jeudi 16 octobre 2014

The evil within

Made by a great studio, this game was looking promising. My computer was down when the game got released and I played first with a let's play on youtube. The game was looking real nice.

So now I have the game on my disk and tried it. The game was looking all fine until I found out how the stealth kills suck compare to Mordor. It's either Mordor which is too good or the evil within that suck at this. Not sure. This said, I don't really have time to loose with this game, rather play something else. And there is a lot of else in this world.

Also, wtf is these black bars? Who own a cinema monitor also said 10:1 or something. This is a joke or what?

This is very unfortunate because I bet the rest of this game is good. And of what I played, the rest appear to be real good.

Last thing, have you seen the price?

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