samedi 21 mars 2015

Hardline mini review

This is about the mp and for the sp I can only say for now that it appear to be nice and graphics are impressive.

It's a bf that focus more on infantry than vehicle. All this in a 3A product. Graphics are good but sp look better. Sound was a bit weird at first but finally it make a lot of sense. It got a lot of new toys, guns and gadget to play with and I think this Hardline should get me occupied for a while until Siege. This is if things was going well for me in mp. Also I already got 40 hours that I played on the alpha so.

God does not allow me to take note while playing the games and I did not play a lot bf4 lately to compare it correctly with many points on a full review. Also the game is not new for me since I played the Alpha a lot.

Definitely a good fps. A good bf. A lot of fun and worth the cash. I curate this for sure.

GJ Viceral.

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