mercredi 31 août 2016

My though on Battlefield 1 Beta

As Battlefront and BF4, the graphics are impressive. Good thing to start with. And of course the sound is very good too.

It appear they have been somehow accurate with the rest of the propaganda, and so the tanks are very good because there is no much AT weapons compare to BF4 and so modern wafare. Or should I say, because there is more AT weapons, the AT grenade does not prevent me to do major ownage with the tank compare to BF4 where I get shoot and destroy quickly and easily. People are complaining the tanks are too good but I make them remember that it's what it was in ww1. And anyway, I like this gameplay and as a final note on the subject, if people was playing team or squad, I doubt they would have problem with the tanks.

The rest of the guns and so the new balance/gameplay of this new BF is cool. Can't wait to see the rest of the weapons in the final version.

So finally, I say that BF1 is going to be pretty good(without thinking about the cheating issue). Can't wait to see the rest of beautiful map.

Ho yea and everybody got the crazy aim-bot so it's hard for me to get kill. Congrats little retarded noobs with hacks.

jeudi 25 août 2016

F1 2016 Review

OMG what another great racing game. Congrats to Codemaster for this great piece.

The graphics aren't perfect. There is some blur stuff but overall it's all good and match the best around like Grid and Forza.

But what amaze me the most if the interface and the menu: The game work so well. You can change help and all the stuff with a single button and again, it work well.

Than come the gamemode that make so much sense. Hot lapping for practicing, career, quick race and of course the mp.

I did not try the mp a lot but it look so damn good. This game offer a better mp than most games around: Server list and matchmaking in the same game.

Finally, I'd say the bot are pretty impressive and the game work so damn nice.

Another great product of our market.

9/10 One point remove for the lame game difficulty.

samedi 13 août 2016

No Man's Sky Review

So because I'm not playing this game anymore even if I have nothing to do, I'll write this review. I played this game two hours and I'm not interested to play it more.

This game appear to be very popular and there is a scandal about what have been said by the devs. This game was suppose to be mp imo and this is a scam. They perfectly knew the game could not be mp because they for sure not did the severs and they were not going to do it when they have talk about a mp in NMS. This said, this game is a scam.

Now the game itself is not that bad but it's not completely finish in my book and it lack of content for the price. Let's take a few example:

  • I try to enter in a base, but the entrance is block by some bad level ground.
  • The physic when harvesting big stone like stuff is not good. You start by the button and the top does not fall apart even if there is nothing to hold it.
  • The system voice tell us the energy is low when I'm at 75%
  • You cannot minimize the game
Than come some silly stuff such as it's an infinite size universe but all the planet got the same drone everywhere that protect the resources and the animals.

All the base look the same, all the stuff that you need to do look the same too. All the ship look the same.

But there is some good point that could give some players some fun, I guess. So if someone is really interested in the idea of NMS maybe he/she could have fun and for more times. Because according to Gamespot there is more stuff to do and this main story is interesting.

The graphics are ok with some lag spike. The music suck like all games almost. The menu and the interface of the crafting system is ok.

I'm not sure if their procedural thing is a technologies breakthrough but I'd rather take a single galaxie with 20 polished planet than this proceduraly generated planets that all look the same and are not very interesting to visits.

I give this game a 6 on 10. And I make you note that some gamers could like it imo.

Cashgrab scam: They should have worked another 2 years on the project.

vendredi 12 août 2016

No Man's sky Pre-Review

So I got some problem and I'm not sure if I've been hacked or if it was my mistake. If it was sorry. The game work not so bad.

There is annoying bugs and graphics glitch but it's not that bad. Of course these bugs and glitch could be unacceptable for some gamers.

The game is interesting and good but for 60$, I think it lack of content. Considering the rest of the product of the market, I'd say the price should be more like 30 to 40.

I played for like 2 hours and I don't expect to get much more stuff out of this game considering the video I've seen and the review of Gamespot. This said, I'm not sure if I'm going to play more and write a full review. The fact that I do no have much games to play could make me play.

So if you're really interested by the game go for it. Otherwise, wait for a discount at

I expect a 6.8 or so as a final score.

Edit: Btw, it's a ok-good port. I got some graphic lag spike and I can't minimize the game and I'm not aware if people got crash or problem like that.