dimanche 19 octobre 2014

Deadcore review

This could have been a real nice game to play but again this another game with some problem and I wonder if it has not been made on purpose.

First the save or checkpoint are not always good. The game definitely need more checkpoint otherwise this is just too bad to be play.

Than you can watch my video on my channel to understand how hard is this game. But now at the end of the third level this is just ridiculously too hard. I'm not willing to watch walk trough to find out how to play a damm game, this is bs. I don't need walk trough to finish a game, I don't buy that.

The graphics are nice, the sound is good and first two level offered a very nice gameplay ruin by the difficulty of the third level like I said in the upper paragraph. Of course some music could have been added to make the game better but anyway I don't have access to music yet.

This game would have score good, another crap imo.

I admit it's worth the 10$ anyway.

The videos of my channel:

Here the 3 video of the third level, I did not capture the first and second level.

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