samedi 28 mai 2016

It's unfuckingbeleivable, I can reach a ratio of 1:4 in Overwatch (And Overwatch review)

I can't believe it. I can do good to very good sometimes with more than 10 streak. Of course it does not work well all the time but anyway. My problems is due to the players using the bot too much and me that maybe does not the full damage all the time.

For the game, it's good but it has its problem.

The graphics are not the best around and are special. Anyway I like them and it run very well on my computer and I expect on a lot of computer; Which is a very good point.

The sound is top quality like most games but of course a little cheap maybe with not much diversity.

The gameplay is nice and fun but the problem of the game is here and it's about the balance and the fact that not everybody use bots. So I guess that some heroes are op when everybody is using the bot but when not some heroes are plain useless and really underpowered. I feel like some heroes are op too, like the one that shoot grenade.

Also I think the price is bit high for the content and especially for the maps: We don't have a lot of maps for a mp game only.

So I give this game a 8/10

(My preferred heroes)

dimanche 15 mai 2016

Doom Review

It start fast with a trow in the action just like Wolfenstein. And the graphics are impressive from this moment. And one of the reason why not a 9 or 10 as final score: The Xbox controller need to be disconnected to play as pc with K&M.

The graphics are very good. I can say better than Wolfenstein but on this point it could only be matter of taste. Since this game is not only about shooting demons but also to find your way and explore maps, the graphics make this part of the game very cool. But the graphics are not perfect, I feel that some part of the game has not the same quality or the same finish compare to the best of it. I'm sorry if I said this game is the graphic king of SP because after thinking about it, I think I cannot say it's better than Frostbite games with vehicle and levolution. But on some aspect, I still say that the graphics are best around; Like for example the blood and guts.

The gameplay is a mix of shooting, exploring, climbing and jumping and a bit of puzzle and also somehow puzzle because finding your way around is not that easy even with the mini-maps. There is also the secret that can be search if you are bigger fan than me. The shooting gameplay is very good. It mix ammo management, weapons management(what gun to use of what demons) and target priority(Which monster to kill first). All this with great guns that all make sense, even the pistol. The guns are so good, especially my preferred one, the no recoil, no reload AR. The demons are very cool to fight with. This is fast-paced battle that require good players to move on the next level. And some monster like the boss and the mini-boss, those that are bigs, are so nice graphically and so satisfying to kill. At the difficulty of my version, which is hard to very hard for normal people, it's very challenging and I'm better be smart and very fast to beat all this wave of maniac demons. It's not like you can only run and gun, you need to use a technique for each demons and like I said previously in this paragraph, the good guns for each demons. Than come the exploring part of the gameplay and like I said with these nice graphics, the voyage has been so cool for 10 hours of gaming on this game. Most of the level or maps are so nice and there is a lot of stuff to interact with like the door and the stuff you can find around. Plus some puzzle that you need to find the solution. And it would be very good to point the good work they did on the mini-maps when escape is pushed. They're so nice but not perfect. Than come the climbing and jumping gameplay that make the game hard for most people and not too much repetitive. It has been a lot of fun to beat this somehow puzzle and climb one KM high. And all this climbing and jumping work so well. Finally about the gameplay: The ammo and stuff management: Stuff that you need to find around the maps to keep advancing in the game. This aspect, similar to Wolfenstein have been a lot of fun too.

Of course the game is working with very good sound and ok music in my version. The sound is for sure a great piece of work and it has been very immersive.

The interface and the menu is also very good. Everything work fine. Of course I've seen better as a key rebinder.

And the game come also with a very good mp that I tried for 15 minutes. Not sure why they all whine about this mp. They must be gay or something.

And for a price, it also come with this very good Snapmap hub and creation tools that appear to make a lot of sense.

But the launcher is a joke: You need to restart two times the game to play the mp and the logo cannot be skippable and for these reason plus the fact that the game is bit repititive, I cannot give a score higher than 8.8.

So the final score for Gaming 24 opinion is 8.8. So a great piece of software!

Great graphics
Great FPS
Come with a mp and Snapmap

Some retardation

I did not finish the game when I wrote the review. I though I was at the end but I was 2 level before it.

I want to say in this edit that after thinking about it, I give this game a 9.9/10. The only reason why I don't give it a 10 is the retardation(Cannot skip logo, mp launcher)


vendredi 13 mai 2016

Doom, Deep Impression

God ask me to write a review now because people is waiting for it. I'm not going to speed run the game because it's no fun and I cannot have a review copy because I say I need to play it at the same time as everybody to not spoil the whole thing. So here something new for Gaming 24, Deep Impression.


So after playing three hours of the campaign, I can say I have a good idea of how good is this game and it's good, very good. Another great product on our network.

But it's not perfect, there is problem. Let's start by the logo replayed each time the game start. I can't believe how this is retarded. Even if I found a hack for that and did not install it, I can't believe it. Than the launcher for the mp is not good: You need to load the sp first than reload the mp. I guess this game has been rushed a little. This could be very annoying for a lot of people.

Than I'll talk about the graphics that are so fucking awesome. Doom 4 is now the graphic king(sp) in my book and the fight is near with Wolfenstein, BF4 and Battlefront. I think Doom 4 is a bit ahead at some point. It's good to make note that the graphics are not always as good as the best part: The outdoor for example is not always as good. But still this is a minor problem.

The campaign is in French for me and this is very good. Everything is in French and this rock for me because I don't always understand everything in English. So for the French players, this is a good point. 

But even with the French campaign, I hardly understand the campaign. This is maybe because I very distracted with my job and God. Anyway, from what I have understand, the story and the campaign is interesting. I did about four mission so far I think and I'm about to go in hell this will get very interesting.

The gameplay is a lot of fun. But it's good to point that this is hard game even at normal difficulty. I did not try the easy mode to figure out if everybody could play this game. At normal difficulty it's challenging and at hard, you need to be perfect almost to pass the level.  The mix of shooting and glory kill is a lot of fun; Glory kill as well made: You don't get hit while doing them. The guns are a lot of fun to use. Especially the AR which is terrific. I can't wait to see the rest of guns.

You need to find your way in the level and this could be hard for some people. You have been warned! On this subject, I make note to all the great maps that give the ability to discover all the secret area and stuff.

For the sound and music, it's all fine for the sound but for the music, it suck and I think it's my version. Or maybe they did not invest in the music and they should have imo.

I'll finish this post with Snapmap that is so cool. Not only because you can learn and create map easily but because it's somehow a hub that give the opportunity to be connected, share and try a lot of cool custom maps. 

8.5/10 so far. I did about 4 mission, remember. I think there is 10.

See you in hell!

jeudi 12 mai 2016

Doom 4 Impression

Again Steam lack of sense and don't unlock the game one hour before the release. Which make us wait 30 minutes to unlock the game. How gay.

Anyway, the game appear to work ok. Not perfect because I pretend my version got defect difficulty level: Hard level is way too hard and non sense.

The graphics are very good to good. Depending on the area, the graphics can be better or worse.

The gameplay is very good and challenging even at normal difficulty. But remember my difficulty level are most likely fucked up so I don't pose myself on the forum saying I've beat uber quite easily while the noobs can't even beat very easy with their bots.

The mp is a joke in French. The announcer is plain GAY. And they all cheat like crazy retards: I can't make a ratio better than 1:1. Look like the looser win again. It's for sure a plot to shit on the French language. And I bet it's the frogs of France that did the plot!

I expect this game to have a 8/10 on the final review and I recommend it so far. But you need to be good to play this, keep that in mind.

vendredi 6 mai 2016

The next Battlefield will be in WW1

Look like IGN was right a while back.

I've seen half the nice presentation or world premiere show and I think this could be real good. Looking at how good the game of Dice and EA are, I'm sure this will make change and be good.

Like Farcry primal, I have some concern about the era because of the lack of weapons and especially automatic weapons but anyway I doubt EA and Dice could mess this up. Also, I could have created a semi-automic mood around with my cosmos and my view on what the military should use as main riffle.

We can see in the trailer, zeppelin, gas, cavalry and of course tanks and plane. With the nice levolution maybe!

Here the trailer:

I think the game will be release this year October 21.