mardi 25 octobre 2016

BF1 Review

I've nearly finished the campaign and played a little mp but I played a lot more the beta which is the same at the end. So God urge me to write the review, like always, and I think I can write it now.



I can't say that despite the technical problem such as some nasty bug, the campaign is impressive and this is very well working game or program and it offer a real nice gaming experience.

Infantry fight to tank battle to air fight with even big air balloon over London, all this stuff are, I'll say again, working very well.

But the story is a bit so so. Like a retarded movie with a lot of errors and no sense.

The graphics are excellent, the sound is impressive, the menus are cool and the interface work well.

This game is for sure another great product of our.


Tanks are OP and this is retarded.
In my matching the players are cheating like crazy and are all better gunner than me by 3X.

But if you can find a good server with some decent players, the fun should be high.

It's a good BF anyway. I just don't understand why the tanks are so powerful and maybe it's because they wanted to follow the theme, ww1, where the tank was real good because the lack of AT weapons of this time. And btw, as a note, the reason why the tank are OP is because of lack of AT weapons.


So Doom still the best game this year and this come second because of the mp that did not work for me and the nags in the sp.


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