jeudi 25 août 2016

F1 2016 Review

OMG what another great racing game. Congrats to Codemaster for this great piece.

The graphics aren't perfect. There is some blur stuff but overall it's all good and match the best around like Grid and Forza.

But what amaze me the most if the interface and the menu: The game work so well. You can change help and all the stuff with a single button and again, it work well.

Than come the gamemode that make so much sense. Hot lapping for practicing, career, quick race and of course the mp.

I did not try the mp a lot but it look so damn good. This game offer a better mp than most games around: Server list and matchmaking in the same game.

Finally, I'd say the bot are pretty impressive and the game work so damn nice.

Another great product of our market.

9/10 One point remove for the lame game difficulty.

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