jeudi 5 mars 2015

UT4 pre alpha

Got the chance to try this out today. Look like they paying themselves a downloader. Yea this new thing that load UT. Something like Uplay. Sound good to me. Maybe the mods and the maps will be easy to install with this thing. It appear that it is good for community stuff too.

For the game it self, we talk about a UT3 gameplay with graphics that look like ut2004 in better. Look weird at first but than look quite spectacular with all these effects. And this is pre-alpha so I guess we can expect much better in the final game.

So I'd play some more of this if it was working well for me, which it don't: I'm still stuck on the one for one ratio of hell that other games lock me in too.

Can't wait to see the progress of this game through time. I wonder if Arena fps could be a bit back on the track with this new stuff.

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