lundi 7 novembre 2016

Titanfall 2 Review

What the second episode of the series bring the best is the new graphics that rocks. But also the campaign that is a lot of fun and made with quality. For the rest, the MP, it's almost the same with new maps.

The campaign has not the quality of the graphics of BF1, nor the stealth mechanic but still it's a very good single player experience. The most impressive thing of this SP is the first Titanfall gameplay put in a single player game. Than, like I said, the very good new graphics and finally the diversity of the gameplay of the campaign: From Titan battle to wall running to some great typical FPS mechanic that rock.

I did not finish the campaign due to some nag and hack but I would have for sure in normality.

For the MP, it's about the same with a lot of cool new stuff. And some deception such as no more shield on the Titan; I don't understand why they did this and I can say that now, the Titan are far less good for very good pilot such as me.

I can say that the MP maybe lack a little of stuff but it's a pretty solid MP game anyway. There is also not much players even at peak but for sure enough to find games for a while.

Good Game Respawn, 9/10
Titanfall 1 and 2 still the king of wall running FPS known Gaming 24 games!

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