dimanche 7 juin 2015

Guide for COH2

I'm writing this just for fun because I have nothing to do. I just beated what is supposed to be the bot and at easy. I doubt I have competition at easy and I got competition. I beated it and I did not play for like 9 months. So I'm about sure I was right back when it got released about what it need to be done to win at this game.

Simple math:
Take a vls and hit 100 in 5 minutes.
Take a oil point and get 50 of fuel minutes.

So at 5 minutes, I can almost do a tank. While my opponent got vls point. With a tank, I destroy his troops easy because he got no tank.

Tell me I'm wrong. Must be a troll for sure.

So what it need to be done is quite simple. It's the race for the oil imo. But of course you got to have infantry resource too. But if you got a tank before he got his, the infantry can't do anything nearly. At least if they are the Russian; Because in the case that it is against the German, problem could appear because of the panzerfaust. And than later in game the panzerchreck I think, which is even more deadly and shoot at longer range.

So my plan is to make the tank faster than the opponent. But make enough infantry to not loose the oil depot. When the tank are made and when the tank are beated or not there, it's a win for sure.

Things to do is also to take minor depot or flag for resources. And for the vls, rather take them later if the game is very tight. At some point, it is for sure a necessity to take the vls otherwise it's a lost by vls.

Other important thing to win is use well the grenade of all kinds against the infantry. This is very deadly.

Taking cover when fighting infantry with infantry is very important too. Use the bush all the the stuff that can cover.

Using the house is important too. Sometimes it can save the life of a whole squad when overloaded of enemy. And other times, it can be good to ambush.

Ambushing with covered unit sound good to me. Should work.

As German, the strong point are the panzerfaust. This is a must and need to be use to win. I'm not sure what the Russian get to balance the power of this.

Special infantry units such as MG and Mortar are good in theorie but they are hard to use. So I'd forget them and always take regular infantry and engineer. To not forget to take the infantry with panzerfaust ability.

Cutting their support sound a good tactic to me. Rushing at start could work to confuse the enemy.
By cutting support, I mean taking far away flag so his territory is cut and the oil depot and infantry points depot cannot work and gather resources.

For the kind of tank. Tank with a mg sound best. Topless tank are not really recommended.

Good luck friends. Can't wait to read the comment so I can see if my guide work and also get new tricks.               

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