mercredi 29 juillet 2015

King Quest Review

 (Hot Gwendoline)

I did not finish the game but made a good part of it. Now I'm in a situation where I need to visit all places I've visit and try all object to all stuff and this is just boring like the King Quest I was playing 20 years ago on my 286. So I quit But this game have good points:

The graphics and art style is all good. Like I said in my impression, it even run well on a fast laptop. The quality of the game is good too. I think can say we got another 3A tittle with some bugs but nothing really bad. Pro voice actor and good script with some humour. I'm not sure if this game is for homos, women or family. Anyway, I have play this game because I think it was suitable for a family game. Also because violence starting to getting old and because it was a special game with a well time aimed theme: With the rumours that I'm a King and with the fact that I'm seeking for child these day and so being with kids a lot.

The quest or the puzzle or the riddle are interesting. Some of them are hard and some other are boring like the part I'm stuck on. There is also some action part that is not always that easy and kind of fun. Some stuff is a bit too naiseux.

There is some weird problem with the game and I wonder if it's not bugs, nag or 27 bs. Also it's for sure a publicity for the food market. The port from console is a bit bad but nothing real bad.

It's a nice evolution to the point and click and it work well. Of course place for better feature is there: For example, a map with teleport waypoint would make the game less boring at some point. And a must would be to stop the cutscene.

I doubt I'm going to finish this game and play the other chapter but I guess some will; Especially those you don't mind to play with walkthough but in my case, I'm not playing with walkthrough because it reduce me and because it's not good for my reputation imo. And it's also not really rewarding.

Note that the reason why I left the game could be a nag because the nags hit it in the game for about 5 times.

Edit 2 August: So I restarted playing and it look like a technique need to be use to complete some part. Also, I've encounter a glitch that could make people search for a long time and this is the fault of the glitch.

Edit 2, 2 August: I just finished it and I think I can say it make more sense than the King Quest 5 I've played when I was young. It can be finished just by logic and without too much messing around. 

King Quest: Can't pass the chivalry test? Here how! (Or a try to explain how...)

I will not give the good answer here. I don't remember and I'm not going to redone the game. Hopefully, there is video walkthrough on the net to find that. I'm going to tell you how to find the correct answer.

First you need to talk too all competitor completely beside Chaka that does not respond to anything.

There is two options of the 4 options of the 4 questions that will change as you speak with the gladiator.

Than you need to pass the questions. I'm not sure if you need to talk to all and pass the test and re-talk to all. If I were you, I'd talk to all and try to pass the test. Sometimes you need to talk again to some according to new info some gave you.

To past the test you need to:
  1. Choose random answer and try to get one question good out of 4
  2. If you have more than 1 correct, you need to get rid of one with try and fail
  3. When you have only one correct answer, you have a marker to find the second good answer with try and fail
  4. When you have one correct you need to find the second one. You need to know which one is the correct. With try and fail you can do that.
  5. To find the second answer you always need to keep the first good answer each turn. (a turn is a set of 4 question that repeat) And the second question you need to find the good one with fail and try. The third and fourth answer need to be selected to the same until you find the answer 2.
  6. When you found the answer 2, you can move to answer 3 and so on.
  7. When I say answer 2, I mean the second correct answer your going to hit. When I say first correct answer, I mean the fist correct answer of the 4 that you found.
I admit it's kind of hard to explain. Maybe I could need to take some times to try to explain how. God does not allow me to do that. Good luck and remember that a paper and pencil could be useful but not needed in my case(I pretend I'd need it for 6 or 8 answer)

mardi 28 juillet 2015

The new King Quest is good

So even if my gaming computer does not work, I tried the new King Quest released today on my fast laptop and it work well. The graphics are even nice. I was surprise of this anyway...

For the 15 minutes I've played, I'm more than surprise with how much fun I got with this game. The graphics, like I said, are nice and fluid even on a "slow" computer. The quality of the game is good and I think we can say this is a 3A product or at least A product. The gameplay that I knew would not be point and click like the rest of the old series is good and work very well; It was maybe a bit too easy but I expected the game to get harder as I advance. Unfortunately, the nag started and the game was over for me at a nice part where I was about to steal a mirror from a enchain dragon.

So I'd play for sure this game if it would work and I hope it as not been made by a bunch of homo masculine because in this case I'd for sure not play. Did the nagger give me a services?

Finally, I can say the game theme goes well with my episode so it was a nice idea of good imo to play this game.


So the nag are out now and I say that I'm not sure if this game is for kids or teen maybe. Anyway, as I play it more I don't think it's really suitable for the adult population. Maybe more a family game.

samedi 11 juillet 2015

I was trying to download the new Batman but I found a old pearl

So God force me again to watch if the new Batman got released on the same network of Steam, I mean torrent. So I do a mistake and download the first of the series according to Google. I say according to Google because I doubt this series started in 2009.

This game is damn great even if it's 6 years old. Of course it contain some flaws that are even medium level but it does not change that this game is awesome.

Unfortunately, the master of the universe decided that the whole world is not going to play and watch that.

And the game contain girls, a must for me to play...

Depth look good and much better than expected

There is a free demo on Steam for the weekend. So God force me to try it and for the 10 minutes I've play before He let me quit, I can say this look like a good game.

I don't think I could say it's a A3 product of what I've seen but far good enough for the 10$. I'm sure I'd play this for at least 5 hours with friends. I bet I'd curate this if I would play more.

So I repeat, until I found friends, I'm not playing. I'm playing friends only in mp otherwise for now I stay in sp.

Hitman Absolution is defect

By defect I mean it does not work correctly. And I will say here again why I'm talking about this game is because if the situation would have normal, I mean if I would fuck like the whole town, I would have play this game and this series. And since the new Hitman will be release this year and since Absolution is potent even if 3 years old, I decided to trow myself on the series.

So it started very well and I was really expecting a great game. But soon in the first tutorial mission I've encounter a bug that was really nasty but I can say it could be a little my fault. Than, the story was a total nonsense: After killing the first target, the back into the game make no sense: Not the in the same room.

So I decided because it was the tutorial mission to forget this and try another one and see if it would be better. But after playing the second mission, I can say this game is defect. I should not be detected while I've been and this make no sense in a stealth game.

This is unfortunate because if the game would have been fixed it would have been real good. Maybe it was rushed I don't know. And also the game have fast stealth which is excellent.

Also and finally, the reason why I'm playing such a game, a hitman game, is because I feel hitman is really part of this world and while some be criminals, I doubt they're are all. But I admit that in Absolution, the agent 47 from the story I've watch so far, was not correct. But hey perfection is not always needed, it's what I've judged.

jeudi 9 juillet 2015

Rocket league review

It's out since two day on Steam and some rumour pretend it's popular on Playstation network because it's free. 80 000 players yesterday the rumour said.

It's a nice little cyber-sport that has his problems.

First problem, the difficulty level. There is nothing between rookie and pro and even if rookie is not that easy because some team are better, why should a good player like me is needed to play a difficulty mode that sound for newbie of gaming or normal skilled players? Ok, I'm new at this game but like if I don't do good and like if the pro mode that should be normal mode is not too hard. The bots are plain insane at pro difficulty. Imo, the good teams of rookie should be all team of pro and the game would be fine than on that aspect.

Second, the price. It's a nice product, but I'd say 10$ could have more fair as a price. I could be mistaken on that although because if I play this more than 10 hours, the price could be correct. But I've played like 45 minutes and I'm already bored and I doubt I'm going to play more than that. But I'll keep the shortcut on the desktop and we'll see later if I play some more and if the price is all fine or not.

For the gameplay, it's fun and it work well. The graphics are nice and the interface is better than some 3A product; Must be because of the version that are kept for the best of the best. The music is ok but like always far from good music that up the mood when victory like it should.

One problem, the ball height on ground maker could have been indicated with colour and the game would make more sense in this case: Blue for high, orange for medium and red for close to the ground.

Also, I'm learning how to play and there is for sure space for teamwork. This game could be interesting to play with friends vs friends.

You can also customize the cars and this is a good feature. The tutorial and the menu is all good.


Graphics 9/10: Good art style and dated. Nice interface and menu. More content could have give 10.
Sound 5/10: Good sound but no good music.
Gameplay 8/10: Well done but some stuff is missing imo.

+ Cool little sportive game
+ Nice interface
+ Complete polished and finish game with mp and stats and tutorial

- Price
- Some problems about difficulty
- Feature missing that make the gameplay a bit odd. Ground maker ball height

I've think about it and for sportive and competition reason. I think it would be better to have a button that center on the ball on camera to play height. This would be better than color marker.


The rookie team does not hit the ball at start correctly: Too easy to score

And for competition matter, turbo should be remember on new rounds.

The menu selection don't goes to last option with reverse direction on first option.