samedi 23 avril 2016

Mirror Edge Catalyst, another very good game to come soon

 I got the chance to try the beta. Thanks to Ghostwich from Hard Forum.

I'll start to say that I got some nag that really make me sick but I could have done the main mission. Also there is some bugs and I guess they will be fixed by the time the game will be release in about one month.

I can say that the game is better than I expected. Because of the combat that are so cool and so functional. Combat appear to be a big aspect of ME now and they really worked on it. The result is very good.

For the course gameplay, it's pretty similar to the first one with more stuff. So it's again a lot of fun.

And now there is the unlock that are interesting and I can't wait to try all this stuff in the final version.

The graphics are much better than the first one with the same contrast style. I really like the graphics. But of course, the graphics has not the same value as the first one even if better.

The music is the same thing but I'm sure I don't have the best in my version. I'm sure it's much better in the premium version.

And finally the side quest are more than interesting and the open world has been discover a bit from and I think it will only show how good it is in the final version.

There is also what I call the connectivity or the fact that the game is connected and that you can see your score on the leaderboard. The leaderboard is far from perfect but a connected game is always cool imo!

For sure a buy!

I expect minimum 8/10

vendredi 22 avril 2016

Battlefleet Gothic Armada, ça se gâte!

When I written my impression, I had played 2 mission and now I did 2 more official of the story and one battle of the campaign.

I've set the game at normal and I claim it's very hard to impossible.

I guess it must another plot to reduce me because I doubt I have the same version as everybody. I'd need to set the game at easy maybe and there is no way that I'm going to do that.

So I won't play this. And I can't wait to see the guys that can beat that game in COD. Seriously...


Battlefleet Gothic Armada Impression

Even better than expected. The campaign so far is even hot stuff.

The gameplay is a lot of fun and make a lot of sense. So far I see just a minor annoying problem that prevent me to give more than 9/10.

The game work well, like a charm and I expect, if things keep up that way, to reach 8 or 9 as a final score.

So I suggest this game for now but it could be good to wait for the full review to be sure. Btw, try the first mission on normal and if it's too hard set it on easy. It's tricky, see my video!


lundi 18 avril 2016

Crossout Review

So God force me to buy this for 20$. I would not buy product from this company even if War Of Thunder is good. Because they use the cheating progressive system.

The game worked almost correctly at the beginnings but at some point I'm very nerfed(4x less damage) and the enemy got some serious better weapons.

But I want to point here, that despite the progressive system, we got something interesting. So if you don't mind the cheating progressive system and like vehicular combat, I suggest to give it a try. For 20$, it's worth it.


The graphics are ok to nice and the sound is real good. The gameplay is a lot of fun, especially at the beginnings but get a bit bad with more advanced games because of the unfairness of the weaponry.

Crafting look like a lot of fun but unfortunately, there is not much info about how it work yet. Maybe we'll get more when the it will leave Beta phase.

The menu are the interface is all cool and well done.

Definitely a nice product here.

But I'll only give it a 6/10 because of the lack of video tutorial and because of the unfairness.

See you in my realm Gaijin!