jeudi 5 mars 2015

Exo-zombie mode for AW

The video was showing something good a while back. So now it's out and I tried it. The game start with the same intro I just talked about. Than I started the match making.

It just start there, in a weird map with a bus. So I wonder, did I joined a server with a game already started for a while? So after playing we all died and we restarted at the same place with the bus so I understood that the game start like this. Bark...

Even if this mode look good and well done. I doubt this thing is finish. At least I can say this is not 3A stuff like AW was at the release. This is unfortunate because the rest of the gameplay is looking good. But I was expecting a story or maybe nothing is good about zombie games because L4D2 is just too great and unbeatable.

I'll maybe give it another try tonight or tomorrow and try to find my way in this first level. Maybe it's good if I give it a chance.

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