vendredi 26 février 2016

Superhot Review

I felt like this game was a flash game. I think it's the kind of game flash game should get but there is some good point for PC.

First the story sound interesting at first. And the gameplay is nice and challenging. It's base on luck sometimes so expect the cheater to be on a roll on this game.

But than, the story become a 27 bs that try to scare the slave and the ouvrier under the police observation. Also it's a spychadelic thing that could turn some people nuts.

And I bet it could have been done a bit for me. What I have to say about it is STFU ASSHOLE. Go drive your mustang and wait to get a cock in the ass in the apocalypse.


About the gameplay:

First I pretend that games in a far past was greater. This game is not even social. There is no internet score and this is plain retarded imo.

But I want to make note that if you're not under observation of the Police, you could enjoy the story and the good gameplay.

Score: 27 bs



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