mardi 31 mars 2015

I'm sorry but no cheating also mean

Also mean not more information about the games from the devs. And while this is not my number one concern and while this is not a major problem, I claim that cheating with hax is one thing, cheating with more information from the dev is another thing.

Imo for fairness and to be clean. The whole dev team should not parse information to their affiliated team. They should just keep this info for their own team only.

Now I pretend that what the youtuber like Driftor does is perfectly legal and clean. It's up the team and the leader of it to educated their members and seek for information about the games.

samedi 28 mars 2015

I can't believe how good I'm doing at Hardline

I mean I nearly ever die and I think I can easily do 1 for 30 of ratio. Their anti rambo hack don't allow me to do more than 1 for 1. I'm not sure what the fuck is going on. I'm not sure if they are a bunch of cry baby or if they want to sell me it and I wonder if I'll know someday.

So I doubt God will unleash hell someday and anyway the most funny thing that appear to upset God is that I would not play and pass my time with my gfs instead.

I think it's possible that if God quit this lame bs it's going to be 1k for the one that kill me or something. What a joke.

Hardline sp, impression

So it started ok and everything was going fine until I have quit for the mp for a while and when I came back I found out that one of the tools of the cops, the badge, did not work anymore. So I guess I can't complete the game because it appear that the badge is a necessity.

This is unfortunate because I think this game is good. Maybe some no sense after a while of playing it but anyway I wonder how a game like this could be full of sense. The stealth is a nice thing and it work well. I'd for sure play stealth all game long but again I can't because of the badge.

So I'm sure it would have been a lot of fun to play this very nice graphic games but look like the master of the universe decided that I shall not play this game for too long.

dimanche 22 mars 2015

Hardline review. MP.

Even if this is not like bf4, I say this is another bf. And a good one. Different gameplay that focus more on infantry fighting than vehicle like I said. There is a lot of little things that make it better than bf4 along with the graphics that is better and run well on my computer that again equal to something like a Xbox One.

Like the rest of games, we got about got the same amount of maps. Well designed maps and very fun to play on. The graphics of these maps are very good. Again, there is a lot of maps that focus more on infantry only. It will take me much more time to know all these maps well and so far everything is fine and work well.

For the guns, we do not have the same heavy amount that bf4 has. But it's not that bad. We still get a good variety of it. This will also take me much more time to use all the stuff in it. Especially that cash is needed to get new guns. Each guns got a lot of good sight and gadget.

There is a lot of gamemode to play on and I don't even know what is the point of most of them. But it's good to point that BF now have a round based game and this is very cool. If a good server is found, I mean 10 players max, it's a very good gameplay that could beat csgo. I'm for sure going to play a lot of this. Other gamemode are fun. Blood money is a lot of fun.

So I give a 9/10 for this game and take out one point for the car collision that really need some work. Modern racing games are far superior on that point and one of the popular mode blood money would be much more better with this aspect corrected.

So now, upon God request, I'll give the good points and bad points of games so here it is for this one.

Good points
  • Excellent graphics that run well.
  • BF gameplay at his best.
  • 3A games, no bugs and everything work well on good and nice menu.
Bad points
  • Car collision that make look the game as a second line product.
  • Lack of content compare to bf4 and the price.
  • Hacks are plain lame, Grandma is the best and she never played. 
  • Bad music.
So again congrats to EA and Dice and Viceral for their great work. Keep making awesome games for all of us.

samedi 21 mars 2015

Hardline mini review

This is about the mp and for the sp I can only say for now that it appear to be nice and graphics are impressive.

It's a bf that focus more on infantry than vehicle. All this in a 3A product. Graphics are good but sp look better. Sound was a bit weird at first but finally it make a lot of sense. It got a lot of new toys, guns and gadget to play with and I think this Hardline should get me occupied for a while until Siege. This is if things was going well for me in mp. Also I already got 40 hours that I played on the alpha so.

God does not allow me to take note while playing the games and I did not play a lot bf4 lately to compare it correctly with many points on a full review. Also the game is not new for me since I played the Alpha a lot.

Definitely a good fps. A good bf. A lot of fun and worth the cash. I curate this for sure.

GJ Viceral.

Hardline and me

This game appear to be all fine. But I think the alpha was better for me. Maybe just a question to get use. The sp appear good and the graphics are impressive. I'm so hacked in the mp that I doubt I'm going to play enough for making a review. I'm most likely going to play the sp and review it.

dimanche 15 mars 2015

Ori and the blind forest

Not sure if this is a game for kids or for female. It look weird to me; Especially the start of the game. In other words or in the past, I'd and we'd say that it look gay. But after giving it a chance, I found a real nice product. This game is challenging and it's a lot of fun. I did well but twice I need to watch a walkthrough to find my way. Minor mistake I've made. So the third time I watched the walkthrough, I found out that I've been nerfed. So I guess I should not keep playing this because first I have problem to find out my way sometimes and second I think they game could more suitable than another audience than me.

Still I have curated this game in Steam. And I do not regret it.

jeudi 5 mars 2015

UT4 pre alpha

Got the chance to try this out today. Look like they paying themselves a downloader. Yea this new thing that load UT. Something like Uplay. Sound good to me. Maybe the mods and the maps will be easy to install with this thing. It appear that it is good for community stuff too.

For the game it self, we talk about a UT3 gameplay with graphics that look like ut2004 in better. Look weird at first but than look quite spectacular with all these effects. And this is pre-alpha so I guess we can expect much better in the final game.

So I'd play some more of this if it was working well for me, which it don't: I'm still stuck on the one for one ratio of hell that other games lock me in too.

Can't wait to see the progress of this game through time. I wonder if Arena fps could be a bit back on the track with this new stuff.

Exo-zombie mode for AW

The video was showing something good a while back. So now it's out and I tried it. The game start with the same intro I just talked about. Than I started the match making.

It just start there, in a weird map with a bus. So I wonder, did I joined a server with a game already started for a while? So after playing we all died and we restarted at the same place with the bus so I understood that the game start like this. Bark...

Even if this mode look good and well done. I doubt this thing is finish. At least I can say this is not 3A stuff like AW was at the release. This is unfortunate because the rest of the gameplay is looking good. But I was expecting a story or maybe nothing is good about zombie games because L4D2 is just too great and unbeatable.

I'll maybe give it another try tonight or tomorrow and try to find my way in this first level. Maybe it's good if I give it a chance.