mercredi 1 octobre 2014

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor semi review

So God force me to write a review even if I played like just 2 hours and finished like 5% of the game. Anyway let's do this.

First let me say that this game come with a question forum and this is smart and good. It's a must in such complicated game and this need to be count in the review imo.

The game start with some nice cinematic and everything fine; the loading is fine, the menu are fine, everything work great. So on the cinematic, the girl hero get kill and this is a bit harhs imo and homo I suspect. Another scheme of the homo mens, it's what I think. So anyway for the rest of the game to come, I think I can forget that.

It than start in some nice graphic but very ugly world of Mordor. It's a free world game so you can move anywhere you want to start the several kind of missions. This is a good aspect of the game and it's a lot of fun to move around and free up the slave sometimes that even talk to me and thank me when I did it.

The missions appear to be variés but I did only 3 or 4 of them so I can't tell about this. But they look very good so far. This is what I consider a hard game so be aware that the mission are hard.

The combat is excellent. And there is a lot of stuff to unlock to make it better. I won't ever see it but I bet it's all nice stuff that make the combat I've played much better. It's somehow a movie that you control and you just need to click on some key to block the enemy and win. So far, there was 2 key to use to block and I expect the game to have more when it advance. There is also the possibility to use the archer in slowmo in combat. This is a lot of fun and it work well. Very well. A bit easy somehow and too hard somehow in the mean time... Try it to understand maybe.

There is also the stealth that is important in the game and mission appear to need that a lot. It work well too. Maybe a little arcade or unrealistic but it work well. Enemy even notice dead body. And they have alarm too. It's a stealth game I think. I'm not sure because my version does not work very well and I can't tell if you can do it by rushing or if stealth if needed.

There is a lot of stuff to upgrade and a lot of "perk" like I said. This is a all good and it would have been a lot of fun to unlock all this.

There is a lot of games around to buy and play and I think this one is worth it. It's a great quality product imo. Of what I've seen because I expect more than that if I keep playing. Because compare to other games, it should have more than that and I'm sure there is a lot of varié mission to play.

Now to explain why I won't play. It's because the people that control my computer make it too hard and I don't have time to loose by playing a too hard game. They probably does that on the purpose that I'm not playing and I bet it's a rhetoric scheme.

Ha yes and I forgot. This game got a little problem on the tutorial. They can't be replay and there is so much stuff to learn that you gotta be a genius to remember all this. But at least you can ask question on their forum.

Edit: There is tutorial replay

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