mardi 2 février 2016

Star Citizen impression

It's the free fly week since a couple of day and the nice official website had an error and let me believe I needed to buy a ship to fly this game but I tried it anyway and I have fly. The error is the reason why I did not play some days ago.

The website is so nice.

The game appear to be a quality one but it's for sure not finish. Such a game require a tutorial even if I found my way by tapping random keys on the keyboard. This is not really user friendly.

The graphics are nice. My frame rate is not perfect but ok I'd take it.

The FPS part appear good. I did not try the guns.

The flying part appear to be good too but without a tutorial I won't go far.

I tried to ask my question on the forum but no way to post new thread for me. Is not the f key to get out of the ship? Bug? Because I pushed f and nothing happen.

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