samedi 27 décembre 2014

About the spawn system of BF4 and a popular post on Reddit

The post in question point to this

There is no problem with this in my book. The point in conquest of bf4 is to take some flag and capture it. Meanwhile we can spawn on the flag we own. So if a flag is about to be capture, it still possible to spawn on this flag. I found pretty normal that this flag was about to be capture and the enemy had the time to spawn on it. I wonder if he meant, by saying the spawn system suck, that the spawn should have been done in another location that is not occupied by the enemy but even with this solution, what is going to happen if there is enemy all around the flag? They want the guy to spawn on another flag or so far that it give nothing to own a spawn flag?

I must admit that it could have a little problem with the bf4 spawn system looking at this gif but the lack of information related to the game of this gif say that we can't be sure if there is a problem or not. Read above to understand what I mean.

Btw, even if the flag was not surrounded just before capture, I don't really mind the spawn of this guy. But some people could argue and say the system is not good, they have the right to do that. Remember, we can't tell if the flag was surrounded or not in this gif and it's what I meant when I said there is not enough info with this gif.

mercredi 5 novembre 2014

AW review

So after like 15 hours of playing the mp I think I'm ready to write this review and this is only good for mp because I did not try the sp at all.

It's good to note that things are not working at his best on my side because of the virus I have and this review could change a bit if things change for me.

So let's start by if I got hooked quickly with AW now I have change my mind and pretend that this is the best COD ever. And than for gaming24, I say that this COD is the GOTY for me and follow near by Titanfall and maybe Mordor than. I will play this for a while for sure until HL.

So why this game is so good: It's the exo suit. I can't believe how this is great. And it work so damm well too. It work perfect just like Titanfall. No bugs, no bs, pure gold program. Yea this game is pure Gold. If Titanfall beated ut2004 for me for the movement now it's now AW that beat Titalfall. It's a lot of fun, it's very fast and it well made. I think they have work hard to make the maps compatible with this new Exo suit and they did their job pretty well because these maps are very good and work perfect with the exo.

This exo can you make a lot of new move. Spectacular move. You can now get kill on some part of the map and get back in less than 15 seconds with this thing if you're good. Very spectacular for a good driver like me. Much better than ut2004 and I don't know why, is it the sound, is it the speed that is greater, not sure. This to not count all the other stuff that come with the exo. Grenade and drone, shield, speed. There is a lot of stuff for play with and I just started to explore all this.

Than come the second best of this game, the maps. They are just great. These maps rocks. Beside one, they are very fun to play on. Much better than past COD. And again they have been made for the exo and it work perfect. For a skilled player like me the possibility are somehow insane. Roof to roof like crazy. Watch my video to understand what I mean.

For the menu, it work well but I dislike maybe just the create class menu. But it work well. It just look like it lack of polishing or something. The rest of the menu is all fine, there is a lot of options. It is good to talk about the new items system that give you some stuff when you take the care package and when I don't know why. I wonder if they are not going to make some sort of buyable equipment in the future and I'm going for sure to buy some stuff there to make me look as I want and pretty. You can now customize your skin and this is a good thing. I can't wait to see the rest of the stuff they could make with this in the future.

The guns are good but not that good imo. There is not enough of it and some are useless. Maybe I'll change my mind in the future about this but for now I think the weapons are not the strongest part of this game. Still the guns are a lot of fun as the other cod was. There is a lot of stuff to attach and I did not try them for now. I guess I'll take like 40 hours to test all this stuff.

The sound of the game is very good too. Feel a bit like bf now and this is for good. When you get shot, it's almost good as bf4. The exo sound is great.

The graphics was not as good as bf4 for me but now I'm used to them and I found them pretty good and I don't run this game at max because my pc is not enough.

So I have give a 7 on meta critic but I think it's because I got sick because the game was not working very well. Now that it work better, I think I can give a 9 for this game.

GJ Sledgehammer!

EDIT: There is a little a problem with the partys. Gold on the aspect of the exo not on the whole I will correct.

lundi 3 novembre 2014

What hack they have in CODAW

I nerfed like at 400%. I mean it require like 4 more times bullet to kill. At long range, even if I shoot 3 clips I can't kill. Ok I use a smg but I'm sure this kill at any range just require more hits. I could be mistaken on that.

They got wallhack, invisible wallhack, this mean, a bot try to let us believe they don't use one by making them look on another direction. I doubt it's them who do that.

On most games, it appear that everything goes normally but sometimes I expect them to teleport so I can't find anybody and teleport behind me.

I pretend that they teleport behind me a lot in any games. Especially when I'm on a streak.

Other than that, we can say that they does more damage than me. They have auto melee for sure.

I say that I never die almost if they don't cheat. That give an idea...


It started at the right time on Steam. Everything goes well beside the options menu that I wasn't able to find until I've ask the forum. Kind of weird options menu.

So the graphics are ok but not at the quality of BF4. I say that BF4 have much better graphics. The sound is better in BF4 too.

The menu and the interface is nice. I don't see a problem about this game being a port.

The maps are cool but again not as good as BF4.

The gameplay still COD with something new and fast paced. Interesting for me. The exo is a lot of fun to use.

If the game was working better on my side, if the hackers was not set that accurate, maybe I'd have a better word for this game. BF4 is more worth the time. But BF4 is getting old, I'm bored to play the same maps again. So I would play some AW for a while and until Hardline is released.

dimanche 2 novembre 2014

Envolve monster guide


I'd not write this guide but God force me to. I'd only keep that for my friends if I could. And as I noticed yesterday and today I think it could be a little possible to hide stuff from the ppl here. And even more if God don't say my mind to his friends.



I pretend that I can beat any hunters and grow to the max level without been hit almost. There is nothing they can do. Of course, knowing the map could be better to achieve that and smart hunters with a good knowledge of the maps could catch me sometimes either by a smart anticipation move or luck. But I keep pretending that most of the time if you do that, there is a no way in hell that hunters can follow you. So, you can do it most of the time without even knowing the map.

How to escape the hunters

First and most important always move to one direction and for a long time. Anywhere but in one direction. If the way is block, search for another one. You can follow roads. Don't ever waste time, just move as quick as possible. Second and the most important here, use the super jump of the right mouse button all the time as SOON as its reloaded. Remember that the monster run faster than the hunters and the super jump give you even more speed. So this way, they can't follow you.

Than how to grow

You take 40 sec to do what I said in the last paragraph. You take out one small beast eat it, and do again what I said in the last paragraph. You take another beats and SO ON. Maybe you could try 2 beats and see if the hunters have the time to catch you. 


Remember the hunters got fuel in their jet pack, the monster don't. So it could be a nice idea to slow them down by climbing on a lot of stuff while doing the how to escape the hunters paragraph. I have though about another tactics to lose them and it's to go in the most down area and than climb as much as possible. On some maps it appear to be possible to do that. Agreed that they should not be able to follow?


If you encounter a hunter all alone, it could be a very nice idea to kill him. If the others are comming than flee if you're not strong. Btw the hunters respawn but it could be good to do that sometimes.

Than if you need to fight the hunters all at once, the best thing to do is to kill the medic first. Than the assault, than the rest.


jeudi 30 octobre 2014

What to do in BE mp

It's the same since civ4. We all play on small maps with a timer on.

I start that by watch out for rush on these kind of maps. So as you will read bellow it is better to grow before making an army imo. But if the rusher are there, make an army first. I will use army in late game, that's my strats.

How to start and colonization.

Note: Worker fast.

So the point here is you need to take as much land as possible and as quick as possible too because otherwise you need to felt in war and try to take town and loose precious time. It is not good to search for exploration first because there is another way to get a shelter and it's the vertue that come with time and you should have your first shelter at about the 20th turns. So you need to take the prosperity vertu at first and than take the one that give the shelter. This is going to be the second town. Than when your main town is enough strong and big, like about 15 turns after the first shelter made from the vertue you need to build another shelter. You could do that quicker for taking land before the others on small maps or because you found such a good site that you can't afford to loose it. It is good to note that you need to turn on the resources indicator or call it whatever you want by clicking on the eye on the minimap. This way you can find out good spot for your new town. This should always be turn on btw. By choosing a good site according to the tile that have a lot, your town will be prosperous. The most important tile to choose are the those with a lot of food around. Than come the resources needed in the future game that you need to think ahead. For example if you go for harmony, you need some resources and you better think about that if you wan the strongest unit of the game in the late games. So I will repeat to make this clear, you search for a set of tile that have either a lot of food, this mean tile that can be change for farms, tile that already have 2 of food without farms. You always need at least 3 tiles of 2 food that can be change in farms or resources that give food to start a new town imo. It is better to find better than that but if you can't, there we go. Also you can search for tile that have a lot of energy aka money. It is also a good option to make a lot of money. It appear that it is not really important as it was to have tile with hammer or angrenage anymore because you can either build or purchase building with production boots. This is not sure yet, it has not been tested but I think you should not really care about hammer aka production tile. Of course it is always better to have a mountain or a resource that give hammer in town but it is not always possible to do so.


You need to search at the beginning for tech that give a lot of research. Than come the needed tech that depend on the situation and than come the tech that keep your civ healthy for a while but not for long because btw it appear that it is impossible to keep your civ healthy with time and it cost too much in time turn to keep it healthy and so take the advantage of some perks. Than how to deal with the tech web is quite simple: Because your civ do not generate a lot of research at the beginning, it is good to search only for simple and low cost tech. The way to do that is to search in circle around the first tech that you get. Just do the first one of each, or those that give new building or some advantage. I always search for simple tech that give building that give research first. After that, of course, it depend on what it is needed, weapons maybe because there is a rush. So if no weapons is needed what I suggest to do than is to keep your civ healthy for a while and than pass to super grow by taking tech that give more food and especially tech that give the super farms and that are located on top of the tech web. This of course is if your not attacked by nor humans or aliens. Because it could happens that you are attacked by humans and that you need to make some early and weak units to defend. These are all located in the center of the tech web. Read bellow about how to fight... If you are attacked by aliens, and btw, a good thing to say about that is DO NOT attack the aliens even if they do because they will according to some rumor around get more aggressive. Of course sometimes you have no choice to attack them but most of the time you have. If you need to clear the area because you can colonize do so with the army. Back on the research subject, than you need to make the super weapons for defending or attacking. It need resource to do so and also it could be good at this point to research and build wonder for points and advantage it give. Than I don't know, I did not go more far than that.


Ok so there is 4 units at early game you can play with. First are the soldier that can be upgraded btw I don't know how but I think with time. The soldiers are cheap and available at the start of the game. You should move to the roover when possible to move faster and have stronger weapons. It is a must in this civ to get the artillery infantry. So if you want to attack or defend, DO NOT forget this unit. Well used, this is very good. I'll show what I can do with that if I keep playing this game and also I'm not sure where the hell are these units on the tech web but I think they are in the center. Than you need the rocket to attack town and destroy their defence before taking it. We're not in civ4 anymore, a single soldier cannot take a town. This is good to know btw because you do not need to defend at the beginning. So a good mix of the 3 units should be fine for early game to not even say late game. Use well the artillery and wait for my stream to understand how to deal with this whole army. You'll see, I did it once in civ5, I beated the great greek army with some knight. For late game, I did not play that much to know how well the super units does but so far, I think I'll go with harmonie of I can and if I can't it will depend on the resource I have avaible. I say, wait for my stream because it appear that this aspect of life cannot be explain. But I could say at least, that I'm going to use well the tile and use artillery as much as possible. This way, I can attack army that are in cover on good tile, tile with forest or mountain, without loosing anything. Than you need to take the ground well. I mean, you need to arrange yourself so the opponent go in open field while your in cover field(Or cover tile).
You always withdraw as much as possible to not loose units and repair them. Promotion is important for new units, it is good to understand that new units heal quick because of promotion. So they are like 2 units when new. Older units take more time to get promoted but I'm not sure about that. Use heal if you need and power up if units is safe and|or can be repair.

NOTE1: It appear that trade route with outpost and friendly town are very good. Did not try....
NOTE2: Make friends and try to make allies at start.
NOTE3: Use money to buy building if you're full of it.
NOTE4: Use trade with allies to make good profit.
NOTE:5 Explore a lot to find good site for your town.
NOTE6: At the start, maybe it is not realy good to search for tech that could give more food like for example water tile. But when you civ is strong, this kind of tech take 3 turns and can give a good boots to a town.
NOTE7: Do not forget, healing unit is a very important aspect of combat in this game.
NOTE8: Special op at early game is possible. Trying to take shelter or block his way to colonization or sabotage.
NOTE9: One player is too good or have a score to high, sabotage or try to make him build army to slow him down by sending army around it with your allies.


vendredi 24 octobre 2014

CIVBE mini review

I did not play a lot because the mp does not work for me but I'm not sure if I can blame Firaxis for that. So this is mini-review.

Everything look fine and well polished. The sp still good as it where(civ5) with a lot of options to start a game. Just what we need. I never did a battle to see the troops in actions because I played mostly mp and we are on quick battle for time saving. But anyway, in my book this is almost civ5 with a new theme and a lot of new stuff. This mean a great game.

The mp come with a lot of options but still this thing is kind of cheap. Not chat when you wait and I doubt there is a sound that alert you in windows when a player join. This appear to be either to sophisticated for the game creator or reserve for the vip. The rest of the mp look real good, the chat is nice, the way you command everything is nice. There is some little problem about micro managing the towns but I found a way out and everything fine. There is also a weird bug on the map that does not show some part properly but this is a minor problem that make them look a little weird imo.

So I think the price is a bit too high but civ fan will for sure get it for all the new stuff that come with it. Just need to find some good players or a private club like I found and have some good games with mature and clean players.

Hints for mp:
Imo but without being tested yet, the hints for this game in mp is grow grow grow and make more town asap. The tech needed is near the centre in the techweb. And than take care of health maybe. And than find some units to conquer and defend. Good thing to know, a starting enemy troops can't take a town. I tried... This mean, you need more starting soldier or stronger units and I'll go with stronger units just after creating my new towns. So next step, find the good troops on the techweb. Also I go with prosperity for the vertu because I want to grow quick and get a free settler. Than I will finish one box and get the free tech. Than I'm probably going to try to build an army or check my health. We'll see if the mp work and if I'm in the right direction unless they cheat and to be quite honest I would not even bother about playing mp games: guess why I'm playing or should I say, loose my time...

The mp appear to be in beta or even worse. I'm about sure it's not my virus and it's the game that is not finish and does not work correctly.

dimanche 19 octobre 2014

Deadcore review

This could have been a real nice game to play but again this another game with some problem and I wonder if it has not been made on purpose.

First the save or checkpoint are not always good. The game definitely need more checkpoint otherwise this is just too bad to be play.

Than you can watch my video on my channel to understand how hard is this game. But now at the end of the third level this is just ridiculously too hard. I'm not willing to watch walk trough to find out how to play a damm game, this is bs. I don't need walk trough to finish a game, I don't buy that.

The graphics are nice, the sound is good and first two level offered a very nice gameplay ruin by the difficulty of the third level like I said in the upper paragraph. Of course some music could have been added to make the game better but anyway I don't have access to music yet.

This game would have score good, another crap imo.

I admit it's worth the 10$ anyway.

The videos of my channel:

Here the 3 video of the third level, I did not capture the first and second level.

jeudi 16 octobre 2014

The evil within

Made by a great studio, this game was looking promising. My computer was down when the game got released and I played first with a let's play on youtube. The game was looking real nice.

So now I have the game on my disk and tried it. The game was looking all fine until I found out how the stealth kills suck compare to Mordor. It's either Mordor which is too good or the evil within that suck at this. Not sure. This said, I don't really have time to loose with this game, rather play something else. And there is a lot of else in this world.

Also, wtf is these black bars? Who own a cinema monitor also said 10:1 or something. This is a joke or what?

This is very unfortunate because I bet the rest of this game is good. And of what I played, the rest appear to be real good.

Last thing, have you seen the price?

mercredi 15 octobre 2014

Ryse son of Rome

This just came out on steam. Since I was in the mood of the TPS, I decided to give it a try. This game was made for the new xbox one and I heard about it a year ago I think.

The game is not working for me. Again, another game that does not work. This is unfortunate because this appear to be another great AAA game. I'd for sure finish this one too if I had the time. Maybe not as good as Mordor but hey, it Mordor is one year newer.

Graphics are excellent.

vendredi 10 octobre 2014

How to avoid the alien

Depend on the version but I'm going to talk about the hard one and it's possible to port it in the easy mode.

It's all about the tracker, this gadget that you open when you push the space bar. It is important to understand how it work. There is 3 "square" in the bottom, these highlight when the signal come from this side. So change orientation to have it on the full "radar". There is a beep when you don't push space bar and when something get nearer. So when you hear this beep, it's time to look at it and see what is going on. Also there is number that show in meters how far is the beast. This is very important because when this number start to rise a lot, it mean that the alien fuck off. And when the number low down quick, it's the opposite. So it's very important to always use this gadget and remember that according to some indication, the beep beep attract the alien. So if it's too close, and especially if you're hidden in a locker or under a bed or under a desk, close this gadget. I watch from where he is coming, I watch where are the top duct opening, and than I close the thing and hide.

You can hide in a lot of place. I think even darker zone hide well. Of course wall, box and other stuff like beds and all the rest that you can find in this game can hide you well. But the most good way to hide imo is under beds, desk, and in lockers. Still he can find you, but most of the time he don't. For the locker, be ready to push 2 keys if he find you.

Don't run and maybe don't walk. Sound attract it. I did most of the game crawling. Watch out for your flash light too, turn it off. Same goes for flare and gun shot.

This explained, I will give an example of how to pass through 2 rooms:

So the door open and you enter the room, crawling. At the mid distance of the room, you hear a beep. You push space and watch where he is. You aim in the direction of he is according to the "square". If it get nearer, if the number lower quick, you start to search for a good spot to hide. If you have time, try to understand where are the duct. That's where is probably come from but he could also come from the second room. Than when he get very near or when you see it, release space bar and use your eyes by now. So play smart and get around the fucker until he quit because he did not find anything. As soon as he leave in the duct or in another room, push space bar and be sure he left for good, I mean the number is rising a lot. Move to the next room. This is it, that explain it all. Question?



When you find the flame thrower, there is something tricky about it. It's fuel management. Don't use too much fuel. When the alien will deal with fire for the first time you will understand that you don't need a lot of push time to scare him. So just push RMB very shortly in the direction of the alien when he is at about 4 or 5 meters. I think he get use to fire and get stronger. So push more when there. Also, note that the game is a little buggy and if you flame it too near, he will kill you still and sometimes push you on the ground. So I say it again, you need to flame it from a good distance of 5 meters.


mardi 7 octobre 2014

Alien Isolation review

Going back to aliens first movie sound a damm good idea to me. Especially if the remake is not exactly the same and much more fun. The story of this game, the main mission and the theme is great.

The graphic are good. The sound is perfect and immersive. This game is very immersive. I can feel it like if I was there nearly.

The gameplay is awesome. We speak about enigma, puzzle, be the hunted, stealth and finally what I haven't try too much, gunning with a good set of heavy weapons.

But it has it's problem and I won't play because of those. First the tutorial is kind of weird to not say there is none at some point. Finding out how to craft is a little tricky and I would prefer to have a tutorial on it. It does not say to hold F to start the flash light, it just say that F is the flash light in the input menu. This look a shitty port.

And the biggest problem is to deal with the defect save. Why do I need to make a fucking part all over again because there is no save there and because the next part is so hard that I need to restart like 10 times already. See the video to know what I mean. This is dumb.

So because there is so many games around that are very good quality and very fun. I won't bother with this and this is sad because this game was perfect, great, and a lot of fun if it's not of the fucking defect save system.

Edit: So God force me to play it again and also give me some info about how to do it. Was not that hard finally but still I have encounter an annoying glitch. I was just upset that this glitch mess up my fun. Now I'm back and this is hard... I have btw, encounter another glitch that make me miss a long ride...

Edit2: A bit of no sense, for 2 hours this aliens is hunting me down like mad. Now there is human at the same place I was hunted and no more sing of the beats. This to not count that I'm very low on munition and my hs did not work at 3 tries.

Edit3: So again I think a freaking book could be written about the game, let's end this review short: A great game with a very good gameplay that contain its flaws and its bugs and its glitch. Not that bad but surely enough annoying so a lot of people could quit.

Edit4-FinalVerdict: So I'm not sure if the game has been modified for me or not. If not, I don't really like it completely. I won't give spoiler and the only thing I can say is nonsense and the action base part of this game is not really good and not because the guns does not feel like cod but because the guy at CA did not give us enough ammo. I can deal with some mission and low ammo but if you reach the point I've reach and if you say that it make sense to attack what they ask me to attack with no weapons almost... I quit. GG. Not perfect, too annoying to keep playing.

Alien Isolation

Another great product that I got the chance to try today. Little problem it appear to be a port so it's a little dysfunctional on pc imo. Still, this can be forgotten quick because of the rest it has to offer.

Graphics are good, sound is great, menu suck a little, port. Some bugs and some minor problem about the tutorial.

The theme is excellent. We talk about the first alien movies remake with major change. This is all good and it is a very nice idea to me especially for those who rise in this culture like me.

A very immersive game that I've only played for one hour and did not encounter any alien so far. But the dead body were all around. The rest is for sure great.

I'm not sure if this game will work in my case someday... We'll see.

dimanche 5 octobre 2014

Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor VS Assasin Creed Black Flag

Good to say that I did not finish both games and I did not play more than 2-3 hours of AC while I did like 15 of Mordor.

We got two master pieces here. One from the French, according to my info and the other one from the English, again according to my info and a bit my reason.

Mordor is one year newer and this need be count.

Than it is very important to understand that even if both games are TPS and share a lot of similar points, the gameplay is not the same. I mean by that, that it is subjective a little about which one is the best. It depend on what them you prefer, pirates or LOTR theme and fast pace vs slower pace.

This said I enjoy more Mordor because I prefer more violence and fast pace. Also because I believe the stealth part is better in Mordor and much more fun. But it could be a matter of taste, I'm not sure myself.

The combat is funnier in Mordor but still pretty good in AC.

The perk system is more interesting to me than the buying system.

One important thing to finish this is the frame rate. The graphics are better in Mordor but the frame rate is sometimes lower than 5 frame in Mordor. While I have not noticed any frame drop in AC. I'm smart so I can deal with this but I bet most people can't.

So for a game that came a year late, I think it's unfair to give score but here my final verdict:

90\100 for Mordor
82\100 for AC

This score is to compare both games that been release one year after. So this is not a voyage in the past that change the 9 to not say the 9.5 that AC have got.

Both loose 5 points for the respawning system that suck a little and 5 more points for the frame rate in Mordor.

Congrats to the devs of both games. Awesome work, can't wait to see the future!

Edit: Let's say that after writing this and thinking a lil more, I say that the fighting is better in Mordor to not say much better. But fast pace vs slow pace, matter of taste. And again I did not try all the stuff of AC and I will. And the stealth is much better too in Mordor. Note, game release one year after... 

vendredi 3 octobre 2014

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor though...

Ok so I'm writting this because this game is so good and so amazing that it will deserve many review imo trough time goes and trough I play this game.

It is good to know that I'm nerfed a lot at this game but it still work pretty good and I can do a lot of amazing thing.

I doubt this game is for the public because it's too hard for most people. This game is real hard, really hard. Very hard. I'm not sure how I'm going to manage to finish this and I really want to.

So finally I found out that the mission I was trying to do is a boss one. I did not understand well in english but now I can understand cleary everything almost. Even if I nearly beated that boss, I think the way to beat Kogg is to do a lot of side mission, farming and getting a lot stronger and getting a lot of perk to be able to beat him and his army.

So now I have restart the game and I did a lot of side mission to grow. I'm much better at this now. I got a lot of new tricks and more are too come if they give me the perk and the magic needed to beat the game.

I think that if I had the time, and if I had a plan to write a review like I'm trying to get, to be explain this game could be a little book of at least 10 pages or even more. So let's do one for a player that only did 5% of the game so far I believe but I'm not sure.

Let's start by the combat of the game. Even if it look simple at the first view, this thing is not at all. It's very hard.

To be finish....

mercredi 1 octobre 2014

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor semi review

So God force me to write a review even if I played like just 2 hours and finished like 5% of the game. Anyway let's do this.

First let me say that this game come with a question forum and this is smart and good. It's a must in such complicated game and this need to be count in the review imo.

The game start with some nice cinematic and everything fine; the loading is fine, the menu are fine, everything work great. So on the cinematic, the girl hero get kill and this is a bit harhs imo and homo I suspect. Another scheme of the homo mens, it's what I think. So anyway for the rest of the game to come, I think I can forget that.

It than start in some nice graphic but very ugly world of Mordor. It's a free world game so you can move anywhere you want to start the several kind of missions. This is a good aspect of the game and it's a lot of fun to move around and free up the slave sometimes that even talk to me and thank me when I did it.

The missions appear to be variés but I did only 3 or 4 of them so I can't tell about this. But they look very good so far. This is what I consider a hard game so be aware that the mission are hard.

The combat is excellent. And there is a lot of stuff to unlock to make it better. I won't ever see it but I bet it's all nice stuff that make the combat I've played much better. It's somehow a movie that you control and you just need to click on some key to block the enemy and win. So far, there was 2 key to use to block and I expect the game to have more when it advance. There is also the possibility to use the archer in slowmo in combat. This is a lot of fun and it work well. Very well. A bit easy somehow and too hard somehow in the mean time... Try it to understand maybe.

There is also the stealth that is important in the game and mission appear to need that a lot. It work well too. Maybe a little arcade or unrealistic but it work well. Enemy even notice dead body. And they have alarm too. It's a stealth game I think. I'm not sure because my version does not work very well and I can't tell if you can do it by rushing or if stealth if needed.

There is a lot of stuff to upgrade and a lot of "perk" like I said. This is a all good and it would have been a lot of fun to unlock all this.

There is a lot of games around to buy and play and I think this one is worth it. It's a great quality product imo. Of what I've seen because I expect more than that if I keep playing. Because compare to other games, it should have more than that and I'm sure there is a lot of varié mission to play.

Now to explain why I won't play. It's because the people that control my computer make it too hard and I don't have time to loose by playing a too hard game. They probably does that on the purpose that I'm not playing and I bet it's a rhetoric scheme.

Ha yes and I forgot. This game got a little problem on the tutorial. They can't be replay and there is so much stuff to learn that you gotta be a genius to remember all this. But at least you can ask question on their forum.

Edit: There is tutorial replay

mardi 23 septembre 2014

How to finish the third level of Crusader King 2

Need to build an army quick and than place it outside so the rival army can't destroy the forest and our facility. Moving at least 10 strong unit for this purpose and this is just a start, as long as the game advance always send some. Always watch this part of the map.

Move the archer so they can take advantage of the centralization of the force. So at all the same place on the wall. Possibly that is better to defend the south with the whole. Make some more for the north and the east. ASAP.

Always keep at least 10 soldier in center of the town to destroy the catapult after the rival soldier army have been taken down by the archers on the wall.

Grow, make money, sell goods for cash, buy food to feed the town. And make as much as solider as possible quickly.

So this is going to be my plan, the rest rally on luck and speed of the player.

Edit: Look like it is impossible to defend the forest from the first attack but maybe it's possible from the second.

No need to make cash until you want to give extra ration. Could be a good idea to do it but I've finish the mission without selling and buying any food. There is enough weat from the start to finish the mission.

samedi 20 septembre 2014

New quake live review

Been playing this quake live for a while now. Now they bring some major change with the steam support. I guess they did this for keeping the game alive and getting more players to the community.

So now you can choose two weapons and spawn with them. One primary and the other secondary. The best guns appear to be the primary like the rocket and lightning gun. The shotgun and the plasma gun are two good guns for secondary.

This new gameplay is good, I like it. I don't really mind the change compare to the original quakelive. You can still get the other guns that are located at the same place on the maps and one thing I forgot to say in the past paragraph is the guns that we spawn with have low munition. So you need to find some quick or kill.

There is also some other cool stuff like the shield, quaddamage, that now have a visual timer to show when they will spawn. I think they also worked a little on the menu. Still a low quality game somehow but it all work fine.

This is a good game for people that own slow computers. A lot of fun.

samedi 13 septembre 2014

An idea for the next bf

I'm not saying this will be a success nor that it will be use a lot or enough. This is just an idea that I want to bring to the table and I'm sure that anyway, I'm not the first to think about this one.

I'm calling it game highlight. It's a demo player that have a lot of good shots ready to be watch. No more need to note the time when the good shots has been done or no more fast forward. A bot mark the shots and the killstreak and with a simple push of a button, it's possible to watch all the kills you have made in a game and all the good shot, streak of other players. Could also be a lot of other stuff like watching again the killcam. It's started in the battlelog but I guess that most of the options should be made in the game or in the demo player.

I'd for sure use this and watch myself playing and others too. This is if they don't hack. So this is important to say that demo are not really good if they hack, no point watching that...

mercredi 3 septembre 2014

The point of bf4

Been playing bf4 a lot lately cuz the game start at least. At first the game was crashing all the time and now it don't. For 2 weeks maybe or more, I'm a little lost all alone without note, the game crashed all the time for various reason; too good, great shots, ect.

Now I see that either I'm always joining the same server, either they all use the same hack; Which is total auto bot and auto mover. I mean they got nothing to do beside running around and getting all the kills like the hero does.

I'm not sure why I kill them theorictly before they kill me altough. Maybe it's God that want to show me how good I am or it's them that want to show me how good I could be.

I pretend that I never die almost if not cheated or hacked. I'm just awesome at bf4 too.

Still the same bs from the French reprensentative and the same in the us: Suck cock if you want to be good.
And it appear that they are furious that girls are more attractive than their games but meanwhile they have beautifull whore, go figure.

We'll see if I get better with time but I doubt in bf because I believe I don't pass the international and I believe that we can clearly see the difference between bf4 and hardline. But it could be because it's a crime game that hardline work.

Tropico 5

I heard about this game a while back with arsenalrobert and I even think I've played that before but I don't remember.

This game is great. Another nice peace that every young leaders on earth should try. Make a lot of sense to me, realistic somehow I believe, this is another I repeat nice product from I believe to be the espagnol.

It's challenging and you got to have a brain, being a bit criminal, some luck and maybe some divine luck to find your way in this complicated game without any help or tutorial almost.

I don't think I can recommend this game to most people unless you watch a let's play or get a good forum to have the info because sometimes it's not really clear and this game contain some or should I say one bug, the road construction, and you got to be somehow I repeat lucky to finish the missions.

I did not finish it, I think I will try to and I think I should be able to. Or enough good to. I think I'm somehow at the last mission and even if I've failed it one time by badluck I'm sure I can finish it.

This is for sure a series or a franchansise that I'm going to follow and play if I can. I give it a 9 on 10. And the music, the espagnol music is excellent!

Congrats to those who made this game!

dimanche 31 août 2014

LichDom Battlemage

Sadly this game does not work for me but it was looking real good. Another good game that could have been a lot of fun to finish today.

I'm not sure what is going on, are they doing this for fun or to take me out everything or because they don't want to play this game I'm not sure.

The suckers still silent...

vendredi 29 août 2014

Looking still to create a team and be the leader for primary bf4

We could have a mix for Canadian, quebecers and americain and in this case we could speak english.

This is, if God change and let me play and if I can live here as the other does. This is far from it for now.

I search for good players and for average players. The most important point about most of the team members is to obey to the general and the hierarchy. I will deal with the great players that could disobey but for the average players, they will be out if they disobey and some other will join until I found the good team members.

They will have stuff to read and question to ask. They will have training. They will also receive order before a battle.

Bomb bf4 team plan

Just for fun God ask me what I'd do if I had a team and we had a match on this very interesting mode.

Of course we would be on teamspeak.

6 Snippers. No real skillz require, only someone that know the map and can find some good spot to hide.

Me and 15 Other guys will take the rpg. I will lead one of the squad for tank hunting.

5 medic and 5 support. They follow two squad of rpg.

My squad is hunting the bomb and trying to detonate. The other one defend our bomb site.

At the beginning,3 snipers run to our bomb and take a spot and wait. Easy shot. They have 10 seconds to kill when they arm the bomb. They only aim at the bomb site.

The 3 other snipers run to the enemey bomb and does the same.

Remember that the point of these sniper is nothing else than hide and wait for an easy shot. Don't show your position and just wait.

My squad take the jeep. Other one take the chopper. And use it to destroy other chopper and to have mobile defense vechicule.

We start by trying the take the bomb Withdraw it a little and wait for the snipers to take position. When they have position. We take the jeep or the chopper and we try to take out one of the bome. I drive.

If we drop the bomb, the defense team try to figure out where the enenemy is going. And we try to take it again and arm it. We could have some respawner that take the jeep and bring it to us. The jeep or the chopper.

Fix: We need 2 antiaa in the defense squad that they are going to take position to shoot the enemey chopper.

The defense team don't take the bomb unless it's a easy arm.

We will take it.

This is going to be a primary plan, I will make some more to confuse the enemy. For example a quick one, the offense team take the chopper this time.

I have no idea yet for some more tactics about this game mode.

Edit: We will have hot spot for jeep. When people respanw they need to drive the jeep to this location. I'll know where to take it.

mardi 26 août 2014

What happens tonight with the rpg

So I'm playing a game on a close combat map and I was playing the medic class. I was running around seeking for target when a RPG blowed up near me. It was surprise to me and it for sure created something wierd in my mind. So the game finished.

We laoded another map and it was again a cc map. So I tough I could and we could all start spaming rpg all over the place and seek for the same mind thing that happens to me.

Look like it did work for sure because I killed some soldier and someone, that was speaking for them so God say, was furious and God pretend it's not because I've called them fags but because they did not like my little spychic attack.

Sorry I won't do it again...

dimanche 24 août 2014

Battlelog rock and cod and the rest are living in the past

Ok back in time, the server browser was da suck. No options, long waiting ect. Than they bring the matchmaking that was working well and much better than the sucky server browser. Than came bf3 battlelog but even than I almost prefered cod system over bf3. This is before I used both system for more than 100 hours...

So now, I think I did a mistake. Battlelog is far superior when dealing with dlc and maps. Also almost everything else is greater in battlelog finally.

Not been able to choose the dlc that I want to play, not be able to mix the dlc at will as my mood goes just plain suck. And this is because battelog show how great pc can be and how superior they are at Dice on this point.

Now I understand battlelog is not really console like but I wish that they do it anyway. But bf4 is for console too.

No doubt, I could make my first game just because of that. I mean the game I play the most and that I'm more dedicated with.

Last thing, I think I should prepare myself for a team even if it look like that I won't have one. And with a team ded sever are far superior. So this is it, I support battlelog now and shit on matchmaking.