samedi 27 février 2016

BF5 could be in WW1

A surprise that sounded boring at first finally could make sense. The rumour started with IGN posting this rumour from an European site and Nofrag confirmed that rumour with also GS and Reddit subs.

So it does not sound interesting as modern warfare but I doubt Dice and EA will mess up BF. So I'm about sure it will be good.

And from the talk I got on Reddit, this is a lot of possible vehicle that did the ww1 propaganda: Planes, tanks, vehicle and even boat. It look like that we're going on semi automatic weapon and even bolt action in this new bf because I doubt there was AR back than or any automatic firearms beside the mg cooled by water if I remember well. Maybe we're going to see some mustard gaz too!

Finally I hope it won't be only a game about tranché. I doubt they will do that!

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