samedi 22 août 2015

Batman Arkam Knight ultra mini review

I'd for sure play this until the end. But unfortunately, the game is nagged and let me explain: First I cough them in Asylum to force me and possibly other to use walkthrough. Now I think they just want me to cheat to play games and either they make trap or either the game is nagged; Tell me the smart guy I am cannot beat the very first levels of this fucking awesome game; bs.

For the game, I will start this review by saying that other reviewer around are purely nuts or what could explain it is that they are all double agent working for Russia and China. I've play about 2 hours and I can say this game is surely a 9.9 on 10 and the reason why I took out a .1 is because it's a little bad port that could have been made bad port by any hacker around. So I'm thinking the whole story about this game to be a bad port could be a hack.

We're speaking about what I call the supreme complete game. Of course with time, games will get better than that but for now and compare to the competition like Shadow Of Mordor, this game is huge and so I mean complete. I guess it should offer like something 20 hours of gameplay.

The fighting is excellent, the Batmobile is awesome and whiners about it are plain gay and retarded. The menus, the interface is all great. The gameplay so damn great I can't believe it. I can't believe how this game is well made and complete I repeat.

I'll finish this by saying that there like 50 cool perks that are more complicated from one to another and this is so cool.

So anyway, go fuckyourself faggot if you made the hacks against me but at least Congrats for this great piece of technologies.


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