vendredi 9 décembre 2016


I decide to choose a game that worked well with me and my computer. Otherwise, it could have been something else than Doom, who know(I did not play completely some other great tittle).


Because of its insane graphics and effect. Because of its great diversified gameplay. Because of its solid story that started fast. Because of its great shooting mechanic. Because of its diversified monster and weapons. Gaming 24 announce that Doom is the Game Of The Year for 2016 of Gaming 24.


Honourable mention to BF1.

lundi 7 novembre 2016

Titanfall 2 Review

What the second episode of the series bring the best is the new graphics that rocks. But also the campaign that is a lot of fun and made with quality. For the rest, the MP, it's almost the same with new maps.

The campaign has not the quality of the graphics of BF1, nor the stealth mechanic but still it's a very good single player experience. The most impressive thing of this SP is the first Titanfall gameplay put in a single player game. Than, like I said, the very good new graphics and finally the diversity of the gameplay of the campaign: From Titan battle to wall running to some great typical FPS mechanic that rock.

I did not finish the campaign due to some nag and hack but I would have for sure in normality.

For the MP, it's about the same with a lot of cool new stuff. And some deception such as no more shield on the Titan; I don't understand why they did this and I can say that now, the Titan are far less good for very good pilot such as me.

I can say that the MP maybe lack a little of stuff but it's a pretty solid MP game anyway. There is also not much players even at peak but for sure enough to find games for a while.

Good Game Respawn, 9/10
Titanfall 1 and 2 still the king of wall running FPS known Gaming 24 games!

mardi 25 octobre 2016

BF1 Review

I've nearly finished the campaign and played a little mp but I played a lot more the beta which is the same at the end. So God urge me to write the review, like always, and I think I can write it now.



I can't say that despite the technical problem such as some nasty bug, the campaign is impressive and this is very well working game or program and it offer a real nice gaming experience.

Infantry fight to tank battle to air fight with even big air balloon over London, all this stuff are, I'll say again, working very well.

But the story is a bit so so. Like a retarded movie with a lot of errors and no sense.

The graphics are excellent, the sound is impressive, the menus are cool and the interface work well.

This game is for sure another great product of our.


Tanks are OP and this is retarded.
In my matching the players are cheating like crazy and are all better gunner than me by 3X.

But if you can find a good server with some decent players, the fun should be high.

It's a good BF anyway. I just don't understand why the tanks are so powerful and maybe it's because they wanted to follow the theme, ww1, where the tank was real good because the lack of AT weapons of this time. And btw, as a note, the reason why the tank are OP is because of lack of AT weapons.


So Doom still the best game this year and this come second because of the mp that did not work for me and the nags in the sp.


samedi 24 septembre 2016

Paladin Review

The game is in EA but it's free. To me, it must be near the final version.

It's another Hero game that btw is call Champion is this game and this is new for me because Overwatch is my first one. I was not so interested at the beginning but now I admit Hero game are pretty cool.

The unique trait of all the Champions is a lot of fun to try and master. Each Champions do some particular stuff and most of the stuff in Paladin is pretty cool.

There is some problem though. Most of them are with the balance. It's quite obvious that the game has been made for aimboter. Some Champions don't do enough damage for players like me that don't cheat or use aim-assist. So when people cheat, these Champions are balanced but when people don't cheat, Champions like Androxus don't reward the hard hit of it's single shot pistol with a good damage. And it's not only with Androxus that had this problem.

Than the other problem is the graphic quality of the map. As we can see, Overwatch is much better in term of graphics quality. But still the maps are very good and very fun to play on.

The sound and the music is all good like for most good games on our network.

There is a lot of kind of perks, cards, that make the game fun too. It's an interesting gameplay.

So this is another good product of our network and I recommend it to all.

I give this game a 8/10

jeudi 1 septembre 2016

Look like I'm unnerfed in BF1 sometimes now

I did a 16 kill streak with my light tank. I can do some good rounds of sniping. I'm not sure if they stop cheating in some rounds or if I'm lucky. The sure thing is, I need to use the sniper and stay at long range to avoid their crazy aim-bot and the rest of the bs they have. And my snipe riffle does not register all the hit.

That's a good news for me. Watch my Dailymotion channel or channel to see the videos.

mercredi 31 août 2016

My though on Battlefield 1 Beta

As Battlefront and BF4, the graphics are impressive. Good thing to start with. And of course the sound is very good too.

It appear they have been somehow accurate with the rest of the propaganda, and so the tanks are very good because there is no much AT weapons compare to BF4 and so modern wafare. Or should I say, because there is more AT weapons, the AT grenade does not prevent me to do major ownage with the tank compare to BF4 where I get shoot and destroy quickly and easily. People are complaining the tanks are too good but I make them remember that it's what it was in ww1. And anyway, I like this gameplay and as a final note on the subject, if people was playing team or squad, I doubt they would have problem with the tanks.

The rest of the guns and so the new balance/gameplay of this new BF is cool. Can't wait to see the rest of the weapons in the final version.

So finally, I say that BF1 is going to be pretty good(without thinking about the cheating issue). Can't wait to see the rest of beautiful map.

Ho yea and everybody got the crazy aim-bot so it's hard for me to get kill. Congrats little retarded noobs with hacks.

jeudi 25 août 2016

F1 2016 Review

OMG what another great racing game. Congrats to Codemaster for this great piece.

The graphics aren't perfect. There is some blur stuff but overall it's all good and match the best around like Grid and Forza.

But what amaze me the most if the interface and the menu: The game work so well. You can change help and all the stuff with a single button and again, it work well.

Than come the gamemode that make so much sense. Hot lapping for practicing, career, quick race and of course the mp.

I did not try the mp a lot but it look so damn good. This game offer a better mp than most games around: Server list and matchmaking in the same game.

Finally, I'd say the bot are pretty impressive and the game work so damn nice.

Another great product of our market.

9/10 One point remove for the lame game difficulty.

samedi 13 août 2016

No Man's Sky Review

So because I'm not playing this game anymore even if I have nothing to do, I'll write this review. I played this game two hours and I'm not interested to play it more.

This game appear to be very popular and there is a scandal about what have been said by the devs. This game was suppose to be mp imo and this is a scam. They perfectly knew the game could not be mp because they for sure not did the severs and they were not going to do it when they have talk about a mp in NMS. This said, this game is a scam.

Now the game itself is not that bad but it's not completely finish in my book and it lack of content for the price. Let's take a few example:

  • I try to enter in a base, but the entrance is block by some bad level ground.
  • The physic when harvesting big stone like stuff is not good. You start by the button and the top does not fall apart even if there is nothing to hold it.
  • The system voice tell us the energy is low when I'm at 75%
  • You cannot minimize the game
Than come some silly stuff such as it's an infinite size universe but all the planet got the same drone everywhere that protect the resources and the animals.

All the base look the same, all the stuff that you need to do look the same too. All the ship look the same.

But there is some good point that could give some players some fun, I guess. So if someone is really interested in the idea of NMS maybe he/she could have fun and for more times. Because according to Gamespot there is more stuff to do and this main story is interesting.

The graphics are ok with some lag spike. The music suck like all games almost. The menu and the interface of the crafting system is ok.

I'm not sure if their procedural thing is a technologies breakthrough but I'd rather take a single galaxie with 20 polished planet than this proceduraly generated planets that all look the same and are not very interesting to visits.

I give this game a 6 on 10. And I make you note that some gamers could like it imo.

Cashgrab scam: They should have worked another 2 years on the project.

vendredi 12 août 2016

No Man's sky Pre-Review

So I got some problem and I'm not sure if I've been hacked or if it was my mistake. If it was sorry. The game work not so bad.

There is annoying bugs and graphics glitch but it's not that bad. Of course these bugs and glitch could be unacceptable for some gamers.

The game is interesting and good but for 60$, I think it lack of content. Considering the rest of the product of the market, I'd say the price should be more like 30 to 40.

I played for like 2 hours and I don't expect to get much more stuff out of this game considering the video I've seen and the review of Gamespot. This said, I'm not sure if I'm going to play more and write a full review. The fact that I do no have much games to play could make me play.

So if you're really interested by the game go for it. Otherwise, wait for a discount at

I expect a 6.8 or so as a final score.

Edit: Btw, it's a ok-good port. I got some graphic lag spike and I can't minimize the game and I'm not aware if people got crash or problem like that.

lundi 18 juillet 2016

Critique de Inside

Quoique je n'ai pas fini le jeu, je crois que j'ai largement assez jouer pour en faire une petite critique.
Le jeu à cesser de fonctionner à cause d'un nag qui à été fait par le développeur et activer par la pisse selon Youtube.

C'est vraiment un bon jeu avec de très beau graphique mais surtout de très bon effet sonore. Vraiment de la qualité à ce niveau.

Les casses têtes sont intéressant et plaisant à faire. Et ce n'est pas trop dur.

Par contre, il n'y pas de tutoriel au début et aucune façon de savoir qu'elle sont les touches. Il faut les trouver soie même en appuyant comme un con. Ensuite, certaine animation de mort(les chiens) ne sont pas top et les collisions entre modèles pas bonne. Voilà pourquoi ce jeu ne peut faire 10/10.

Je pense avoir fait la moitié du jeu et j'estime qu'a ce rythme je donnerais un 9/10.

Un autre bon jeu sur notre marché et notre réseau.

Note sur ce qui est arrivé avec ce jeu:

Premièrement je pensais qu'au début le jeu était nagger mais j'ai fait une erreur et il ne l'était pas. J'ai rencontrer un autre problème et j'ai encore fait une erreur. Donc j'ai regarder le walktrough deux fois de forces parce que je vous le rappel, je ne triche pas pour mon show. Et Dieu m'a forcer une troisième fois à regarder et cette fois c'est un nag: Le jeu est nuker: Impossible d'avancer.

Je crois que c'est assez normal que je pense que le jeu est nagger quand on sais que 80% de mes jeux sont nagger ou nuker.

vendredi 8 juillet 2016

Need For Speed 2015 Review

I did not finish the game because of the nag. So because some mission of drift was impossible either because my drift is nagged or either because it's plain impossible to reach the score. So I guess that I would have not have been to finish the game but I'm not sure. So considering the nags, I'll rather stop playing this game.

The game is a nice competitor to The Crew and even if I said in my impression that The Crew was far superior, I don't think that anymore. The Crew is superior but NFS 2015 is a pretty solid game.

The movie story is interesting compare to The Crew that has no movie at all but it maybe lack of a bit of action. Still the girls are pretty and it's has been a lot of fun to watch this, even in English.

The game is repetitive compare to The Crew because it appear it does not have dirt stuff and other things The Crew has. But anyway, it's a lot of fun to play all this challenge even.

The game has numerous problems such as:

Drifting is not perfect
Only at night game
Cannot tell the HP of the other mp cars before challenging
The car hit the side of the road after a victory and possibly damage it
Not enough cars imo. Especially fast cars.

But with all the good of this game, the bad point can be forget quickly.

And now I can say that the weird car control at first is a lot of fun because it give the opportunity to drift a lot. 

So I give this game a 8 on 10. Another very good product.

mercredi 6 juillet 2016

NSF 2015 Impression

So I found this game on Reddit sub pc gaming and it was a link for a 10 hours trial. Look like I did not got access to this game last year and finally got it now.

The game is full of nags: Master sound is too low, cops are God like and there is no way to escape and I guess the loading time could be nagged too.

So if the loading time are not nagged they are long and annoying and because of this, this game cannot reach more than 7 on 10 for Gaming 24. If the loading time are nagged and so are not so long at normal than I'd probably give a 8 on 10 for this game.

It's not as good as The Crew, it has some things that I dislike but it's a very solid game anyway and the movie story is pretty cool and make me remember Privateer 2. And the girls are pretty too, which is awesome.

The things I dislike is the control of the behaviour of the car that is not as good or clean as The Crew or other major like Grid. And there is some retardation like messages that appear but do not pause the game and make the message impossible to read without stopping in a middle of a race.

Anyway Good game. Another good product that compete with the great The Crew. Ubisoft win.

Btw, I won't buy this game because of the nag so don't expect a review.

samedi 18 juin 2016

CIV series could go back to some sense and so the rush will be back

I've been watching a video of the E3 of the new Civilization and it appear that town does not have ultra high defence that prevent all early army to take town.

This is a very good news for the civ series because this was make no sense since civ5: Impossible to take town without a very big army. This was even imo, plain dumb and retarded.

So the rush will be back in MP and this is going to be a lot of fun. Defend your city and play well from the beginning to the end.

And I hear some rumours on the civfanatic forum that it could possible to build wall and have ranged attack town defence. I hope this defence is not going to be too good like in civ5 and Beyond Earth.

See you in the rush!

mercredi 1 juin 2016

Darksoul 3

What is that bad port?

What is that Xbox control scheme that use bumper and trigger instead of abxy?

What are these bad checkpoint that I need to beat again 5 monster to kill a boss I have die against?

Steam refund!

Btw, I doubt most people are quick enough to play this. You're telling me my reflex are not good? The game appear to be set to hard at default and it appear it must be another game meant to be cheated.

samedi 28 mai 2016

It's unfuckingbeleivable, I can reach a ratio of 1:4 in Overwatch (And Overwatch review)

I can't believe it. I can do good to very good sometimes with more than 10 streak. Of course it does not work well all the time but anyway. My problems is due to the players using the bot too much and me that maybe does not the full damage all the time.

For the game, it's good but it has its problem.

The graphics are not the best around and are special. Anyway I like them and it run very well on my computer and I expect on a lot of computer; Which is a very good point.

The sound is top quality like most games but of course a little cheap maybe with not much diversity.

The gameplay is nice and fun but the problem of the game is here and it's about the balance and the fact that not everybody use bots. So I guess that some heroes are op when everybody is using the bot but when not some heroes are plain useless and really underpowered. I feel like some heroes are op too, like the one that shoot grenade.

Also I think the price is bit high for the content and especially for the maps: We don't have a lot of maps for a mp game only.

So I give this game a 8/10

(My preferred heroes)

dimanche 15 mai 2016

Doom Review

It start fast with a trow in the action just like Wolfenstein. And the graphics are impressive from this moment. And one of the reason why not a 9 or 10 as final score: The Xbox controller need to be disconnected to play as pc with K&M.

The graphics are very good. I can say better than Wolfenstein but on this point it could only be matter of taste. Since this game is not only about shooting demons but also to find your way and explore maps, the graphics make this part of the game very cool. But the graphics are not perfect, I feel that some part of the game has not the same quality or the same finish compare to the best of it. I'm sorry if I said this game is the graphic king of SP because after thinking about it, I think I cannot say it's better than Frostbite games with vehicle and levolution. But on some aspect, I still say that the graphics are best around; Like for example the blood and guts.

The gameplay is a mix of shooting, exploring, climbing and jumping and a bit of puzzle and also somehow puzzle because finding your way around is not that easy even with the mini-maps. There is also the secret that can be search if you are bigger fan than me. The shooting gameplay is very good. It mix ammo management, weapons management(what gun to use of what demons) and target priority(Which monster to kill first). All this with great guns that all make sense, even the pistol. The guns are so good, especially my preferred one, the no recoil, no reload AR. The demons are very cool to fight with. This is fast-paced battle that require good players to move on the next level. And some monster like the boss and the mini-boss, those that are bigs, are so nice graphically and so satisfying to kill. At the difficulty of my version, which is hard to very hard for normal people, it's very challenging and I'm better be smart and very fast to beat all this wave of maniac demons. It's not like you can only run and gun, you need to use a technique for each demons and like I said previously in this paragraph, the good guns for each demons. Than come the exploring part of the gameplay and like I said with these nice graphics, the voyage has been so cool for 10 hours of gaming on this game. Most of the level or maps are so nice and there is a lot of stuff to interact with like the door and the stuff you can find around. Plus some puzzle that you need to find the solution. And it would be very good to point the good work they did on the mini-maps when escape is pushed. They're so nice but not perfect. Than come the climbing and jumping gameplay that make the game hard for most people and not too much repetitive. It has been a lot of fun to beat this somehow puzzle and climb one KM high. And all this climbing and jumping work so well. Finally about the gameplay: The ammo and stuff management: Stuff that you need to find around the maps to keep advancing in the game. This aspect, similar to Wolfenstein have been a lot of fun too.

Of course the game is working with very good sound and ok music in my version. The sound is for sure a great piece of work and it has been very immersive.

The interface and the menu is also very good. Everything work fine. Of course I've seen better as a key rebinder.

And the game come also with a very good mp that I tried for 15 minutes. Not sure why they all whine about this mp. They must be gay or something.

And for a price, it also come with this very good Snapmap hub and creation tools that appear to make a lot of sense.

But the launcher is a joke: You need to restart two times the game to play the mp and the logo cannot be skippable and for these reason plus the fact that the game is bit repititive, I cannot give a score higher than 8.8.

So the final score for Gaming 24 opinion is 8.8. So a great piece of software!

Great graphics
Great FPS
Come with a mp and Snapmap

Some retardation

I did not finish the game when I wrote the review. I though I was at the end but I was 2 level before it.

I want to say in this edit that after thinking about it, I give this game a 9.9/10. The only reason why I don't give it a 10 is the retardation(Cannot skip logo, mp launcher)


vendredi 13 mai 2016

Doom, Deep Impression

God ask me to write a review now because people is waiting for it. I'm not going to speed run the game because it's no fun and I cannot have a review copy because I say I need to play it at the same time as everybody to not spoil the whole thing. So here something new for Gaming 24, Deep Impression.


So after playing three hours of the campaign, I can say I have a good idea of how good is this game and it's good, very good. Another great product on our network.

But it's not perfect, there is problem. Let's start by the logo replayed each time the game start. I can't believe how this is retarded. Even if I found a hack for that and did not install it, I can't believe it. Than the launcher for the mp is not good: You need to load the sp first than reload the mp. I guess this game has been rushed a little. This could be very annoying for a lot of people.

Than I'll talk about the graphics that are so fucking awesome. Doom 4 is now the graphic king(sp) in my book and the fight is near with Wolfenstein, BF4 and Battlefront. I think Doom 4 is a bit ahead at some point. It's good to make note that the graphics are not always as good as the best part: The outdoor for example is not always as good. But still this is a minor problem.

The campaign is in French for me and this is very good. Everything is in French and this rock for me because I don't always understand everything in English. So for the French players, this is a good point. 

But even with the French campaign, I hardly understand the campaign. This is maybe because I very distracted with my job and God. Anyway, from what I have understand, the story and the campaign is interesting. I did about four mission so far I think and I'm about to go in hell this will get very interesting.

The gameplay is a lot of fun. But it's good to point that this is hard game even at normal difficulty. I did not try the easy mode to figure out if everybody could play this game. At normal difficulty it's challenging and at hard, you need to be perfect almost to pass the level.  The mix of shooting and glory kill is a lot of fun; Glory kill as well made: You don't get hit while doing them. The guns are a lot of fun to use. Especially the AR which is terrific. I can't wait to see the rest of guns.

You need to find your way in the level and this could be hard for some people. You have been warned! On this subject, I make note to all the great maps that give the ability to discover all the secret area and stuff.

For the sound and music, it's all fine for the sound but for the music, it suck and I think it's my version. Or maybe they did not invest in the music and they should have imo.

I'll finish this post with Snapmap that is so cool. Not only because you can learn and create map easily but because it's somehow a hub that give the opportunity to be connected, share and try a lot of cool custom maps. 

8.5/10 so far. I did about 4 mission, remember. I think there is 10.

See you in hell!

jeudi 12 mai 2016

Doom 4 Impression

Again Steam lack of sense and don't unlock the game one hour before the release. Which make us wait 30 minutes to unlock the game. How gay.

Anyway, the game appear to work ok. Not perfect because I pretend my version got defect difficulty level: Hard level is way too hard and non sense.

The graphics are very good to good. Depending on the area, the graphics can be better or worse.

The gameplay is very good and challenging even at normal difficulty. But remember my difficulty level are most likely fucked up so I don't pose myself on the forum saying I've beat uber quite easily while the noobs can't even beat very easy with their bots.

The mp is a joke in French. The announcer is plain GAY. And they all cheat like crazy retards: I can't make a ratio better than 1:1. Look like the looser win again. It's for sure a plot to shit on the French language. And I bet it's the frogs of France that did the plot!

I expect this game to have a 8/10 on the final review and I recommend it so far. But you need to be good to play this, keep that in mind.

vendredi 6 mai 2016

The next Battlefield will be in WW1

Look like IGN was right a while back.

I've seen half the nice presentation or world premiere show and I think this could be real good. Looking at how good the game of Dice and EA are, I'm sure this will make change and be good.

Like Farcry primal, I have some concern about the era because of the lack of weapons and especially automatic weapons but anyway I doubt EA and Dice could mess this up. Also, I could have created a semi-automic mood around with my cosmos and my view on what the military should use as main riffle.

We can see in the trailer, zeppelin, gas, cavalry and of course tanks and plane. With the nice levolution maybe!

Here the trailer:

I think the game will be release this year October 21.

samedi 23 avril 2016

Mirror Edge Catalyst, another very good game to come soon

 I got the chance to try the beta. Thanks to Ghostwich from Hard Forum.

I'll start to say that I got some nag that really make me sick but I could have done the main mission. Also there is some bugs and I guess they will be fixed by the time the game will be release in about one month.

I can say that the game is better than I expected. Because of the combat that are so cool and so functional. Combat appear to be a big aspect of ME now and they really worked on it. The result is very good.

For the course gameplay, it's pretty similar to the first one with more stuff. So it's again a lot of fun.

And now there is the unlock that are interesting and I can't wait to try all this stuff in the final version.

The graphics are much better than the first one with the same contrast style. I really like the graphics. But of course, the graphics has not the same value as the first one even if better.

The music is the same thing but I'm sure I don't have the best in my version. I'm sure it's much better in the premium version.

And finally the side quest are more than interesting and the open world has been discover a bit from and I think it will only show how good it is in the final version.

There is also what I call the connectivity or the fact that the game is connected and that you can see your score on the leaderboard. The leaderboard is far from perfect but a connected game is always cool imo!

For sure a buy!

I expect minimum 8/10

vendredi 22 avril 2016

Battlefleet Gothic Armada, ça se gâte!

When I written my impression, I had played 2 mission and now I did 2 more official of the story and one battle of the campaign.

I've set the game at normal and I claim it's very hard to impossible.

I guess it must another plot to reduce me because I doubt I have the same version as everybody. I'd need to set the game at easy maybe and there is no way that I'm going to do that.

So I won't play this. And I can't wait to see the guys that can beat that game in COD. Seriously...


Battlefleet Gothic Armada Impression

Even better than expected. The campaign so far is even hot stuff.

The gameplay is a lot of fun and make a lot of sense. So far I see just a minor annoying problem that prevent me to give more than 9/10.

The game work well, like a charm and I expect, if things keep up that way, to reach 8 or 9 as a final score.

So I suggest this game for now but it could be good to wait for the full review to be sure. Btw, try the first mission on normal and if it's too hard set it on easy. It's tricky, see my video!


lundi 18 avril 2016

Crossout Review

So God force me to buy this for 20$. I would not buy product from this company even if War Of Thunder is good. Because they use the cheating progressive system.

The game worked almost correctly at the beginnings but at some point I'm very nerfed(4x less damage) and the enemy got some serious better weapons.

But I want to point here, that despite the progressive system, we got something interesting. So if you don't mind the cheating progressive system and like vehicular combat, I suggest to give it a try. For 20$, it's worth it.


The graphics are ok to nice and the sound is real good. The gameplay is a lot of fun, especially at the beginnings but get a bit bad with more advanced games because of the unfairness of the weaponry.

Crafting look like a lot of fun but unfortunately, there is not much info about how it work yet. Maybe we'll get more when the it will leave Beta phase.

The menu are the interface is all cool and well done.

Definitely a nice product here.

But I'll only give it a 6/10 because of the lack of video tutorial and because of the unfairness.

See you in my realm Gaijin!

lundi 28 mars 2016

Adr1ft: Bad checkpoints?

This game was looking good in the video preview I've seen. So I bough it today to find out if my expectation was good.

It started a bit low with no intro to the catastrophy and just trow like this in the scenario. But at least I got a tutorial to explain well the control.

Than I played like 25 minutes and it was cool. Rocket science is cool!

Than I died and when I restarted I needed to do a part again that took me like 5 minutes. I conclude the checkpoints are bad and I quitted the game for good.

Now the question is: Are the checkpoints bad or it's matter of taste? Does some people like to restart from far? In my case, I prefer a lot of checkpoints and restart from near. It took me 5 minutes of well driving the rocket to achieve it and it does not make any sense that I need to restart that.

Someday, when I'll have people with me, people that can answer my question that I can trust the answer, I'll find out if this game is a 27 crap, a troll joke, or a matter of taste.

vendredi 25 mars 2016

Trackmania Turbo Review

So I'm not sure if I'm nagged or not. Look like it could be the game that is very hard.
I'm also not sure if a version contain good music or the music I have is the music all have, which suck a lot. But Ubisoft have made a system that the music goes up when you're good and go down when you're bad...

There is a lot of tracks, like 240, and they're all good. Some of the cars are a lot of fun but other are not imo. I won't base my score on that because I think it's matter of taste.

It's a very good challenge and the advanced track are hard. Some tracks are for sure for the best of us. I could do it(get all the gold) but it would require me a lot of time and effort.

So the game is nice but for sure not a technologies breakthrough. It also could have more stuff for the price compare to the other product. But time wise, it give about the same as the other product for a pro like me.

It's a bit cheap and it lack of important feature such as a better leaderboard.

I give it a 7 on 10

Check out for a faire price!

jeudi 24 mars 2016

Trackmania Turbo Impression

Got it on sale at cdkeys for 40$

It started well with a nice Nascar like car but the other cars, except the F1, plain suck. It's no more a fight of driving well and knowing the track, it's a fight against a car that control suck. Like if the steering turn to much and you need to press just a little to not crash.

Now I'm not sure if it's a nag or not. Looking at the score I do, I would not be surprise: I doubt I'm about half way to the players of Trackmania Turbo.

Anyway, since I have nothing to do, I'm going to try to beat all the track and for sure try some mp.

I expect a 6.5 on 10!

samedi 19 mars 2016

Hitman first review

I say first review because when do we write a review when it's episodic? I guess when the first episode and maybe no other review of this game will be.

I got piss because of a nasty bug and though by mistake that the game had a lof of bugs. Finally, it's not that bad even if I say it again, the bug I've encounter was pretty big. For the rest of what I though it was bugs it's more how the game is designed that I'm maybe not agree. For example, when you kill someone, you can take his clothe and there is the key that need to be press that is shown; But if you want to see again the key press show to move the body, you need to move a little bit around the body and I think this is bad.

But anyway, this game is good. The menu are well made and the story is pretty cool and well made. I though that only people that like to explore a game a lot could finish the mission of Paris but I was mistaken. A good and fast gunner like me can kill the target with firearms without not too much problem.

It's a well polished game with a lot of cool stuff. And for people that really like the game, they could have plenty of hours of fun doing all the stuff inside that product.

Also fair price, I think this game deserve a 8/10. We'll see if it keep the paste with the next episode!

(Next episode, a sniper riffle maybe!)

Edit: Mouse and keyboard and controller control work pretty well!

Sébastien Loeb Rally Evo Impression

It started bad a while back with a demo track that was so damn hard. Than the pirate version had graphic lagging that make me stop to play before I played more than 5 minutes.

But yesterday God forced me to buy it on Steam and I though the game would not work after a nag that make me get out of the track but now the game work all fine with some minor problem.

Minor problem due to my experience with copilot and the fact that I don't know the term well. I should get use quickly and not crash car anymore.

This game is very good when it work. The tracks are fantastic and not all too hard. The défi are very cool. And the cars look so damn fun to try and learn!

Of course not as good on some points as Dirt Rally but maybe Dirt rally is not realistic
But What a good game!

dimanche 13 mars 2016

Hitman impression

Full of potential, full of bugs; Some real nasty! Enough to make me quit.

So I'll wait so they fix the bug until playing this game.

Could it be a nag?

Look like that EA and Origin goes can play while loading like Uplay and Ubisoft!

I wrote this couple of days ago and it was a good thing that Steam don't have yet.

After playing Battlefront yesterday, I found out that Origin is possibly started to have that feautre: I could have play at 20% of the loading.

Unfortunately, it appear that Battlefront don't do it as good as Siege or Primal but it's for sure a good start.

jeudi 10 mars 2016

More info on Mirror's Edge Catalyst

The dev just released a new video with info about the game and here the highlight:

  • It will be free world or free roaming as they say in the video. With secondary mission like other open world games have.
  • There is combat skillz that give a combat that feel more personal now compare to the first Mirror's Edge.
  • What you do have an impact on the music and the music will be made by same guy that made the music of the first so I guess it will be very similar.

The game will be release the 24 May!

mardi 8 mars 2016

New Ubisoft technologies in digital distribution

I've noticed that since Rainbow Six and now in Primal. The game can be started and played before the whole game is load in the computer of the customer.

This is a very nice feature of Uplay and Ubisoft games. They are advanced compare to Steam now with this.

And it work well. It did work well in Siege and now it's proven to work well in Primal.

I wonder if this feature could be seen someday on Steam. So for now, Uplay advance in my "estime".

lundi 7 mars 2016

Far Cry Primal

It was not interesting me because I felt that no firearms would be boring. So I said to myself that before judging, I should try it and see if it could surprise me and if Ubisoft could have been on something big. Look like it's not the case: No firearms is boring.

And the game is not finish well of what I've seen. I've seen some real bad IA animation. The combat are really not fun but it could be because of my taste about firearms. I have also turn off the aimbot and still there is somekind of aimbot in the game. A weird thing that aim the centre of the enemy and this game the game even more boring. Things for noobs does not goes well for things for pro: This game have been made for console aimboter imo. Fight are boring and there is no point to play that game.

And the bs does not end there. Ubisoft do a nice propaganda for the food market and this make me sick.

Also the girl is not beautiful and this make me sick too. 

I hope God won't force me to play that game! Waste of 40$.

lundi 29 février 2016

IGN release video of the new X-Ray, Fatality and other stuff

Impressive but very violent stuff.

Who expected to know how to do the Fatality and accomplish them in game to be so rewarding!

samedi 27 février 2016

The Culling could be good

I've watch two video of the alpha test and it look good. For sure not a 3A product but still ok to play on my side.

It's going to be release soon on Steam EA the 8 March. There is not a lot of weapons but there is suppose to be some more created as they develop the game.

The game sound very fun to me. I hope it come with a tutorial. Otherwise I guess there will be the Youtube Tutorial and videos.

Here two video that showed me how to play this game:

BF5 could be in WW1

A surprise that sounded boring at first finally could make sense. The rumour started with IGN posting this rumour from an European site and Nofrag confirmed that rumour with also GS and Reddit subs.

So it does not sound interesting as modern warfare but I doubt Dice and EA will mess up BF. So I'm about sure it will be good.

And from the talk I got on Reddit, this is a lot of possible vehicle that did the ww1 propaganda: Planes, tanks, vehicle and even boat. It look like that we're going on semi automatic weapon and even bolt action in this new bf because I doubt there was AR back than or any automatic firearms beside the mg cooled by water if I remember well. Maybe we're going to see some mustard gaz too!

Finally I hope it won't be only a game about tranché. I doubt they will do that!

vendredi 26 février 2016

Superhot Review

I felt like this game was a flash game. I think it's the kind of game flash game should get but there is some good point for PC.

First the story sound interesting at first. And the gameplay is nice and challenging. It's base on luck sometimes so expect the cheater to be on a roll on this game.

But than, the story become a 27 bs that try to scare the slave and the ouvrier under the police observation. Also it's a spychadelic thing that could turn some people nuts.

And I bet it could have been done a bit for me. What I have to say about it is STFU ASSHOLE. Go drive your mustang and wait to get a cock in the ass in the apocalypse.


About the gameplay:

First I pretend that games in a far past was greater. This game is not even social. There is no internet score and this is plain retarded imo.

But I want to make note that if you're not under observation of the Police, you could enjoy the story and the good gameplay.

Score: 27 bs



vendredi 19 février 2016

How my tank game would be

God keep saying I could take the power and I could make my own game like they do. So again I doubt this will happen but anyway here how my tank game would be.

Note that for this game to start even if I had the power this current blog post need to receive a lot of thumbs up.

Note that my games are base on skillz and fairplay.

All tanks can be selected at the beginning of a round. No XP is require to get some tank. The tanks are fictional and there is going to be like 15.

3 artillery
3 heavy tank killer(no turret)
4 heavy tank
4 medium tank
2 light
2 jeep(4 hellfire each)
2 motocross(heavy RPG like on it)

The difference between tanks in the same class is driving speed, reload speed, amount of armour and gadget. So let's take for example the medium tank.

Variant number 1:
Higher armour and bigger guns
3 hit of medium tank for kill on face hull at med range.
3 sec reload time.
All tanks have a machine guns. It will be useful to kill the drone.

Variant number 2:
Normal armour and medium gun.
2 hit of medium tank for kill on face hull at med range.
2 sec reload time.
Faster than variant number 1.

Variant number 3:
Normal armour and medium gun.
3 sec reload time.
Same speed as variant number 1.
Deployable drone.

Of course if the project would start I'd need to write the complete balance.

There is a luck rating on each shot. Some shell could not penetrate but it's kind of rare. Like 15% of chance on each shot.

With a team or with comment from good people I could add a lot of gadget and stuff. But you cannot customize the tanks, it all come in premade variant.

Most of my tank game is one shot kill. There is no hitsound or deathsound and there is no damage numbers. You need to look at the turret if it move to see if it is destroyed. There is no repair. Turret, side, back got less armour. Hit in the engine stop the tank. Hit in the track stop one side of the tank. All ligth tank kills easily on back shot even with the heaviest tank.

It's going to be 12 vs 12 with a matchmaking on official servers and custom server. There is a server that you can rent but it's hosted by my servers. There is ranked and not ranked match. The matchmaking is skillz based unless you check the option to join all upper tier. Upper tier cannot join lower tier.

The artillery is similar to what we got in our tank game right now but you need to spot the tank first with the drone to see it on the top view map.

The hellfire of some tank and the jeep shoot at long range and kill one shot on most tank but there is counter measure on each tank. You receive a message when a hellfire is coming and you got 3 sec to push x.

The motocross and the jeep got low ammo. They need to go back to base where the spawn is to reload in 30 seconds.

There is one spawn for each rounds.

The kills are officially known by the games only at the end of rounds.

There is xp for all players like in bf so shown in scoreboard.

There is medal.

Score is base on damage did and kill and vls capture.

One kill 100 points, one vls capture 300 points.

Maps can have 1 to 3 vls.

The tank control and gunning is a copy of the great War of Thunder.


I'll add as I think about it and as I receive input.
I'd take part of the development a lot. But with this blog post I'm sure they can start.

mardi 16 février 2016

A new kind of Early Acces, Hitman episodic

The new Hitman, which appear to be good btw, is going to be release in episode. So after King Quest that did that, Hitman will also do this.

It's an interesting form on EA to me because it let the customer play a game a long time before a full release. So Hitman would have been release in 2017 or even later without his split in episode and no one could have been playing it before like it will happens. Interesting...

It did work well for King Quest even if the second episode was not good for my taste.

I wonder if it's going to be good with Hitman like for King Quest. I have some doubt because you need to be "IN" a game to be good. I mean you need to play the game and get used to it and time make you loose it. So I'm not sure if I'm going to be good as I would have been with a normal game with the next episode of Hitman.

I'd buy that Hitman to try that new kind of EA.

Nice technologies btw.

mercredi 10 février 2016

Overwatch review

Make change to ultra violence that I see in most games I play. This little game sound worth the 20$. It's a interesting adventure that take place in some nice but not perfect graphics. Story is interesting even if not perfect for reason that I'm going to say in the spoiler section of this review.

Good game! 7/10


The story lack a little bit of sense to me. How could the enemy make that montage?

And than to me this game appear to be a blind date bs. I suspect that game to be a declass scheme.
Why don't we see the girl and even at the end where btw the bad has been made.

Also, are we labelled as kids? Why he did not fuck her?

I would not give it a good score if it's proven declassing scheme.

mardi 2 février 2016

Star Citizen impression

It's the free fly week since a couple of day and the nice official website had an error and let me believe I needed to buy a ship to fly this game but I tried it anyway and I have fly. The error is the reason why I did not play some days ago.

The website is so nice.

The game appear to be a quality one but it's for sure not finish. Such a game require a tutorial even if I found my way by tapping random keys on the keyboard. This is not really user friendly.

The graphics are nice. My frame rate is not perfect but ok I'd take it.

The FPS part appear good. I did not try the guns.

The flying part appear to be good too but without a tutorial I won't go far.

I tried to ask my question on the forum but no way to post new thread for me. Is not the f key to get out of the ship? Bug? Because I pushed f and nothing happen.

samedi 30 janvier 2016

Bombshell review

Start well, look a quality game but after 10 minutes I have quit because I say this game is not finish.
The death animation are buggy. This is unfortunate because despite the bad review around I say this game is not that bad; The graphics are not fantastic but it look like a solid game; Especially for those who could like that kind of shooter; If some does...

The story is cool too!

So if you are attracted to this kind of shooter and want to bet 34$, it could be good!

I say I'd give this game like a 6 or 7 if it was finished.

mercredi 20 janvier 2016

Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak impression

So I found out that game week ago and got interested because of the trailer. And today tb made a wtf about it showing a game that is not finish completely(Units passing through stuff). So I lost interest but I tried it anyway.

So after playing this game for an hour or so I can say this is a good game. I did not play more than 2 or 3 mission of the campaign before founding out that some stuff of game is not working so I stopped I playing but I can say it appear to be a solid game.

There is bugs of course and unfinish stuff but the graphics are very good, the story is very interesting and immersive and the sound make a lot of sense. This mix with good control and formation that make much more sense than other rts.

I'm sure this game could have hit a 8 on 10!

For sure a buy if I would have my house!