mercredi 29 juillet 2015

King Quest Review

 (Hot Gwendoline)

I did not finish the game but made a good part of it. Now I'm in a situation where I need to visit all places I've visit and try all object to all stuff and this is just boring like the King Quest I was playing 20 years ago on my 286. So I quit But this game have good points:

The graphics and art style is all good. Like I said in my impression, it even run well on a fast laptop. The quality of the game is good too. I think can say we got another 3A tittle with some bugs but nothing really bad. Pro voice actor and good script with some humour. I'm not sure if this game is for homos, women or family. Anyway, I have play this game because I think it was suitable for a family game. Also because violence starting to getting old and because it was a special game with a well time aimed theme: With the rumours that I'm a King and with the fact that I'm seeking for child these day and so being with kids a lot.

The quest or the puzzle or the riddle are interesting. Some of them are hard and some other are boring like the part I'm stuck on. There is also some action part that is not always that easy and kind of fun. Some stuff is a bit too naiseux.

There is some weird problem with the game and I wonder if it's not bugs, nag or 27 bs. Also it's for sure a publicity for the food market. The port from console is a bit bad but nothing real bad.

It's a nice evolution to the point and click and it work well. Of course place for better feature is there: For example, a map with teleport waypoint would make the game less boring at some point. And a must would be to stop the cutscene.

I doubt I'm going to finish this game and play the other chapter but I guess some will; Especially those you don't mind to play with walkthough but in my case, I'm not playing with walkthrough because it reduce me and because it's not good for my reputation imo. And it's also not really rewarding.

Note that the reason why I left the game could be a nag because the nags hit it in the game for about 5 times.

Edit 2 August: So I restarted playing and it look like a technique need to be use to complete some part. Also, I've encounter a glitch that could make people search for a long time and this is the fault of the glitch.

Edit 2, 2 August: I just finished it and I think I can say it make more sense than the King Quest 5 I've played when I was young. It can be finished just by logic and without too much messing around. 

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