns. Each guns got a lot of good sight and gadget.

There is a lot of gamemode to play on and I don't even know what is the point of most of them. But it's good to point that BF now have a round based game and this is very cool. If a good server is found, I mean 10 players max, it's a very good gameplay that could beat csgo. I'm for sure going to play a lot of this. Other gamemode are fun. Blood money is a lot of fun.

So I give a 9/10 for this game and take out one point for the car collision that really need some work. Modern racing games are far superior on that point and one of the popular mode blood money would be much more better with this aspect corrected.

So now, upon God request, I'll give the good points and bad points of games so here it is for this one.

Good points
  • Excellent graphics that run well.
  • BF gameplay at his best.
  • 3A games, no bugs and everything work well on good and nice menu.
Bad points
  • Car collision that make look the game as a second line product.
  • Lack of content compare to bf4 and the price.
  • Hacks are plain lame, Grandma is the best and she never played. 
  • Bad music.
So again congrats to EA and Dice and Viceral for their great work. Keep making awesome games for all of us.