vendredi 24 octobre 2014

CIVBE mini review

I did not play a lot because the mp does not work for me but I'm not sure if I can blame Firaxis for that. So this is mini-review.

Everything look fine and well polished. The sp still good as it where(civ5) with a lot of options to start a game. Just what we need. I never did a battle to see the troops in actions because I played mostly mp and we are on quick battle for time saving. But anyway, in my book this is almost civ5 with a new theme and a lot of new stuff. This mean a great game.

The mp come with a lot of options but still this thing is kind of cheap. Not chat when you wait and I doubt there is a sound that alert you in windows when a player join. This appear to be either to sophisticated for the game creator or reserve for the vip. The rest of the mp look real good, the chat is nice, the way you command everything is nice. There is some little problem about micro managing the towns but I found a way out and everything fine. There is also a weird bug on the map that does not show some part properly but this is a minor problem that make them look a little weird imo.

So I think the price is a bit too high but civ fan will for sure get it for all the new stuff that come with it. Just need to find some good players or a private club like I found and have some good games with mature and clean players.

Hints for mp:
Imo but without being tested yet, the hints for this game in mp is grow grow grow and make more town asap. The tech needed is near the centre in the techweb. And than take care of health maybe. And than find some units to conquer and defend. Good thing to know, a starting enemy troops can't take a town. I tried... This mean, you need more starting soldier or stronger units and I'll go with stronger units just after creating my new towns. So next step, find the good troops on the techweb. Also I go with prosperity for the vertu because I want to grow quick and get a free settler. Than I will finish one box and get the free tech. Than I'm probably going to try to build an army or check my health. We'll see if the mp work and if I'm in the right direction unless they cheat and to be quite honest I would not even bother about playing mp games: guess why I'm playing or should I say, loose my time...

The mp appear to be in beta or even worse. I'm about sure it's not my virus and it's the game that is not finish and does not work correctly.

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