vendredi 19 juin 2015

My suggestion to make Ark better

Been playing for a while and I'm surprise I don't not get hacked that much. So I made my way and grow up a lot and even made a tribes with two members now. They're cool but some problems could be fix with feature.

  • Personal box so the tribes members can't open it. This is kind of a must right now.
  • Queu system for all servers. The point of this game is to play on populated servers. And full servers is better. But how to rejoin without a queu system. With estimated time to join.
  • Of course the Dino movement need to reworked a lot or it's my version that is hacked. There is no fun almost for now to hunt dino. They warp and teleport and it make no sense. Imo each dino should have a way to be kill that need to be learn. Example, the turtle could need to be kill with spear in the back. Other need to be dodged and attack on the side like the Raptor.
  • The fence need to be rework a lot. While I made it to the supreme gate and a complete fence around my house, I got a little lucky and it was real hard to do. The fence foundation need to take place over all terrain and first click to connect another fence foundation than mouse move to select the angle and another click to install.
  • Ladder need work, very buggy.
  • Doors lag a bit?
  • Is tamming rewarding in xp? Should be...
  • Name of box, berry only.
  • Sort by kind and put all in box.
  • Double tab on number to craft instead of placing.
  • ESC for craft cancel(Important).
  • Last used in crafting menu.
  • Favorite in crafting menu.

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