samedi 11 juillet 2015

Hitman Absolution is defect

By defect I mean it does not work correctly. And I will say here again why I'm talking about this game is because if the situation would have normal, I mean if I would fuck like the whole town, I would have play this game and this series. And since the new Hitman will be release this year and since Absolution is potent even if 3 years old, I decided to trow myself on the series.

So it started very well and I was really expecting a great game. But soon in the first tutorial mission I've encounter a bug that was really nasty but I can say it could be a little my fault. Than, the story was a total nonsense: After killing the first target, the back into the game make no sense: Not the in the same room.

So I decided because it was the tutorial mission to forget this and try another one and see if it would be better. But after playing the second mission, I can say this game is defect. I should not be detected while I've been and this make no sense in a stealth game.

This is unfortunate because if the game would have been fixed it would have been real good. Maybe it was rushed I don't know. And also the game have fast stealth which is excellent.

Also and finally, the reason why I'm playing such a game, a hitman game, is because I feel hitman is really part of this world and while some be criminals, I doubt they're are all. But I admit that in Absolution, the agent 47 from the story I've watch so far, was not correct. But hey perfection is not always needed, it's what I've judged.

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