mardi 7 octobre 2014

Alien Isolation review

Going back to aliens first movie sound a damm good idea to me. Especially if the remake is not exactly the same and much more fun. The story of this game, the main mission and the theme is great.

The graphic are good. The sound is perfect and immersive. This game is very immersive. I can feel it like if I was there nearly.

The gameplay is awesome. We speak about enigma, puzzle, be the hunted, stealth and finally what I haven't try too much, gunning with a good set of heavy weapons.

But it has it's problem and I won't play because of those. First the tutorial is kind of weird to not say there is none at some point. Finding out how to craft is a little tricky and I would prefer to have a tutorial on it. It does not say to hold F to start the flash light, it just say that F is the flash light in the input menu. This look a shitty port.

And the biggest problem is to deal with the defect save. Why do I need to make a fucking part all over again because there is no save there and because the next part is so hard that I need to restart like 10 times already. See the video to know what I mean. This is dumb.

So because there is so many games around that are very good quality and very fun. I won't bother with this and this is sad because this game was perfect, great, and a lot of fun if it's not of the fucking defect save system.

Edit: So God force me to play it again and also give me some info about how to do it. Was not that hard finally but still I have encounter an annoying glitch. I was just upset that this glitch mess up my fun. Now I'm back and this is hard... I have btw, encounter another glitch that make me miss a long ride...

Edit2: A bit of no sense, for 2 hours this aliens is hunting me down like mad. Now there is human at the same place I was hunted and no more sing of the beats. This to not count that I'm very low on munition and my hs did not work at 3 tries.

Edit3: So again I think a freaking book could be written about the game, let's end this review short: A great game with a very good gameplay that contain its flaws and its bugs and its glitch. Not that bad but surely enough annoying so a lot of people could quit.

Edit4-FinalVerdict: So I'm not sure if the game has been modified for me or not. If not, I don't really like it completely. I won't give spoiler and the only thing I can say is nonsense and the action base part of this game is not really good and not because the guns does not feel like cod but because the guy at CA did not give us enough ammo. I can deal with some mission and low ammo but if you reach the point I've reach and if you say that it make sense to attack what they ask me to attack with no weapons almost... I quit. GG. Not perfect, too annoying to keep playing.

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