dimanche 22 mars 2015

Hardline review. MP.

Even if this is not like bf4, I say this is another bf. And a good one. Different gameplay that focus more on infantry fighting than vehicle like I said. There is a lot of little things that make it better than bf4 along with the graphics that is better and run well on my computer that again equal to something like a Xbox One.

Like the rest of games, we got about got the same amount of maps. Well designed maps and very fun to play on. The graphics of these maps are very good. Again, there is a lot of maps that focus more on infantry only. It will take me much more time to know all these maps well and so far everything is fine and work well.

For the guns, we do not have the same heavy amount that bf4 has. But it's not that bad. We still get a good variety of it. This will also take me much more time to use all the stuff in it. Especially that cash is needed to get new guns. Each guns got a lot of good sight and gadget.

There is a lot of gamemode to play on and I don't even know what is the point of most of them. But it's good to point that BF now have a round based game and this is very cool. If a good server is found, I mean 10 players max, it's a very good gameplay that could beat csgo. I'm for sure going to play a lot of this. Other gamemode are fun. Blood money is a lot of fun.

So I give a 9/10 for this game and take out one point for the car collision that really need some work. Modern racing games are far superior on that point and one of the popular mode blood money would be much more better with this aspect corrected.

So now, upon God request, I'll give the good points and bad points of games so here it is for this one.

Good points
  • Excellent graphics that run well.
  • BF gameplay at his best.
  • 3A games, no bugs and everything work well on good and nice menu.
Bad points
  • Car collision that make look the game as a second line product.
  • Lack of content compare to bf4 and the price.
  • Hacks are plain lame, Grandma is the best and she never played. 
  • Bad music.
So again congrats to EA and Dice and Viceral for their great work. Keep making awesome games for all of us.

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